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Mr. Scully is a minor Casagrandes character and the landlord of the Casagrande Apartment.


He is the landlord of the Casagrande Apartment in Great Lakes City. Rosa Casagrande works for him as the building manager.

Mr. Scully first appeared in "Friended! with the Casagrandes" where he has Rosa interview potential candidates for the occupation of Apartment 3A. Thanks to Ronnie Anne, Bobby, and their cousins, The Chang Family were the only candidates for the apartment. Mr. Scully called up Rosa to show the apartment to Mr. and Mrs. Reynolds who happen to be friends of his. Due to Ronnie Anne, the apartment was a mess and the different bad conditions scared off the Reynolds. Mr. Scully was informed of this and confronted Rosa about it while planning to fire her for her failure. Upon both of them seeing the apartent, Ronnie Anne came clean about her motives and how she hit it off with Sid Chang. As Ronnie Anne repaired the apartment, Mr. Scully allowed Rosa to keep her job. After Ronnie Anne repaired the building, Mr. Scully allowed the Changs to have Apartment 3A while getting the Reynolds an apartment in another one of his buildings.

In "Karma Chameleon", Mr. Scully was revealed to be afraid of reptiles. The Casagrandes had to work to hide them from Mr. Scully at the time when the Changs were out of town and he came to install the new smoke detectors. If Mr. Scully found one reptile, he would've evicted the Casagrandes and the Changes which Ronnie Anne and her cousins feared. When Mr. Scully started to choke on some food, Cam the Chameleon Snake was able to save him. This caused Mr. Scully to get over his fear of reptiles.

In "Guilt Trip", Mr. Scully was paired up with Mrs. Kernicky in a dance contest at Cesar Chavez Academy where the prize is a trip around the world. They managed to win the competition.

In "Fool's Gold", Mr. Scully is among the people that search for the buried treasure after Hector accidentally texted him and other people instead of Rosa. The gold turned out to be chocolate coins wrapped in gold coupons to Pancho Villa's Tacos causing him and those looking for the buried treasure to become enraged at Hector who had to make it up to them by taking them and the gold coupons to Pancho Villa's Tacos.


Mr. Scully is shown to be strict at times and sympathetic on occasion.


He is a tall man with brown skin, black curly hair that is balding, mustache, and eyebrows. He wears a light blue shirt, dark blue vest, maroon pants, and black shoes.


  • In the Polish dub, his surname is "Skarbek" (small treasure).
  • "Guilt Trip" reveals that he and Mrs. Kernicky can both dance and stay up for six hours into the night without getting tired.

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