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Mrs. Vaporciyan is Luna's music teacher from the episode "Roadie to Nowhere". She also helped out Chunk, Luna's roadie, to his music aspiration.


Mrs. Vaporciyan is first seen in "Roadie to Nowhere" where Luna auditions before her and two other teachers for a spot in the Royal Rumble. Luna passes the audition despite stage diving on the teachers. During this time, Luna learns that Chunk was Mrs. Vaporciyan's old student. Later on due to a worry that she would become a roadie like Chunk, Luna tells Mrs. Vaporciyan that she is dropping out of the Royal Rumble, and explains how she'll be working in IT instead since she believes she won't make it as a rock star. Luna then discovers a flyer for Chunk and his band "Chunk & the Pieces", and they're having a concert that night in The Red Herring, much to Luna's surprise since she assumed that Chunk had given up on music a long time ago.


She is very kind-hearted, enthusiastic, and supportive of Luna's aspiration to music.


She has gray hair styled in a bun, wears a yellow vest above a light yellow long sleeve shirt, and a purple skirt with lines going diagonal, along with gray heels. She also wears glasses and pearl earrings.


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