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Got kicked out, Musical Chairs?
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"Musical Chairs" is the ninth episode of the sixth season, and the two-hundred-fifty-fifth episode of The Loud House.


Lincoln convinces his teacher to join the Doo-Dads in order to get a better seat in class.


In Mr. Bolhofner's class, Lincoln is subjected to Chandler's constant bullying due to the fact that he sits in front of him. However, whenever Lincoln tries to tell Chandler off, Mr. Bolhofner would call out Lincoln for disrupting the class, causing him to get detention, much to his anger. Later, during lunch, Lincoln asks Mr. Bolhofher if he's willing to change his seat, saying he can't deal with Chandler bothering him, but Mr. Bolhofner refuses, saying that "hardship builds character". In the lunchroom, Lincoln is bemoaning to his friends on what he can do to make his experience in his class better, and Rusty suggests the idea of "buttering him up", saying that he should try to sway Mr. Bolhofner into making him give him a better seat, and Lincoln agrees.

For the next few days, Lincoln attempts to butter up Mr. Bolhofner in any way he can, like taking care of some things in his class, giving him some food in the wilderness and following some advice in a survival guidebook he wrote. However, these attempts are unsuccessful, as Lincoln unknowingly fed the class piranha, Hank, more than he's allowed to eat in a week, the food he brought attracts a wild bear, and setting off the sprinkler system due to trying to start a fire indoors. Later, as Lincoln tells Clyde that he might not be able to butter up Mr. Bolhofner, they suddenly hear a booming drum coming from the music room, and when they check it out, they discover it's Mr. Bolhofner playing the bass drum. Mr. Bolhofner says that he likes to play the instrument and expresses desire to join a band. Because of this revelation, Lincoln says that he knows the perfect band he can join: the Doo Dads. Initially, the Doo Dads are hesitant to let Mr. Bolhofner join, as he might not be able to pick up the pace on how much progress they've made, but after listening to him play, the band agrees to let him join.

The next day, Lincoln arrives to his classroom to ask Mr. Bolhofner how band practice went, but when he doesn't respond, Lincoln believes he didn't enjoy it and is prepared to go this seat, where Chandler is ready to dump a bucket of hot sauce onto him. Suddenly, Mr. Bolhofner reveals that Lincoln doesn't sit there anymore, as his new seat is now on the opposite side of the class. Lincoln's new seat is revealed to be able to recline, and the student that sits behind him offers him chocolate and a massager.

At the Loud House, as the Doo Dads practice for their upcoming performance at Lynn's Table, it becomes clearer that Mr. Bolhofner is stricter on staying in tune than the others, and makes some drastic changes, like having everyone play different instruments and completely changing their appearances. When Lincoln checks up on them, he's shocked to discover the changes Mr. Bolhofner made, and the Doo Dads are considering on letting him go. Lincoln pleads with them to let him stay, saying that if he were fired, he would have to go back to his old seat. For his sake, the band tells Lincoln that they'll let Mr. Bolhofner stay.

That night at Lynn's Table, a large crowd, including Lincoln and Clyde, has gathered to watch the Doo Dads perform. Suddenly, the lights go out and Mr. Bolhofner comes onto the stage, having rebranded the Doo Dads into the Raging Bolhofners, and the music they play is too unintelligible and rowdy for anyone to tolerate. Seeing the crowd run away from the band, Lincoln shuts the power off and, after turning it back on, fires Mr. Bolhofner from the band. Because of this, along with the fact that the other members want him gone as well, Mr. Bolhofner agrees to leave, but this causes Lincoln to sigh in defeat, knowing that he'll likely be moved back to his old seat.

The next day, Lincoln arrives to his class, ready to sit in his old seat, with Chandler prepared to make his suffering as painful as possible by wearing steel-toed boots. Suddenly, Mr. Bolhofner stops him, saying that's not his seat. Mr. Bolhofner admits that he did some thinking last night to reflect on his actions and says that he learned the importance of being nice with others. After saying that he sent an apology gift to the Doo Dads (which they're too chicken to open), Mr. Bolhofner tells Lincoln that he's cool in his book for standing up to him, reminding him of his rule that hardship builds character, and orders him to go to his seat. Before he can sit down, Chandler swipes it and mocks him by saying that the only way to get his seat now is needing to get him to move. Remembering the functions of the seat, Lincoln uses the remote control to launch Chandler out of it, where he lands in Hank's tank, causing the piranha to bite Chandler on the butt.


Zach, Stella, Teri's boyfriend and Dirk have no lines in this episode.


  • When this episode first premiered, it came on before its sister episode.
  • This is the first episode to partially reveal Rusty's cousin, Derek.
  • According to the storyboards, Mr. Bolhofner was going to be the only member of the Doo Dads (as the Raging Bolhofners) to wear death metal getup. The rest would have retained their regular clothes.
  • This episode reveals the following about Mr. Bolhofner:
    • He likes to play the bass drum and has always wanted to join a band because of it.
    • He once played dead for 14 hours while a group of jaguars played with him.
    • He has a sword collection.
    • He has written his own wilderness survival guide.
    • He practices Brazilian jiu-jitsu.
  • Irony:
    • Mr. Bolhofner punishes Lincoln for reacting to Chandler's bullying, but doesn't punish Chandler for bullying. His justification is that "hardship builds character."
    • He also forces vegan diets on carnivorous fish.


  • Musical Chairs - The title of this episode shares its name with the party game.
  • Raging Bull - The Doo Dads' temporary new name, the Raging Bolhofners, is a pun of this 1980 sports film.


I think Mr. B better get a refund on those headphones.

  • When Mr. Bolhofner asks Lincoln what he wants after he disrupts him eating chicken, his headphones aren't completely drawn.
  • In the last scene Chandler wore heavy boots, but later his regular shoes. It was never shown how he changes them.
  • Plot hole:
    • It's not explained how Chandler learned about Lincoln getting his old seat back.

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