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"New Roomie" is the thirty-first episode of the first season of The Casagrandes.


When Vito's apartment floods, the kids try to find an apartment that suits him best.


Dinner with Vito.

While Ronnie Anne, Bobby, Hector and Rosa close up the mercado, they discover Vito hanging outside the door. He says that he's looking for a new place to stay, since his apartment is flooded and is being worked on construction men. While feigning sadness that he'll just sleep outside, Rosa says that he, along with Big Tony and Little Sal, can stay with them. As a sign of gratitude, Vito offers to make dinner for them. After eating dinner, the Casagrandes are happy to have him as a roommate.

However, the next day, Vito is revealed to be a bit of nuisance, as he makes smoothies for his dogs at 5:00 AM, spends a couple hours in the bathroom, and sings opera loudly in his sleep. Unable to tolerate Vito's presence, Ronnie Anne and Bobby attempt to make him stay with the other members of the family. However, his chatty behavior proves to be just as annoying to the others, as he disrupts Carlos' silent tai chi session, ruins Frida's latest painting and the kids not wanting to listen to his talking. Ronnie Anne and Bobby attempt to get Vito to stay with the other tenants, like the Changs, Mr. Nakamura or Mrs. Kernicky, but they too are unable to tolerate his presence and kick him out of their rooms. The next day, Ronnie Anne and Bobby realize that Vito is back, and tell Rosa about this. When Rosa reveals that she too has become fed up with Vito staying with them, she suggests that they go to his apartment and fix his leak for him.

Entering Vito's apartment, the family discovers that it isn't damaged in any way. While looking around, Carlota spots a picture frame on the table showing a woman hanging around certain places with a note attached saying "I'll miss you!". This causes the family to come to the conclusion that Vito had a girlfriend and suffered from a bad breakup, so he's crashing with them so his place won't remind him of her. Seeing how the locations in the picture frame are familiar, the family attempts to look around for any clues about the girl's whereabouts, but when they can't find her, Carl comes up with a plan: have Lalo dress up like the girl so Vito can be happy enough to return.

After getting Lalo in disguise, the family attempts to pass this off to Vito by saying that his girlfriend came back. However, Vito says that he doesn't know who the woman is. When Ronnie Anne presents the picture frame they found in his apartment, Vito states that the woman in the pictures came with the frame and asks why they were snooping in his apartment. This causes the family to confess that they wanted to get Vito to leave, since his antics are driving them mad. This makes Vito sadly explain that the reason why he really wanted to stay with the Casagrandes was because his son had left for college, and was feeling lonely, so he thought staying with them would fill in the empty hole. He also says that his son was supposed to send him some photos (hence why he got the picture frame in the first place), but learns that he forgot to do that. Vito, after saying that he has bothered the Casagrandes enough, decides to go back to his apartment, ready to get used to living in an empty apartment. Now feeling really horrible for making him leave, Ronnie Anne comes with a new plan.

Robbie is the new roommate for Vito.

As Vito hangs out in his apartment in solitude, he hears a knock at the door. Answering it, he discovers it's the Casagrandes. When he makes the assumption that they're now going to bother him just like how he bothered them, they reveal they made him dinner and brought all of the apartment tenants with them. Ronnie Anne and Bobby apologize by saying that they had no idea what he was going through, and got him a new roommate to keep him company: a robot Sid invented named Robbie, who likes to sing opera just like him.


Maria, Adelaide, Becca, Stanley, Mr. Nakamura, Mrs. Kernicky, Mrs. Flores and Alexis have no lines in this episode.

Smarty Pants Challenge

During the initial airing of this episode, the viewers had the chance to answer trivia questions related to the episode with the Nickelodeon Screens Up app or on for a chance to see their name on screen.

  1. What happened in Vito's apartment?
    1. A bird flew in
    2. A plate broke
    3. A lamp fell
    4. A flood
  2. What are the names of Vito's dogs?
    1. Big Bro & Lil' Sis
    2. Big Tony & Little Sal
    3. Big Ruff & Little Pup
    4. Tommy & Sonny
  3. What does Vito do in his sleep?
    1. Eat
    2. Snore
    3. Sing
    4. Laugh
  4. Who does Tia Frida's painting look like?
    1. Abuela
    2. Carlitos
    3. Ronnie Anne
    4. Tio Carlos
  5. What is the name of Sid's robot?
    1. Sue
    2. Adelaide
    3. Champ
    4. Robbie
  6. Who kicked open Vito's door?
    1. Ronnie Anne
    2. Carlota
    3. CJ
    4. Lalo
  7. Where did they go first to find the mystery lady?
    1. Ice cream parlor
    2. Pizza restaurant
    3. Fruit stand
    4. Margarita's Beauty Salon

The Winners

  1. Prank Victory 001
  2. Lalo Pro 002
  3. Pigeon Shredder 009
  4. Hector Wizard 001

Physical distribution

This episode is available on the "The Complete First Season" DVD.
As the DVD was released too soon after the French dub of this episode aired, the DVD does not include this episode's French dub.


  • The premise of this episode is similar to The Loud House episode "House Flip", as both episodes involve a recurring secondary character temporarily moving into the residence of the main characters, but overstaying their welcome.
  • This episode reveals that Vito's son, who was first mentioned in "The Loudest Thanksgiving", recently left for college.
  • Carlota is revealed to have broken up with Diego, her crush from "Copy Can't".
  • Robbie has a similar appearance to the unnamed robot from The Loud House episode "A Dark and Story Night".
  • Innuendo:
    • When Ronnie Anne and Bobby complain that Vito is a terrible roommate, Lalo expresses his disdain of him as well, using some inappropriate language that the two were able to understand.
    • Carl asks for the note while he's in the bathroom since its out of toilet paper, much to the disgust of his relatives.


  • Giuseppe Verdi - The music which plays on the title card is this composer's piece "La donna è mobile".
  • We Can Do It! - Frida's painting of Rosa resembles this World War II poster of Rosie the Riveter meant to boost female worker morale.
    • Furthermore, the slogan ¡Sí se puede! can be seen on the painting. This slogan was popularized by the Latino activist César Chávez in the 1970s.


  • When the Changs ask if Vito and Robbie should go to sleep, Becca's right arm is seen pointing straight down, even though both of her arms are crossed.


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