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"Monster Cash" is the seventeenth episode of the first season of The Casagrandes.


Carl hosts a haunted tour based on Abuela's tale of El Cucuy, and learns that this story may not be fiction.


Carl has an idea to start a new business.

While hanging out in the mercado, Margarita tells the customers about her trip to New Orleans, where she participated in a ghost tour. Carl, realizing that businesses like that make a lot of money, theorizes that if he were to start his own monster business, he'll become a rich man in no time.

In Carl's room, he, Lalo and Sergio attempt to come up with with a good myth scary enough to convince potential customers. At that moment, Rosa enters, telling Carl to clean up his room as well as his other chores. When Carl refuses, Rosa proceeds to tell him the story of El Cucuy, a vengeful spirit that haunts the naughty. When Rosa leaves, Carl decides to use the story of El Cucuy for his business.

At night, Carl starts his monster business, and has Stanley drive the customers around, which consists of Ronnie Anne, Bobby, Adelaide and Vito. As the group drives around the city, Carl successfully fools the customers into believing that sights they pass through are places that El Cucuy has been to, like steam from a sewer resembling his presence and a dark alleyway representing his home, while also fooling them by giving them spray to supposedly drive El Cucuy for more money (which Carl reveals later to simply just be apple juice). Throughout the whole tour, Ronnie Anne remains completely skeptical, and Carl, annoyed by Ronnie Anne's comments, manages to get her removed from the tour by having her get hot dogs from Bruno and driving off while turned around.

Arriving back to the mercado, the customers express excitement from the amount of fun they had can't wait to go again. As Carl counts the money he obtained, Lalo and Sergio start to become worried that El Cucuy might be real when they sense something approaching. When Carl attempts to calm them by saying it's just a myth, El Cucuy appears behind him, and Carl initially thinks this is Ronnie Anne attempting to scare him. However, Ronnie Anne arrives, angry and exhausted from having to run back to the mercado after being abandoned across the city, proving to Carl that El Cucuy is really standing before him. After Carl runs into his room, El Cucuy appears at his window and, after a failed attempt by Carl to bribe him to leave, tells him a threating voice that in order for him to leave, he must give back all of the money he obtained. After (reluctantly) doing so, Carl attempts to appease him more by doing the chores he was assigned to do, and El Cucuy, now satisfied, departs, but not before telling Carl that he should listen to "his Abuela" more often.

Rosa reveals to be El Cucuy.

In the city, El Cucuy asks Bruno for some hot dogs, and Bruno, horrified by the spirit's presence, runs away. Suddenly, El Cucuy reveals himself to be Rosa in disguise the whole time in an effort to teach Carl to respect her more.


Physical distribution

This episode is available on the "The Complete First Season" DVD.


  • Foreshadowing: Because El Cucuy had a similar posture to Rosa and she knew about the myth the best, it is indicated that El Cucuy was Rosa the entire time.

International edits

  • In the Croatian dub, dollars are localized as kunas, despite the setting being specified as the U.S.
  • However, other episodes use dollars instead.


  • Monster Cash - The title of this episode is a reference to the Halloween song "Monster Mash".
  • Coco (folklore) - El Cucuy is a reference to this mythical ghost-monster, which is regarded as the Hispanic version of the boogeyman.
  • Stranger Things - Carl riding a bike on the title card could possibly be a reference to this Netflix sci-fi drama horror series.


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