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Nickelodeon Pandemonium is a series of graphic novels published by Papercutz, featuring comics from Nicktoons such as Harvey Beaks, Sanjay and Craig, Breadwinners, Pig Goat Banana Cricket, and The Loud House. The first issue was released on October 18, 2016. The second issue was released on February 21, 2017, and the third issue was released on August 8, 2017. A collection of the three graphic novels was released on August 21, 2018.


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Nickelodeon Pandemonium #1: Channeling Fun

Released: October 18, 2016


  • Wherefore Art Thou, Tufflips? (Sanjay and Craig) - Eric Esquiel, writer, James Kaminski, artist; Laurie E. Smith, colorist; Tom Orzechowshi, Letterist
  • Punchlord the Bludgeoner (Sanjay and Craig)
  • Summer Treats to Beat the Heat (Pig Goat Banana Cricket)
  • Heavy Loaf (Breadwinners)
  • Foo Facts #89 - Computers (Harvey Beaks)
  • Tadpolice (Breadwinnners)
  • Making a Splash (Harvey Beaks)
  • Quandarious Gooch (Pig Goat Banana Cricket)
  • Channeling Fun (Harvey Beaks)
  • Cricket's Science Corner - Instruments (Pig Goat Banana Cricket)
  • ABCs of Getting the Last Slice (The Loud House) - Chris Savino, writer, artist; Jordan Rosato, artist; Amanda Rynda, colorist
Nick Pandemonium - Spies and DuckTectives Cover.jpg

Nickelodeon Pandemonium #2: Spies and Ducktectives

Released: February 21, 2017


  • Goblins and Gazeboes (Sanjay and Craig)
  • Live and Let Rye (Breadwinners)
  • Cold Case (Harvey Beaks)
  • Toughest Guy in History (Pig Goat Banana Cricket)
  • Foo Fact #93 - Playing Dead (Harvey Beaks)
  • The Pensioners (Sanjay and Craig)
  • Pizza Detective (Harvey Beaks)
  • Sibling Speak (The Loud House) - Chris Savino, creator, writer, artist, color, letterer
  • Double Agent Ducks (Breadwinners)
  • Deuces Wild (The Loud House) - Chris Savino, creator, writer, artist; Karla Sakas Shropshire, writer; Jordan Rosato, artist; Amanda Rynda, colorist
  • Officer Fredd (Harvey Beaks)
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Nickelodeon Pandemonium #3: Receiving You Loud and Clear

Released: August 8, 2017


  • Lucy's ABCs of the Loud House - Karla Sakas Shropshire, writer; Kiernan Sjursen-Lien, artist, letter; Amanda Rynda, colorist
  • Community Service (Harvey Beaks)
  • Fateway (Sanjay and Craig)
  • Lower Yeast Side (Breadwinners)
  • Foo Facts #81 - Fire (Harvey Beaks)
  • Tumors and Rumors (Sanjay and Craig)
  • Close Encounters of the Spooky Kind (Pig Goat Banana Cricket)
  • Mollusca Ducks (Breadwinners)
  • Foo Facts #67 - Pirate Booty (Harvey Beaks)
  • Pig Goat Banana Cricket in Space (Pig Goat Banana Cricket)
  • Shocker - Miguel Puga, writer, artist, letterer; Amanda Rynda, colorist
Nickelodeon Pandemonium Vol. 1,3 cover.jpg

Nickelodeon Pandemonium Boxed Set: Vol. #1-3

Released: August 21, 2018

Contents: Nickelodeon’s brightest and goofiest stars shine in this collection of stories. Experience PIG GOAT BANANA CRICKET, THE BREADWINNERS, SANJAY & CRAIG, HARVEY BEAKS, and THE LOUD HOUSE like never before- in qwazy comics! Collecting graphic novels #1-3 of NICKELODEON PANDEMONIUM.

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