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"No Egrets" is the seventh episode of the second season, and the forty-fifth episode of The Casagrandes.


Sergio is in for a treat when a group of baby birds thinks he's their mama.


Late at night, Sergio arrives home after a rager party with Sancho and other pigeons. Calling it a night, Sergio intends to get some rest. Landing on the roof, he spots a spots a nest with a heat lamp and decides to sleep on it. Unbeknownst to him, there are two eggs resting nearby, and they slowly start to hatch.

When morning arrives, Sergio is awakened by the sounds of baby birds chirping, and is surprised to see the baby egrets resting beside him. When Sergio attempts to leave, the egrets begin to follow him and mimic his every move. When Sergio asks what the deal is, the egrets suddenly begin to call him "mama". Horrified, Sergio tells them that there must've been a mix-up, but the egrets continue to call him their mother. Trying to evade them by hiding in the living room, the egret suddenly appear and latch themselves onto Sergio. At that moment, Rosa arrives back from a trip to the store and is in awe at seeing the egrets looking up to Sergio. However, when Sergio tries to ditch them, Rosa tells him that as their guardian, it's his duty to properly raise them. When Sergio refuses, Rosa threatens him by saying that she'll stop providing crackers for him if he doesn't take care of the egrets, and Sergio agrees to raise them.

Throughout the day, Sergio attempts to teach the egrets some of his street smarts. The first thing he tries to teach them is to fly. However, because their wings are tiny, they can't fly and nearly devoured by Vito when he mistakes them for hot dog toppings. After quickly snatching the birds from Vito, Sergio teaches the egrets how to bathe themselves in the park's fountain. As the two play around in the fountain, the fountain suddenly activates and flings the birds into the mud, where Sergio declares "close enough" to their cleanliness. The third thing Sergio teaches them is how to get food from garbage cans. Seeing the egrets gnaw on a shoe rather than the Chinese noodles, Sergio thinks it's good enough, and tells them that they now know how to live like him. Just before he leaves, he warns them about cats.

Sergio meets up with his pigeon friends, and gets himself ready to party with them. While checking his reflection on a car's rearview mirror, he spots the egrets attempting to fly, unknowingly about to land in a cart of porcupines. When they jump, they naturally fall due to their tiny wings, but luckily, they landed in a cart of pillows instead. As Sergio and Sancho begin to argue over wearing the same outfit, Sergio notices the egrets playing in a puddle on the middle of the street. After they jump out, they begin to casually walk across the street, and one driver, seeing the birds, swerves out of control and causes a pile up, allowing the egrets to safely make it across. Sergio attempts to join the pigeons, but before he can leave, he spots the egrets heading into the alley where the street cats reside, and Sergio, remembering the good times he had with the egrets, decides to help them over joining the pigeon's party. Entering the alley, Sergio spots the egrets being cornered by the cats. Sergio attempts to fight them, but they easily overpower him, but they do leave, making the egrets reunite with their "mama".

Later, Sergio has decided to become fully responsible for the baby egrets, having named them Sergio Jr. and Sergio Jr. Jr. As Rosa congratulates Sergio for being a responsible guardian, Ronnie Anne and Sid suddenly arrive and tell Sergio that they've been looking for those birds. Sid explains that the birds are African black egrets, and that their real names are Yoon and Kwan. Ronnie Anne further elaborates that two of them designed an incubator for them (which Sergio crashed out on), as their real mother was not feeling well, and when they woke up the next morning, they were gone. The two thank Sergio for taking care of the birds, and Sergio is happy that he's not their real guardian, but does possess feelings of not letting go.

Later, at the Great Lakes City Zoo, Ronnie Anne, Sid and Sergio reunite Yoon and Kwan with their mother. After reuniting, Yoon and Kwan hug Sergio as a way to say thanks for taking care of them. When Ronnie Anne and Sid leave after informing Sergio that he can visit them whenever, Sancho and the pigeons arrive and want him to join their party. However, Sergio, suffering from empty nest syndrome, says he's not in the mood. Suddenly, the egret mother tells them that they can party in their habitat, as she reveals a giant radio underneath her nest, where all the birds of the zoo proceed to party together.


Carlos has no lines in this episode.


  • This, along with its sister episode, are the second Casagrandes episodes to first release on Amazon, following the previous episode.
  • This is the first Casagrandes episode since "Cursed!" to not premiere on the same day as a Loud House episode.
  • This is the first Casagrandes episode since "New Roomie" to be a part of a premiere week.
  • Egrets are a breed of heron birds that have white feathers as opposed to the brown feathers of standard herons.
  • This episode implies that Rosa has a fear of suffering empty nest syndrome, as she cuddles Carlos in a way that she doesn't want to let him go.


  • No Egrets - The title of this episode is a pun of the expression "no regrets", which means to feel good about a decision to the point of not taking it back.


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