Mrs. Appleblossom is Benny's marionette.


Mrs. Appleblossom first appears in "Stage Plight", after Mr. Coconuts reveals that Luan has a crush on Benny, which he takes out of his backpack and uses her to reveal that Benny has a crush on her too. Later, she and Mr. Coconuts are sitting together as they see Luan and Benny finish the school production of "Romeo and Juliet".

Her next appearance is in "A Pimple Plan", where she and Benny are on their date with Luan and Mr. Coconuts at the lake, while Luan attempts to hide her pimple from Benny.


Mrs. Appleblossom is a classic marionette doll with strings attached to a horizontal control bar. Her eyes are closed, with orange curly hair and two red ribbons on the side, enlarged dimples, red lips, a pink petticoat with six red buttons, and a pink hat with flowers.


  • In "Stage Plight", Mrs. Appleblossom talks in a British accent, while in "A Pimple Plan", she speaks with a Scottish accent.
  • Like Mr. Coconuts, it is likely that Mrs. Appleblossom can move on her own, as the end of "A Pimple Plan" shows Luan and Benny finding photos of her and Mr. Coconuts together.

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