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"No Laughing Matter" is the thirty-ninth episode of the second season and the ninety-first episode of The Loud House.


When Luan overhears her siblings complaining about her comedy, she decides to give it up.


A distressed Luan decides to quit comedy after hearing that everybody hates her jokes.

As the siblings go on about their day, Luan arrives, and begins pulling pranks on them (such as hitting Lincoln with a boxing glove on a spring and shocking him with a joy buzzer, makeup related puns with Lori and Leni, burning Luna while showering by flushing the toilet, throwing a pie on Lisa, a knock-knock joke with Lucy using Edwin, a whoopee cushion with Lynn, a tofu-related joke with Lola, and an egg-related joke with Lana), while also announcing her upcoming comedy gig at a comedy club called the Chortle Portal. After pranking every one of her siblings, the siblings begin venting on how annoying Luan can be with her jokes. Unfortunately, Luan, who was heading downstairs, overhears them venting on her comedy, and immediately becomes heartbroken, and sadly heads back up.

The next day, Luan begins acting normal towards her siblings, such as giving Lincoln a glass of punch, asking Lori and Leni for a hairbrush, supporting Lisa with her equations, asking Lynn and Lucy for a dollar (which they don't respond to), and asking Lola for a dollar (which she actually responds to). The remaining siblings are weirded out at Luan's new attitude, but eventually decide to celebrate by eating pie, since it means they can get a break from the pranks. Later, as Lincoln begins to collect everyone's trash, he discovers that Luan has thrown away her Chortle Portal flyers. When Lincoln informs Luan of this, she says that she threw them away on purpose, saying that she's giving up on comedy after hearing their venting the previous day. Lincoln tries to explain, but Luan begins tossing out all of her props, even Mr. Coconuts. This causes Lincoln to break the news towards the remaining siblings, who are shocked, since Luan was so anticipated to partake in her gig at the Chortle Portal. As a result, they begin to devise a plan on how to get Luan into comedy again.

The next day, the siblings attempt make Luan get into comedy by setting up jokes so Luan can finish the punchline, but Luan just simply gives them rational/straightforward answers instead of making some kind of joke or punchline out of them. Realizing that plan didn't work, they go with a second plan, which involves making spit takes at anything Luan says, even if it's not a joke. Luan, getting fed up with her siblings after realizing their intentions, calls them out, saying that no matter how hard they try, she's not going to go back to comedy.

Later, Lisa has revealed that she has made a time machine to transport themselves to the past two minutes before Luan overheard them venting about her. But at the same time, Lincoln arrives with all of Luan's thrown away props, saying that he has a plan of his own. When Lisa says that side effects include having their butts on where their faces would be, the sisters decide to listen to Lincoln's plan. Lincoln tells his sisters his plan, and the sisters decide to go along with it.

At the Chortle Portal, the sisters have offered to let Luan come with them, saying that even if she's given up on comedy, she can still enjoy the presentation. The host announces that the first comedian to appear on stage is Lincoln, much to Luan's befuddlement. Lincoln appears onstage, holding one of Luan's comedy journals. As Lincoln begins to recite the jokes written in the journal, he suddenly starts screwing up on the punchlines. Luan, getting more and more stressed out at Lincoln's failures, rushes onstage, and corrects Lincoln's slip-ups. Suddenly, the audience begins laughing, finding Luan's humor funny. Pleased with the reception, Luan begins doing her gig, while Lincoln sits down with his sisters, happy that the plan worked.

It's good to have Luan back.

The next day, as the siblings get their breakfast ready, Luan arrives, happy and content. The siblings congratulate her on a successful gig last night, and apologize for making her lose interest in her favorite thing. Luan forgives her siblings and promises to tone down her pranks. Suddenly, Luan trips over Lana, and tries to resist the urge to make jokes, but the siblings tell her that she can go ahead and crack a few. As Luan beings making breakfast related puns, the siblings leave, happy that Luan is back to doing what she loves most, while Luan couldn't be any happier to do what she likes.


Lily and the Unnamed Brunette Woman have no lines in this episode.

Physical distribution

This episode is available on the "Absolute Madness", "The Complete Second Season", "Les vacanes à la neige", and "Intégrale de la Saison 2" DVDs.


  • This episode was confirmed by Collin Dean on Instagram as "091" (indicating that this was the 91st episode of the show).
  • This episode was used as a storyboard test for future storyboard artists.[1][2][3]
  • The title card is designed to look like Luan's clothing. The yellow represents her skirt, the white represents her shirt, and Lincoln's head is in her gag squirt flower.
  • The episode reveals that Lincoln suffers from stage fright; so, to reflect that, he pretends to overcome his fears by nervously reciting Luan's jokes.
    • It is also revealed that Lincoln cannot read Luan's handwriting.
  • It is revealed that Luan has a diary, and that Lola read(s) it.
  • The Dine'n' Dance waitress from "The Old and the Restless" can be seen working at the Chortle Portal.

Lucy's early look returns.

  • When Lola told the other siblings that Luan was acting weird, Lucy can be seen in her pilot/series premiere look.
  • The trick where the Louds laugh at Luan despite not telling a joke to get her back is commonly used to stop comedians from delivering the punchline.
  • There was a deleted scene in Chelsea Holt's storyboard, where after Luan joy buzzed Lincoln, Charles jumps into the scene and starts licking the spilled punch while Lincoln falls unconscious.
  • This episode reuses an element from "Butterfly Effect", which involves Luan giving up comedy. Surprisingly, this episode is also by the same Kevin Sullivan and Violaine Briat.


  • No Laughing Matter - The title is a reference to the term of the same name, which means something serious is something that should not be joked about.
  • Peanuts - The baby on Luan's invitation resembles Charlie Brown.
    • Coincidentally, the show stars Jessica DiCicco, the voice of Lynn and Lucy.
  • My Little Pony - Lola has a plush unicorn with a star on its flank, which is a reference to the design of the ponies from this popular toy brand.


Luan's disconnected arm.

  • When Luan is about to open Lucy's coffin to give her a flyer, her right arm is disconnected.
    • A similar thing happens to Lincoln. When explaining his plan, Lincoln's hand disappears.
  • Lily has visible eyebrows during the sibling meeting, and when Lisa is explaining how her time machine works.
  • When Luan says "That's the wrong punchline!", the eyelashes on Lori's right eye are disconnected.
  • Luan's face was covered with soda after Leni did a spit take on her, but when she headed downstairs, her face is completely clean, despite not being shown to wipe the soda off of her face.
  • Lincoln's hair tuft disappears after Luan says she's "out of the comedy game", but when he runs over to her, it comes back.
  • During Luan's line, "Want some punch?", Lincoln's bags are missing.

Lincoln, want your eyebags to go with that punch?

  • In one scene, Lori's left eyelash is slightly curved.
  • In the Latin American Spanish dub, Lola's line, "Toe-fu? Really?" (adapted as "¿Toda la mano? ¿En serio?"), is said in Lynn's voice.
  • Lucy says Luan knocked on her coffin just to ask for a dollar, however the latter actually knocked on the door.


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