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"No End in Bite" is an Internet-exclusive Halloween-themed short based on The Loud House.


Take a bite out of this arr-iginal short featuring vampires, pirates (vampirates!?), and the Loud House resident scream queen, Lucy!


Lucy and Fangs are reading a novel about The Vampires of Melancholia. In the story, Edwin has been tied up by a band of pirates and are stealing his coffins (mistaking them for treasure chests). The pirate captain, Long Beard, denies Edwin's stories, believing that they're made up and plans to kill Edwin by exposing him to sunlight. Unfortunately, the last page of the book is ripped out.

It turns out that Lynn used the last page of Lucy's book as a makeshift diaper for Lily, as there were no more diapers left. Realizing how Lucy can't read the last page without getting grossed out, Lynn tells her to come up with her own ending. Jumping back into her coffin, Lucy decides to conceive her own ending.

Edwin's reward for Lucinda (Lucy) for saving him.

Back in the story (which picks up where it last stopped), Edwin states that he can't be exposed to sunlight as he'll die, and Long Beard says that's the point. A pirate is about to take the last coffin, but when he opens it, a woman named Lucinda (Lucy), jumps out, traps the pirate in her coffin and heads up to the main deck. Just as Long Beard and the other pirate are about to leave, Lucinda spots them and orders Fangs to attack. After a brief scuffle, Lucinda and Fangs manage to trap the two pirates and save Edwin just barely by chopping the sail off to cover him. When Edwin thanks Lucinda for saving him, Lucinda states that she always wanted to be a vampire and Edwin gladly obliges.

Suddenly, Lynn wakes Lucy up from her fantasy and tells her that she went to the library and got her a replacement book. After thanking Lynn, Lucy reads the ending and states that it wasn't bad, but she prefers her ending more.



  • This episode has no title card, unlike the other shorts.
  • This is the first short where Lincoln is absent (if one doesn't count the international shorts first).


  • No End in Bite - The title is a pun on the common phrase "no end in sight", which means that here is no foreseeable conclusion to something.


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