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Mr. Nakamura is a minor character in The Loud House and a supporting character in its spin-off The Casagrandes.


Mr. Nakamura is a man who lives in the Casagrande apartment with his pet dog, Nelson, of whom he cares about very much.

In "Room for Improvement", Mr. Nakamura was on the roof of the apartment, feeding Nelson. He greeted Sid and Ronnie Anne, when they came up there. Nelson stole a hacky sack from Miranda and Mr. Nakamura scolded him, telling him to drop the hacky sack. Unfortunately, Nelson dropped the hacky sack off the roof. Mr. Nakamura awkwardly smiled at Miranda as he quotes that at least Nelson dropped it. Mr. Nakamura later showed up in the bodega, trying to restrain Nelson on his leash but the dog was just going too crazy. Nelson knocked over a bunch of cans that Bobby had set up in rainbow order and Mr. Nakamura apologized and made it clear that he noticed the colorful pattern. Mr. Nakamura also told Ronnie Anne that if she and Sid ever wanted to use the roof, he would gladly give them space. After Ronnie Anne and Sid make their private spot public, Mr. Nakamura fills in his time slot on the nearby schedule.


Mr. Nakamura is an Asian adult male with a full head of brown hair that has a few silver streaks in it. He has thick black eyebrows, bags around his eyes, and a cleft in his rather chiseled chin. He wears a light blue shirt with yellow buttons, a black vest with yellow button, a dark blue tie, dark gray pants, and brown shoes.


  • His surname means "middle village" in Japanese.
  • Mr. Nakamura is named after one of Sammie Crowley's friends.[2]
  • His outfit is similar to Mr. Grouse's.
  • "Walk Don't Run" reveals that he sometimes goes ice skating, but that it's bad for his back.
  • "Flight Plan" reveals that he collects antique toys.


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