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Not to be confused with Caitlin Carmichael.

Ms. Carmichael is Leni's boss at Reininger's. She also has a young son.


Ms. Carmichael first appeared in "Shop Girl" where she hired Leni after she had helped out some customers.

In "Crimes of Fashion", Ms. Carmichael fired Leni when she accused her of stealing several scarfs from her department. Lincoln and Clyde begin working to find the culprit as Ace Savvy and One-Eyed Jack with comical results when they think that either Gabby, Scoots, or Fiona was the culprit. After Lincoln and Clyde found out that her son did it, she re-hired Leni and apologized for accusing her of being the thief.

In "Leader of the Rack", Fiona talks about how demanding she's been lately, such as making her redo stocking sweaters because it was the wrong kind. Then she made Miguel change all the clothes on the mannequins and reminded him to iron the clothes before putting it on them. And then when Leni, Fiona, and Miguel were in the back room unloading boxes, she pops out of a box to remind them not to damage the boxes due to her wanting to reuse them to help her sister move. Afterwards, she calls a staff meeting and said that she was going to be at a conference for the weekend and made Leni temporary manager until she came back.


She is a tall and slim woman. She has short red hair, thin eyebrows, and pink lipstick. She wears an orange tie-knot shirt, a blue jacket, along with a long body skirt, gold circular earrings, glasses with large black lenses and white high heels.

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