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"Muscle Fish" is a short based on The Loud House.


Lincoln and Clyde teach Muscle Fish how to be less "extreme" after destroying Flip's Food & Fuel.


At the Loud House, Lincoln and Clyde are watching the 24-hour Muscle Fish movie marathon. After watching the marathon for 16 straight hours, Lincoln and Clyde eventually crash out.

The two then have a dream where they arrive to Flip's Food & Fuel in order to get a refill on their Flippees. Upon entering the store, the two discover Muscle Fish present, much to their excitement. Muscle Fish then proceeds to make a mess around the store by eating rather aggressively, such as drinking Flippees straight from the machine and squeezing burritos into his mouth and using the tortilla to butt floss. Eventually, Flip, having found Muscle Fish's actions to be "way too extreme", tells him that he is permanently banned from shopping at his store, and tears up his VIP card. Moments later, as Muscle Fish sadly sits on the curb, Lincoln and Clyde approach him and tell him that they can train him to be less extreme.

After some time of cleaning up Muscle Fish, which includes giving him a new look and reading about proper etiquette, Lincoln, Clyde and Muscle Fish re-enter Flip's. When Flip remarks that he banned Muscle Fish, Lincoln tells him that Muscle Fish has changed. Muscle Fish tries to prove that he has changed by getting a Flippee properly (and even holding his pinky out while drinking). When Flip comments that he's not sure if he's ready to believe him, one of Muscle Fish's enemies, Cephaloplex, barges into the store, and challenges Muscle Fish to a rematch. Muscle Fish says that he's no longer the fighter that he used to be, but the villainous squid responds by spraying him with ink. Seeing Muscle Fish hurt, Lincoln and Clyde urge him that he needs to be extreme in order to stop Cephaloplex. Unable to remember who he was, Muscle Fish tries to talk down Cephaloplex, who is holding Flip hostage, but the squid merely responds by punching him in the face, which sends him flying into the bathroom. As Muscle Fish looks at his reflection, he sees apparitions of Lincoln, Clyde and Flip telling him to remember who he was. This causes Muscle Fish to remember who he was, and after ripping off his new outfit, he delivers a sucker punch to Cephaloplex that launches him out of the store. Flip, seeing how Muscle Fish saved his life, decides to reinstate Muscle Fish's VIP status and welcomes him back in his store. Muscle Fish then offers a hug to Lincoln and Clyde as thanks for helping him out.

Suddenly, Lincoln and Clyde wake up, realizing they crashed out. When Clyde remarks that they didn't miss much of the marathon, Muscle Fish appears on their TV and thanks the two boys for their help while drinking a Flippee, much to their confusion.



  • This is the first short aired in 2021.
  • This short premiered as part of Nick's Shorts Showcase, a mini-series that consists of shorts of Nickelodeon shows such as It's Pony and Middlemost Post.
    • Although, this short premiered on YouTube a day before it's TV premiere.
    • However, it did not show the short's title card.
  • This is the first piece of Loud House media to have a title card designed in a different format. The text on top reads "THE LOUD HOUSE PRESENTS" instead of just "THE LOUD HOUSE", and the title is not written in the Skater Dudes font. This is also the first short to have the credits boxes be themed just like the title cards of Season 5.
  • Lincoln appears in the title card on the comic that Muscle Fish is reading.


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