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"Much Ado About Noshing" is the twenty-ninth episode (thirtieth in production order) of the fifth season, and the two-hundred-twenty-eighth episode of The Loud House.


The kids help Dad track down the mysterious person who left Lynn's Table a bad review.


As the kids hang out in the living room, Lincoln's phone suddenly rings. Answering his phone, he hears what sounds like a bleating alpaca. However, Lincoln realizes it's actually Lynn Sr., who accidently butt-dialed him. Entering the kitchen, the kids discover Lynn Sr. crying at the table. Lynn Sr. explains that he was on the restaurant reviewing site Nosh, and learned that a member named New_Nosher_123 has left 30 straight thumbs downs for Lynn's Table. Seeing how this negative feedback is hurting his feelings, the kids offer to help him find the mysterious reviewer.

In Lincoln's room, Lincoln explains to his sisters that New_Nosher_123 is most likely living in Royal Woods, given their activity at other restaurants located in town. He instructs his sisters that they go around Royal Woods to find any information regarding customers who had a bad experience at those restaurants.

  • Lana and Lola believe it's Principal Huggins when they witness his order exploding on him (as it's a lot of food stuffed into a tiny takeout box)
  • Lynn and Lucy believe it's Mr. Grouse when they see him make countless complaints while dining out at Jean Juan's
  • Lisa and Lily believe it's Scoots when they find video footage of her on the Gigglin' Geezer complaining about her burger not having cheese
  • Lincoln and Leni believe it's Mrs. Bernardo when they find her rejected job application and remember her making a one-woman show to get revenge on the restaurant
  • Luna and Luan believe it's Flip when Kotaro tells them about his previous visit, where he was siphoning drinks from the restaurant when Kotaro offered him a free refill, and got livid when he had to give it back

Back at the Loud House, the siblings are arguing with each other due to one believing that they are correct in figuring out who New_Nosher_123 is. Lincoln tells his sisters that, because each of their choices are solid, they should invite all of them to Lynn's Table and give them a time worth remembering. Sometime later, the siblings proceeds to sneakily hand Mr. Grouse, Flip, Scoots, Principal Huggins and Mrs. Bernardo invitations to Lynn's Table, promising a free meal at no charge.

Late in the day, Lynn Sr. and the siblings (with Todd taking Lisa's place) are prepared to make the experience for the five people they invited as great as possible. Lincoln warns them that no matter how the customers behave, they must patient with them at all times. At that moment, Principal Huggins, Flip, Mr. Grouse, Mrs. Bernardo and Scoots (along with Tyler) arrive to the restaurant. Before long, the customer's annoying habits begin to make the workload tough for the kids, like Mr. Grouse being unable to read his menu with the dim lighting, Flip stealing utensils under Mr. Grouse's nose, Principal Huggins complaining about his wobbly chair, Scoots' demanding attitude, Mrs. Bernardo's vague comments, among other things. Despite the trials and tribulations, the kids manage to make the five's experience all the worthwhile after a few hours. However, just seconds after they believe they succeeded, Lynn Sr. and the kids get a notification that New_Nosher_123 has left another bad review for the restaurant. The prompts Lynn Sr. to march up to the customers, and he proceeds to chew them out by giving them a thumbs down after leaving a bad review on Nosh. However, the customers are confused by what means, as they have never heard of Nosh before. Realizing this, Lynn Sr. excuses himself, and questions who it could possibly be if it's none of them. The moment Lynn Sr. sits, everyone's phones ring and learn that New_Nosher_123 has left another bad review, and when Lynn Sr. puts his phone away and leans back, their phones ring again to inform them of another bad review. Checking his father's phone, Lincoln realizes that Lynn Sr. himself is New_Nosher_123; his butt had accidentally created an account on Nosh and all the bad reviews are the result of his butt hitting the thumbs down button. Having overheard this revelation, the six customers shoot dirty looks at the family, and Lynn Sr. sheepishly makes a promise to them to make up for the false accusation.

The next day, Lynn Sr. and the kids are hard at work catering to the six insulted customers. It turns out the promise Lynn Sr. made for them was that they get to dine at Lynn's Table with high quality service once a week... for the next year. Todd, not wanting to deal with the customers, bails on the family.


Pop-Pop, Bernie, Seymour and Gayle have no lines in this episode.


  • "Noshing" means to eat food enthusiastically or greedily.
  • This is the second episode in Season 5 to use the standard title card music, the first being "No Bus No Fuss". Coincidentally, both episodes were written by Andrew Brooks.
  • The events of "Cooked!" are mentioned when Lincoln and Leni talk about Mrs. Bernardo wanting to work at Lynn's Table, but Grant was hired instead.
    • It's also revealed that because her application was denied, she made a one-woman show to make fun of the restaurant as payback.
  • This episode reveals that when Lynn Sr. cries hard enough, he tends to bleat like an alpaca.
  • Irony: The kids wanted to find out who New_Nosher_123 was, only to learn that it was Lynn Sr. himself.
  • Cartoon physics: Although not shown, Flip got so angry that even his mustache turned red.


  • Much Ado About Noshing - The title of this episode is a pun of the William Shakespeare play Much Ado About Nothing.
  • Yelp - The website Nosh is most likely a parody of this restaurant reviewing site.


  • Some of the Nosh site searches, including the first time it is shown, misspell Lynn's Table as "Lynns's Table".
  • When Lincoln tells Lisa that she doesn't need to use her stool samples to do a DNA test, the back of Lucy's hair is missing.


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