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For Lincoln's classmate, see Mollie.

Molly Wetta[1] (also known as Librarian Wetta) is a minor character in The Loud House, who made her first appearance in the episode "Read Aloud".


In her first appearance in "Read Aloud", Molly Wetta's library oversees a reading contest where the winner will have a private party at Spunk E. Pigeon's Pizza Palooza Paradise. As Lisa owes her library a lot of money in overdue library books, she had to dress as a cowboy. Due to not reading her assigned book when it came time for Wetta to quiz them on what they know, Lola gives her the wrong answer removing the Loud family from the top spot. When the deadline ends and Lola admits their failure being her fault, Lisa prematurely sheds her disguise as Wetta recognizes her as the patron who owes her $50,000.00. By the end of the episode, the Loud family watches from their window as Wetta chases Lisa down the street while still demanding that she pay her overdue fines.

In "Hero Today, Gone Tomorrow" when Margo checks out a book, Molly Wetta takes her library fine down for free because of her one-in-a-million soccer goal. Later, she does the same for Lynn when she gets the spotlight back from Margo.

In "Recipe for Disaster", she is at the library when Leni attempts to return Lynn Sr.'s cookbook along with Lucy's poetry book and Lola's diary.

In "Family Bonding," Molly is visited at the library by Jeff Miller where he asks where the suspense section is. She was able to point him in the direction of the suspense section.


Molly Wetta has light short reddish brown hair, glasses, a green jacket, a brownish-yellow dress, and brown flats.



  • She is inspired by Molly Wetta, a real-life librarian who is the sister-in-law of writer Whitney Wetta. Her first name was revealed in "Loud and Proud". This comic also reveals that she has an ethic against making a ban last forever, and that she knows Clyde is Lincoln's best friend.


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