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Myrtle (also known as Gran-Gran) is Pop-Pop's girlfriend, and the Loud kids' honorary grandmother, who’s introduced in "Insta-gran".


Myrtle was introduced to the Loud family by Albert in "Insta-gran", where she had dinner with the family and learned about her children. She came over the next day where she did things that annoyed the children, causing them to resent her over what she did. The Loud siblings conspired to break her and Albert up by making it look like she was flirting with Seymour. After understanding that she doesn't have a family of her own, the Loud children regretted their actions, get over with their resentment over her and even apologized to Albert. As they celebrated Myrtle's birthday, she planned to visit them tomorrow until Albert suggested she reschedule it to Sunday since Albert got tickets to the R.V. show, she was also very proud of the children who accepted her as their "Gran-Gran".

In "Racing Hearts", she and Albert compete together in the Royal Woods Astonishing Quest.

In "Cooked!", Myrtle was seen with Albert when they and their fellow elderly friends took advantage of Leni's bingo promotion at Lynn's Table.

In "Present Tense", she and Albert appear on a picture inside Lynn Sr.'s scrapbook.

In "Leader of the Rack", she and Albert go to buy athletic wear at Reininger's.

In "Geriantics", she is seen having lunch with Albert, Lisa, Seymour, and Bernie. Later, towards the end of the episode she dances with Albert.

In "Resident Upheaval", it's revealed that Myrtle doesn't live at Sunset Canyons and only goes there to visit Albert. Due to an opening being available, Lincoln and Albert plan to get her in. Her only other competitor for the room is Gayle McBride causing Lincoln and Clyde to cozy up to Sunset Canyon Retirement Home board members Bernie and Seymour. When Scoots list left with the deciding vote, he proposes that the grandmothers fight each other in different rounds with Tyler keeping score. Lincoln and Clyde had to pose as them in order to keep their grandmothers from actually fighting each other. When the disguise is found out, Scoots annuls the contest. After Lincoln and Clyde discover that Scoots was actually living in a double room which she hid in order to store her scooter and Tyler's motorcycle, Scoots moves to another room causing Myrtle and Gayle to become roommates.

in "Electshunned", she was seen when Leni makes a speech about supporting a new touchscreen pudding machine.

In "Scoop Snoop", she was seen when Scoots orders the seniors to dump pudding on Mick Swagger after Katherine Mulligan blew his cover while disguised as an old person.


She was shown to be smothering the Loud kids, due to her not having a family of her own. She’s also shown to like hanging around with her step-grandkids.

She has the traits of a stereotypical grandmother such as knitting her "grandkids" sweaters.

Despite her smothering and loving personality, she's not above fighting back.


Myrtle has a red sleeveless shirt, yellow circular earrings, white bracelet, brown slacks, white slip-on shoes and dark brown hair styled into a beehive and a black mole around her chin. Myrtle has also been seen wearing a blue and white polka dotted bandanna around her head when she’s cleaning.



  • She's based on Darin McGowan's grandmother.
  • Her appearance is similar to those of Cheryl and Meryl.
  • Before "Resident Upheaval", it's possible that Myrtle isn't from Royal Woods as she mentions that she takes a bus, then a ferry and finally a taxi to get from and back home.
  • "The Case of the Stolen Drawers" reveals that she plays Muscle Fish.
  • "Who's the Loudest?" reveals that she knits sweaters and scarves for a rock band and listens to rock music.


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