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Got kicked out, No Bus No Fuss?
This article contains information about an episode banned in Russia, Poland, and Germany[citation needed][note 1] due to the presence of Clyde's fathers, and therefore will be unavailable to any user from these localities, with the exception of this specific article.

"No Bus No Fuss" is the thirteenth episode (fourteenth in production order) of the fifth season, and the two-hundred-twelfth episode of The Loud House.


Lincoln and his friends try to find another way to get to school after a run-in with the 8th grade bullies on the bus.


Lincoln being bullied by three eighth graders.

In the morning, Lucy, Lana, Lola and Lisa are waiting for the school bus to arrive. As Lincoln hastily gets himself ready, the bus arrives they all board. When Lincoln meets up with his friends, the seat next to Clyde suddenly pops a spring, and is forced to go to the back of the bus. As Lincoln drinks orange juice, three eighth graders approach him and warn him that the back of the bus is reserved for them only, as evident by a yellow border line. Lincoln apologizes for the incident, but as he does, he accidentally spills some of his orange juice on one of the eighth grader's shirts. Lincoln tries to clean it up, but only succeeds in making the stain bigger. Each of his friends try to help out, but only succeed in getting all three of them even filthier than before. Enraged by their incompetence, they promptly beat them up on the way to school. Once the bus arrives to the middle school, the gang, with numerous injuries, jumps out. When the school day ends, the gang gets on the bus, hoping that the eighth graders have cooled down, but their belief is proven otherwise, as they are once again beaten up until they jump out. Not wanting to go through the trouble of encountering them again, the gang immediately suggests that they carpool on the way to school. After Stella brings up that they can't carpool with her parents (since they leave very early), they agree that they can rely on the others to get them to school.

Starting on Monday, the gang carpools with each of their parents' cars, but with varying results:

  • Monday: The gang carpools in the Gurdles' van, but since it doubles as a paranormal research vehicle, Mr. and Mrs. Gurdle constantly stall the trip due to their incessant research.
  • Tuesday: The gang carpools in a hay-filled tractor being driven by Liam's Mee-Maw, but Virginia, who suffers from carsickness, vomits onto Clyde's lap.
  • Wednesday: The gang carpools in Mr. Spokes' car, which is filled with his fashion merchandise. As they drive, Mr. Spokes quickly stops his vehicle in order to appeal to potential customers.
  • Thursday: The gang carpools in the McBride's van, but Howard and Harold take on numerous safety precautions, like wearing pillows and helmets, having the vehicle being completely covered in bubble wrap, and barely going over 5 MPH.
  • Friday: The gang carpools in Vanzilla, which seems to go smooth. However, when Rita tries to park, another vehicle takes her spot, and shows her road rage, honking her horn at the driver, and when she pulls out, she accidentally cuts off Mr. Bolhofner, making him angry.

During lunch, the gang agrees that carpooling was a bad idea, and try to suggest a new plan. Under Clyde's suggestion, they try and use the city bus. At that moment, Mr. Bolhofner arrives and cuts in front of them in the lunch line as payback for cutting him off earlier.

On Monday, the gang proceeds to take the city bus. However, their planned route is so convoluted, that on the last bus of their trip, they accidentally board a ferry taking them away. The next day, the gang proceeds to travel to school via plane. However, the pilot is revealed to be Flip, and his plane is of questionable quality. After they board, Flip takes off, and once they're above the school, Flip tells them that the only way to get down there is by parachute (with the "parachutes" being plastic bags). After being ejected from the plane, the gang lands in a tree in front of the school, and once again declare that this was a bad idea. With no other options, Lincoln says that the best way to get to school is the school bus. Later, after getting themselves down from the tree, the gang discovers the other students having gotten wedgies. One of the students explains that ever since they stopped taking the bus, the eighth graders have started to take their bullying on them. Unable to see the other students suffer, Lincoln comes up with an idea.

Happy together.

When the school day ends, the gang boards the bus, and confronts the eighth graders. When the eighth graders get angry over Lincoln stepping over the border line, Lincoln and his friends proceed to stand up against them, revealing they've rallied all of the other kids on the bus (along with the bus driver) to tell them that they're outnumbered and not afraid of their tough attitude. Tempted, the eighth graders proceed to sit back down and leave them alone, much to everyone else's happiness.


Lucy, Lana, Ernie, Mr. Gurdle, Joy, and Lincoln's Classmates have no lines in this episode. Despite being listed in the credits, Harold has no lines in this episode.


  • This is the first episode since "Feast or Family" to use "Pop Punk" as the title card music.
  • Rusty mentions that he no longer rides his bike because he has outgrown it. However in episode "Scoop Snoop" he still uses the same bike.
  • This is the last episode to be boarded by Ari Castleton before his departure to work on Middlemost Post.
  • In this episode Stella reveals that her mother goes to work early and her father has hot yoga at early mornings.
  • Foreshadowing: Lynn goes to school on foot instead of using the school bus, avoiding confrontation with the bullies.
  • Irony: The gang's efforts to get to school without the school bus, which they believed to be safer, turned out to be no better.


  • No Bus No Fuss - The title of this episode is a pun of the expression "no muss, no fuss," which means to accomplish a task without much difficulty.


  • When the younger sisters are waiting for Lincoln, Lana's pigtails are missing.
  • Taylor visibly lacks a left eye under her bang during the entire episode.
  • One of the female students from the elementary school's kindergarten class (the one with dark skin and hair tied into bunches) appears throughout the third act of this episode.
S2E20B Kindergarten class.png

Does the middle school allow kindergarteners to transfer to higher grades, too?

  • Near the end of the episode, where the three bullies are sitting and laughing, Pablo's hairstyle is different than in rest of the episode. For most of episode Pablo has round side of his hair on front and sharp side on back, but in said scene it's reversed.
  • Plot holes:
    • It's unknown if the bullies attacked Lincoln's younger sisters.
    • Ernie, the bus driver, does nothing to stop the bullies.
    • Lincoln's younger sisters are shown to be riding the same bus as Lincoln, but he now attends middle school while the younger siblings still attend elementary school.
    • Lincoln and his friends have bicycles as shown in "Kernel of Truth", so it's unknown why don't they use them to go to school as alternative for the school bus.
    • Lincoln's sisters don't try to protect him from the bullies. Also next day they use the same bus like nothing happened yesterday.
    • Rocky Spokes goes to the elementary school with Lucy as shown in "Back in Black", but in this episode he's not seen in the school bus, nor in his father's car. It's unknown how he goes to the school.

International edits

Comparison of an identical frame in the censored (top) and original (bottom) versions

  • In the Indonesian and Malay dubs, Harold is edited out of the scene where he wraps the car.



  1. Likely banned due to a shared feed with Central and Eastern Europe, which is shared with several countries where homosexuality is seen as taboo. Same-sex marriages are recognized in Germany.

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