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Mrs. Bernardo is a minor character in The Loud House. She first appears in "Jeers for Fears", where she is revealed to be Bobby's drama teacher.


She first appeared in "Jeers for Fears", when Bobby helped Lincoln and Clyde prepare for the visit by enabling him a sneak peek of the Royal Woods House of Terror. One of the features is his drama teacher Mrs. Bernardo dressed as a deranged clown with barbecue tongs. Before moving on, Mrs. Bernardo asks for Bobby to tell his mom that they miss her at bingo night. Later that night, Lincoln and Clyde learn from Mrs. Bernardo about the owners finding out about Lincoln and Clyde's early visit causing them to let the staff go and to improve the scariness. This gives Mrs. Bernardo time to work on her one-woman show.

In "Stage Plight," Mrs. Bernado as a keeper of Theatre Club oversaw the production of "Romeo and Juliet" where Luan and Benny were cast as the leads. There were some complications due to Luan having never kissed before. Thanks to Luan's dummy Mr. Coconuts and Benny's marionette Mrs. Appleblossom, Luan and Benny got over this and made Mrs. Bernado's production of "Romeo and Juliet" a success.

In "Cooked!", Mrs. Bernardo auditions to work at Lynn's Table in preparation of portraying a waitress at a festival for one-act plays. She is rejected by The Loud Family. In "Much Ado About Noshing" it's revealed that she made a one-woman show to jab at the restaurant as payback for denying her application.

In "Director's Rut," it is known that Mrs. Bernardo played the "Confused Eater" in the new Burpin' Burger commercial. She picked Luan's play because it was about a girl let her voice be heard. She is also starting a new One Woman Show.

In Luan's second "Listen Out Loud" podcast, Mrs Bernardo attends Luan's and Benny's comedy class with her horse. She had previously finished her directing work at Sunset Canyon's Afternoon Dinner Theater.

In "Much Ado About Noshing", Lincoln and Leni search through the job applications for Lynn's Table, then find Mrs. Bernardo's application, suspecting her to be New_Nosher_123 due to not getting her job in "Cooked!". The Loud family later invites her to eat at the restaurant, along with Principal Huggins, Mr. Grouse, Scoots, and Flip, to see if any of them are New_Nosher_123, only to learn later on that New_Nosher_123 was actually Lynn Sr.

In "Fright Bite" she was casted as a background vampire for The Vampires of Melancholia".


Not much known about her personality. It is known that she's cheerful and theatrical. In Luan's second Listen Out Loud she is revealed to have a high opinion of herself and not take kindly to being insulted.


She is a tall, tan-skinned woman. She has short brown hair, purple eye shadow, and two pairs of eyelashes. She wears a white collared shirt, with a dark purple jacket around her, tan scarf, jeans, and brown boots.

In "Stage Plight", Mrs. Bernardo is redesigned where she has light skin, black hair, wears a yellow shirt, plum coat, golden circular earrings with dark green jewels, pink scarf, purple pants, and black slip-on shoes. She also wears red lipstick.

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