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"No Show with the Casagrandes" is the fifth episode of the fourth season, the one-hundred-fifty-fourth episode of The Loud House, and the fifth episode of the Casagrande story arc.


Ronnie Anne refuses to watch her family's favorite telenovela. But when she sees a clip and becomes hooked, she tries to hide her secret from them.


The Casagrande family discovers that their favorite telenovela, Adios, Ana, Adios, is on right now. As the family sits down, they try to encourage Ronnie Anne to come and watch the show with them, but Ronnie Anne denies, calling the show campy. In the show, the main girl, Ana Ronalda (who bears a strong resemblance to Ronnie Anne), is kidnapped by bandits. As Ronnie Anne hangs out on the balcony with Lalo and Sergio, she discovers that they're watching the telenovela as well. When Ronnie Anne attempts to leave, she discovers that Ana Ronalda is a master at kicking butt. Seeing the tough girl Ana Ronalda is, Ronnie Anne completely changes her mind on the telenovela and ends up loving it. When the episode ends, Ronnie Anne wants to know what'll happen next.

Ronnie Anne notices the new telenovela on.

The next day, Ronnie Anne wants to watch the next episode of Adios, Ana, Adios with her family, but they still believe that she still hates the show and escort her out of the room so her negative attitude won't bother them. This forces Ronnie Anne to look all around town for a TV to watch while being accompanied by Lalo and Sergio.

  • Ronnie Anne attempts to watch the show alongside Bobby in the Mercado, but Bobby states that he would rather watch the show by himself and that he doesn't need any extra help in working in the Mercado.
  • Ronnie Anne attempts to watch the show on the TV in the apartment across, but the owner put a plant in front of the window, blocking half the screen.
  • Ronnie Anne attempts to watch the show at a restaurant, but Vito, one of the customers, changes the channel to a soccer game since his TV is broken. This prompts two old ladies to go to the laundromat to watch the show, with Ronnie Anne following suit.
  • Ronnie Anne watches the show at the laundromat on the condition that she wash something, so she proceeds to wash her jacket. However, as she watches the show, another customer begins washing his shoes, causing his washing machine to rattle loudly. When Ronnie Anne complains about this, Sergio unplugs the washing machine, but this causes the manager to kick Ronnie Anne out along with her jacket.

Ronnie Anne decides to go to a hair salon and pays Margarita, the hairstylist, to cut her hair as slow as possible. In the episode, Ana Ronalda, needing a way to hide from the bandits that kidnapped her, decides to chop some of her hair off so she wouldn't be recognizable. This prompts Ronnie Anne to ask Margarita if she can replicate that style on her and she agrees. When Ronnie Anne discovers that the finale is tomorrow, she asks Margarita if she can come tomorrow to watch, but Margarita says that she has to close the salon due to being busy tomorrow.

The next day, the family is hard at work decorating the apartment for the finale. Hector says that because today's a special occasion, he decides to close the Mercado for an extra hour so Bobby can watch with them. This prompts Ronnie Anne to suggest that she run the Mercado instead and Hector agrees. Just when it seems like Ronnie Anne gets to watch the show without interruptions, one of the Mercado's toughest customers, Maybelle, arrives. The forces Ronnie Anne to help out Maybelle with her detailed shopping list, strict instructions, and carry her groceries to her place. The entire task ends up taking the entire finale's run-time, much to Ronnie Anne's dismay, but to her relief, the channel is going to re-air the finale tomorrow.

The next day, Ronnie Anne discovers that her family is continuously talking about the finale and fears for spoilers. Throughout the entire day, Ronnie Anne attempts to block out any spoilers through various means. When the time finally comes, Ronnie Anne prepares to leave. Having prepared for any obstacle, Ronnie Anne tells Lalo that they can go to the pizza parlor if Margarita's is still closed and will bribe Vito with his favorite tooth whitening gum if he plans to change the channel. Upon opening the door, Hector is standing right there and tells her to be safe. However, when doing so, Hector ends up spoiling the ending. The rest of the family arrives and questions why Ronnie Anne is upset and Ronnie Anne ultimately confesses that she loves the show and was afraid of admitting that she liked it after making such a big deal about not liking it. At that moment, the family reveals that they knew all along that Ronnie Anne loved the show and had deliberately kept it a secret. It is revealed that Hector got the information from Maybelle and that all the spoilers they were talking about earlier were false. Ronnie Anne is admittedly angry that they did something so malicious but is happy knowing that they recorded the finale so they can watch it together.

The family is watching the show together.

As the family watches the finale, the episode shows Ana Ronalda fighting the villain, who is revealed to be her long lost twin sister. As the family cheers at the two characters reconciling, Ronnie Anne admits that she wants to leave to do some skateboarding, but at that moment, another telenovela is announced. This new telenovela is about a wrestling mother. Seeing the premise of this new show, Ronnie Anne decides to abandon her plans for going skateboarding so she can watch the new show.


Carlitos has no lines in the episode.

Physical distribution

This episode is available on the "Saison 4 : Partie 1" DVD.


  • This episode marks Miguel Puga's solo directorial debut.
  • The premise of this episode is similar to the Season 1 episode "Sound of Silence," as both episodes involve the main character holding a secret and the other characters revealing that they knew that secret all along, but pretended to not know so they can rub it in.
  • The part where Ronnie Anne misses the finale due to being too busy is similar to Lincoln missing the season finale to ARGGH! in the series premiere "Left in the Dark."
  • This is the last episode where Hector remains his age from his Debut appearance.


  • No Show - The title of this episode describes a person who has made a reservation, booking, or appointment but neither keeps nor cancels it.
  • Four Weddings and a Funeral - Margarita subtly references this 1994 British film by saying that she has to close her salon because she has to attend four quinceañeras and a funeral.
  • A113 - The taco restaurant next to the laundromat has this code for the address, which is a reference to the Character Animation classroom at CalArts and is well known for appearing in several animated movies and television shows, including in every Pixar film.
  • Zorro - Ana Ronalda's adventure and swordsmanship are similar to this fictional hero.


  • Possible: When the Casagrandes begin watching Adios, Ana, Adios, it is sunset, but the windows show an afternoon sky; the same happens when the screen changes from inside the building to outside the building. The telenovela's episodes are only 1 hour, so it should be evening or night.
  • During the flower decorating, one of Carlota's pink sock on her boots is missing.


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