Mr. Bolhofner is a minor character in The Loud House. He works as a math teacher at Royal Woods Middle School.


Mr. Bolhofner is first seen in "Middle Men" when Lincoln and Clyde attend his class as part of their middle school orientation. When Lincoln and Clyde take Byron and Cici's seats where they state that there are assigned seats in this class, Mr. Bolhofner scolds Byron and Cici for not being in their seats and gives them zeros.


Mr. Bolhofner is a very strict teacher, who punishes his students for minor misdeeds like not being in their assigned seats during his classes. However he has also cool side, as he allows good sporty students to pass without quizzes.


He is a tall, dark tan skinned man. He has dark greasy hair, two thick black eyebrows, and a black mustache. He wears a light yellow polo shirt, with a green stripe across it, green trousers, with a black belt buckled in, and brown shoes.


Season 3


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