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Ms. DiMartino is a minor character of The Loud House. She first appeared in the episode "Study Muffin".


Ms. DiMartino is a substitute teacher who was hired by Mrs. Johnson, after she broke her leg riding a mechanical bull. Her attractive looks proved to be a major obstacle to all of the male students, including Lincoln and Clyde. Ms. DiMartino is so attractive, that all the boys would lose focus and immediately swoon over her. These distractions caused Lincoln to fail his last test. Lincoln learns from Lisa that if he wants to succeed, all he has to do is simply NOT look at her. Ms. DiMartino allows Lincoln to retake the test, but he takes it in his locker to avoid her being in his field of vision. Lincoln finally aces his test, and discovers that Ms. DiMartino is no longer substituting, as Mrs. Johnson is back. When Lincoln claims that he won't get to see Ms. DiMartino in his classroom again, he discovers that she is now Lincoln's gym teacher, due to Coach Pacowski getting his leg broken after Mrs. Johnson ran over it with her wheelchair.


Ms. DiMartino has a slender figure body, with tan skin and has long dark brown hair that goes all the way down to her waist. She wears hooped earrings, similar to Leni's, only golden, a pink buttoned shirt with a white collar with the sleeves rolled up, a red skirt, and black high heel shoes. She also wears red lipstick.


  • Ms. DiMartino is of Latin-American descent, due to her appearance, style of dialogue, and accent.
  • According to Lori, when she was a substitute teacher at Royal Woods High School, she nearly caused Bobby to flunk.

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