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I... HATE... THE... LO-O-O-O-O-O-O-O-O-O-U-U-U-U-U-U-U-U-U-U-D-D-D-D-D-S-S-S-S-S!!!!!!!!!!

—Morag furiously letting out her hatred of the Loud family

All I wanted was my peace and quiet... AND I WILL HAVE IT!

—Morag's most famous quote

Morag is the main antagonist of The Loud House Movie.



Morag is the caretaker of Loud Castle.

It is revealed that one of her ancestors, Aggie, drove the Louds' ancestors away from their kingdom in order to achieve peace and quiet, and her ancestors have kept it that way for the past 400 years. As a result, the town of Loch Loud fell on hard times, with the town have no sense of basic architecture and direction. Yet, Morag paid little heed to the town, as all that mattered to her was deafening silence.

The Loud House Movie

Morag first appears when she gets out of the bathtub in one of the castle's bathrooms, as she welcomes the Loud Family to their ancestral castle. After just a few days of interaction with the Louds, she's driven completely mad by their antics, especially since they have taken away her peace and quiet, and it does not help that Lincoln becomes the Duke of Loch Loud after earning the respect of the townsfolk. After heading to a cliff to let out some steam, she digs a hole at the cliff where she comes across Aggie's diary, which holds the Dragon Stone, an artifact that can turn any dragon evil.

Arriving back to the castle, Morag overhears Lincoln telling his friend Clyde that because of his new position as duke, he no longer has to sit in the shadows of his sisters. Having found the perfect excuse to execute her plan, she convinces the sisters to showcase their talents in Loch Loud, and when they do so, Lincoln once again feels overshadowed. Morag, faking pity on him, convinces him to ride on their dragon, Lela, to get his attention back. As Lincoln shows off while riding on Lela, Morag places the Dragon Stone in the royal scepter, Lela ends up becoming evil, and proceeds to make a mess of Loch Loud in order to get the townsfolk to turn against Lincoln to the point that they want him gone from their town. Afterwards, as the Louds were leaving, she fed Lela trash to make her grow it into a full adult and brainwashed it again in preparation to make her ascension to the throne indisputable.

With the Louds gone, she crowns herself the Duchess of Loch Loud, but is quickly called out by Angus, as the Louds never gave her their blessing to take the throne (as he was with them the entire time). After admitting her misdeed, she ordered the hypnotized Lela to destroy Loch Loud in an attempt to drive everyone away and ensure permanent peace and quiet. Before she can bask in her reclaimed silence, the Loud family got in her way, luring her out so Lincoln could get on top of the brainwashed Lela and get the royal scepter and Dragon Stone from her. After a hefty battle, Morag was about to trudge Lincoln off the edge of a cliff, but before she could do so, Lincoln decided to show off some of his magic tricks After showing enough tricks, Morag orders Lela to kill Lincoln, but discovers the scepter holding a breakfast burrito instead; Lincoln doing magic tricks was a diversion for Lily to steal the Dragon Stone, which is promptly destroyed by the now conscious Lela. In a last-ditch effort to obtain the crown, Morag tries to fight it out of Lincoln's hands, but only results in her, Lincoln and Lily falling off the edge of the cliff and into a watery doom. Luckily, Lela catches them all and brings them back to the castle. Afterwards, Lela, angry at Morag for hypnotizing her to kill her masters, scoops her up and leaves her on an island as punishment. While claiming that she can finally gets some quiet, Morag is annoyed to find that it contains noisy seals.

During the end credits, Morag was rescued from the island by Angus, the new Duke of Loch Loud, with the Loud ancestors making her the new groundskeeper as Lela helps to keep her in line.


Morag is a ruthless, selfish, manipulative woman who shows no remorse nor regards for others. This is shown with how she treats Angus like nothing when he treats her as a friend, uses the dragon Lela to destroy Loch Loud, tricks the Loud family into almost leaving Scotland, and then later attempts to kill them with Lela when they try to stop her plans. Even though most of them are teenagers and children, this shows that she does not care for the lives of children either. In conclusion, she is undoubtedly an evil and immoral person.


Morag is a short, rotund Scottish woman about the size of Lincoln and Lynn. She has abnormally large dark dull brown hair with graying streaks usually kept in a high bun and thick dark eyebrows. She wears a dark sap green coat over a dull blue dress with a white neck cuff, black fishnet tights, and red high-heeled boots. She noticeably sports an incredibly obese butt, which is the focus of several shots in the film.

During her musical number "The Duchess I Will Be", Morag wears a dark sap green duchess gown that consists of a white ruffled collar, a gold chain around her waist, a white lace on the neckline and end of her sleeves. Her hair is stylized into horns.


  • Morag is the first character in The Loud House to be an actual villain. Because while other antagonists are either bullies (like Hank and Hawk), jerks (like Chandler McCann and Vic), or scammers (like Flip), she poses as a legitimate threat, going as far as trying to kill the Loud family, thus making her the evilest character in the franchise to date.
  • Morag is Michelle Gomez’s second villainous animated role, with Cruella De Vil from 101 Dalmatian Street being her first.
  • Michelle Gomez worked with David Tennant previously in the DuckTales reboot episode "The Fight for Castle McDuck!".
  • Morag is the third main antagonist from Nickelodeon Movies to be female, the first two being Coco LaBouche from Rugrats in Paris: The Movie, and Siri from Rugrats Go Wild.
  • Morag serves as a dark counterpart to Lincoln; representing what Lincoln would've become if he let being in the spotlight and any resentment he may feel toward his family for their behavior define him.
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