S2E14A Morticians Club

The Morticians Club is a gothic hobby club at Royal Woods Elementary School. Lucy and Haiku are a part of the club, which first appeared in the episode "Out of the Picture".



Bertrand is the former president of Mortician Club.


In "A Grave Mistake", Bertrand had to resign as president of the Morticians Club after his father gets a job as a lifeguard at the S.S. Funtime Party Cruise. Originally, he picked Haiku to succeed him until Lucy got Lincoln to join the club in order to get the position. By the end of the episode, Bertrand was able to come up with a compromise that has Lucy and Haiku becoming co-presidents.


Bertrand is a short pale boy with big head and short black hair. He wears white shirt, black suit with red collar, black trousers and black shoes.


  • Dub facts:
    • His Polish name is Bernard.
    • His Polish voice actor, Rafał Fudalej, also voices Liam.


Boris is a member of Mortician Club.


Boris is a tall thin boy with no hair, pale skin, big ears, vampire fangs and eyebags. He wears white apothecary robe and light grey boots.


Dante is a member of Mortician Club.


Dante is a short round boy with tan skin and short black hair of which several strands hang over his face. He wears a long violet robe.


Morpheus is a member of Mortician Club.


Morpheus is a tall boy with tan skin and short black hair. He wears black thick glasses, white shirt, dark blue cape, black trousers and dark grey shoes


Persephone is a member of Mortician Club.


Persephone is a tall slim girl with pale skin, two pairs of eyelashes, and black hair styled in a bun. She has braces and white pearl earings. She wears dark blue Victorian dress and high heels in same color. She carries a purple umbrella.


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Lucy Loud

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  • A mortician is another word for an undertaker, or a funeral director.
  • People confuse them for trick-or-treaters and they get candy when they go door to door for this. Lucy and Haiku call it "Goth Perks".
  • The club members are fans of The Vampires of Melancholia, as revealed in "Fandom Pains".
  • The names of the other members of the Morticians Club were revealed in "Loud and Proud".

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