Mrs. Jelinsky is a minor character in The Loud House.


She first appeared in "Driving Miss Hazy", in which Leni assaults her during her driving test, like in Total Turbo XXII.

She also makes an appearance in "Linc or Swim", where her hip bone is fractured during Senior Swim at the Royal Woods Community Pool, while the Loud kids were having a chicken fight. She states that she "just replaced this hip".

She reappears again in "Intern for the Worse", where she is shopping at Flip's Food & Fuel, and she tries to warm up a burrito she purchased, but the microwave is broken. Clyde offers to warm it up with the restroom compressed air dryer, but to no avail. Lincoln then heats it up using Mrs. Jelinsky's car's exhaust. Despite her burrito being covered in exhaust fumes, Mrs. Jelinsky praises Lincoln for his service.


Mrs. Jelinsky has curly gray hair, and pink lipstick. She wears black glasses with white lenses, a dark mint-green dress with a white collar, white socks (one is worn up high and the other is worn down), and brown shoes.

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