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Ms. Shrinivas is a minor character in The Loud House, and is the teacher of Lisa's former class, the kindergarten class.


Ms. Shrinivas is the teacher of Lisa whose first appearance was in "Making the Grade". Since she teaches kindergarten, she's shown to be a kind woman who speaks in a soft and simple tone so her students can understand. After her students catch strep throat, she asks Lisa for her antidote. After Lisa refuses because of Lincoln, Ms. Shrinivas scolds Lincoln for it, showing that she's very concerned for her students.

Ms. Shrinivas reappears in "Friend or Faux?", where she gives Lisa an A in everything except for social skills. However, this changes when Lisa befriends Darcy.


She has a slender figure body, with dark tan skin, and short black shoulder length hair. She has three pairs of eyelashes and red lipstick.

She wears a cream-colored shirt, a light green sweater, a dark reddish skirt, small white pearl earrings, and black slip-on shoes.


  • She is named after writer Sheela Shrinivas.
  • Her last name wasn't mentioned until the very end of "Making the Grade" by Lisa's robot Todd. All throughout the episode, she is only referred to as "Ms. S". She is addressed by her full name by Lisa in "Friend or Faux?".

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