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Nepurrtiti is one of the McBride family's two pet cats.


Nepurrtiti is a cat owned by the McBrides. She was adopted by Howard and Harold McBride in the episode "Baby Steps". According to Howard, she is Cleopawtra's younger sister.


In "Baby Steps", Howard and Harold decide to adopt Nepurrtiti. Clyde mistakes their conversations for plans to have a baby rather than a kitten, so he gets Lincoln to help him learn big brother skills. When Howard and Harold reveal that they were actually preparing for a kitten and give Nepurrtiti to Clyde, he is initially disappointed that he is not getting a sibling, but soon comes to love his new kitten. The dads let Clyde watch over her for the night with his new brother skills.

In "Cheater by the Dozen", Lisa tries to install a surveillance system at the McBrides' house. When she sees Nepurrtiti's shadow, she think it's a vicious beast, and runs away before Nepurrtiti shows herself and meows.

In "Game Boys", she and Cleopawtra both appear and Clyde speaks to them, which makes him fear that he's losing his mind.

In "Exchange of Heart", Clyde fears that both cats would kill a pet chick if he bought one from Liam. Later, Clyde feeds them cat treats and has a pillow fight with them, but accidentally throws Nepurrtiti against the wall.

In "Purrfect Gig", Luna and Sam babysit both cats.

In "Flying Solo", Clyde complains to both cats about Lincoln having a better singing voice than him. This is also the first time we see Nepurritit fully grown.

In "Clyde and His Dads", Clyde and his dads try to get both cats into their cages to take them to the vet and dentist.


Nepurrtiti has lavender fur, large eyes, six whiskers, a white muzzle, and triangular ears.


  • Her name is a pun on Nefertiti, a queen of Egypt, and the word purr, which is a sound that cats make (much like how Cleopawtra is a pun on Cleopatra and the word Paw).
    • Which makes sense, as people in ancient Egypt regarded cats as sacred beings.
    • In the Polish dub, her name isn't parodied, as it's Nefertiti.
  • In "Purrfect Gig", it's revealed that both she and Cleopawtra get nervous when two or more strangers come over, get cranky if not served breakfast at ten, get taken for walks like dogs, and hate baths.
  • "Clyde and His Dads" reveals that she and Cleopawtra are both afraid of the vet, the dentist, and cucumbers.

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