The Loud House Mother’s Day Gift Guide 💐 TryThis

The Loud House Mother’s Day Gift Guide 💐 TryThis

Mother's Day Gift Guide is a promotional video created by Nickelodeon's YouTube channel. It was released on May 7, 2019.


It’s Mother’s Day! Time to celebrate that person in your life who gave you life, who gives you love…and gives you chores! In this video, we help the Louds find the perfect gift to show their Mom how much they appreciate her!

  • Lincoln gets her a book.
  • Lori gets her makeup.
  • Leni gets her a card.
  • Luna writes her a song.
  • Luan entertains her.
  • Lynn gives her a "MOST LOVED MOTHER" trophy.
  • Lucy writes her a poem.
  • Lana fixes the van.
  • Lola makes her a cake.
  • Lisa gets her flowers.
  • Lily gives her Mom, her favorite blankie.
  • Lynn Sr. takes her out for dinner.

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