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"No Spoilers" is the fortieth episode of the second season and the ninety-second episode of The Loud House.


Knowing Leni's history of spoiling surprises, the children decide not to tell her about their mother's upcoming party.


The siblings are holding a meeting, but Leni isn't present, due to Cliff distracting her. The siblings are discussing Rita's upcoming surprise party, and Lincoln explains to the viewers that the reason why Leni isn't present is because she's notorious for spoiling surprise parties. After Lori gives a rundown of what each family member's task is (Lori will clean up, Lola and Lynn will make the food, Lana and Lucy will decorate, Luna and Luan will provide entertainment, Lisa will handle the guest list, and Lynn Sr. will take Rita out of the house), she informs Lincoln that he has the most important task: keeping Leni occupied while everyone gets the party ready. Without warning, Leni enters the room, and Lincoln tricks Leni into asking him "urgent" fashion questions, while their remaining family members sneak out.

When Lynn Sr. takes a clueless Rita out to go shopping, the sisters get to work prepping everything up. However, when Leni decides to go downstairs to get something to drink the sisters quickly try to hide their decorations so Leni doesn't see them, with Lincoln unable to warn his sisters in time due to forgetting their code phrase for Leni. After having shown Lincoln every type of fabric and pattern, Leni prepares to gossip with Cliff, but Lincoln once again distracts her by letting her use him as a model. In the hallway, Luna and Luan attempt to bring their entertainment equipment downstairs without making too much noise, however, Luna trips on a set of wind-up teeth, causing her to drop her drums, catching Leni's attention. Lincoln tries to warn Luna and Luan about Leni, but in the process, accidentally falls down the stairs. When Leni checks up on Lincoln, Lincoln comes up with a way to fully distract Leni: go to the Hazeltucky Party Outlet to get a scratch-and-sniff card that features a camel wearing a spacesuit that says "Happy Birthday from your 11 kids!" Falling for the trick, Leni leaves, thus giving the remaining siblings enough time to set up for the party.

As the siblings prep things up, they soon realize that the party is disastrous because Lana has to resort to using chewed up gum as an alternative for balloons, Lucy has to use toilet paper when she runs out of streamers, Lisa has invited Flip, Mr. Grouse, and Dr. Feinstein, saying they're the ones who Rita frequently interacts with, Luan's jokes revolve around her making fun of their mom's age, Luna's rocking music is ear-grating, Lola's cake is too sweet, and Lynn's subs are too spicy to handle. As the siblings begin to ponder what they did wrong, they realize that they need Leni, because despite her spoiling the surprise, she actually knows each of her family member's interests. Lori tries to call Leni on her phone, but Leni mistakes her ringtone as music coming from the selection of birthday cards present. Because of this, the siblings proceed to look for their sister themselves.

Leni once again spoils the surprise.

Several hours later, the siblings, who were unsuccessful at finding Leni, arrive back home. Upon entering, they discover that the entire living room is decorated, and there's a more refined guest list, such as Albert, Pam, Ruth, and a brunette woman. It turns out that Leni arrived back home while they were away, and thought even if they were going low-key with their Mom's party, she wanted to decorate away (she even managed to get the card that Lincoln requested). Suddenly, Rita and Lynn Sr. arrive back home, prompting everyone to find a hiding spot. Upon entering, the guests shout out "SURPRISE!", and Rita is happy about everyone's hard work. The siblings apologize to Leni for leaving her out and decide to make her the family's official party planner, however, Leni ultimately spoils an upcoming surprise party for Lynn Sr., causing her family and the guests to facepalm out of exasperation.


Lily, Albert, Dr. Feinstein, Pam, Ruth, Seymour, and the Unnamed Brunette Woman have no lines in this episode.

Physical distribution

This episode is available on the "Absolute Madness", "The Complete Second Season", "Les vacanes à la neige", and "Intégrale de la Saison 2" DVDs.


  • The title shares its name with a mini comic in The Loud House graphic novel There Will Be Chaos.
  • The plot has a callback to "Room with a Feud", where Leni unknowingly spoiled the winner for Dessert Storm in front of Lincoln.
    • It also has a callback to "No Such Luck", since in that episode, Leni decided to tell Lincoln how a movie ends, which is technically a spoiler.
    • One of the comics in There Will Be Chaos also has Leni saying something to Lincoln that can be a spoiler.
  • This episode's title card is nearly identical to "Driving Miss Hazy's" title card, because they both have Leni in the foreground, and Lincoln behind her.
  • Flip has a different shirt in this episode, which resembles his white shirt from the first season, but it's red.
  • This episode reveals the following:
    • Rita's favorite color is violet.
    • Lynn Sr.'s birthday is the next birthday in the Loud family after Rita's.
      • Considering that Lynn Sr. is a Libra, this may indicate that Rita's birthday is sometime in September.
    • Mr. Grouse likes to watch sports.
    • Lana keeps a stash of chewed up ABC gum underneath the stair banister.
@JordanG Koch Twitter Picture.jpg
Jordan Koch
The party starts tonight! New episodes of #TheLoudHouse this week! Board to final picture comparison from tonight's episode "No Spoilers"!
Oct 16, 2017[1]
  • Pam and Luna were not originally in Jordan Koch's storyboard for this episode, but were added later on.

International edits

  • In the Latin American Spanish dub, when Leni spoils Luna about her party, Luna doesn't say "Dude", she says "Leni" instead. Indeed, since "dude" doesn't have a direct Spanish translation.
    • Also, in the dub, Flip isn't voiced by José Antonio Macías, but instead by José Luis Miranda.


  • No Spoilers - The title relates to someone watching a TV show, movie, or playing a video game, without any spoilers, because that person hasn't seen any of it, while others already have.
  • Peanuts - A shirt that heavily resembles Charlie Brown's can be seen in the pile of clothes that Leni has on her bed.


  • When Lola has a brief sugar rush after tasting her cake, her eyelashes are missing when her eyes are shut together.
    • Not to mention, in real life, sugar rushes do not actually exist.[2]
  • When Lori tells Luna and Luan to keep the noise down, she walks through the wall instead of the door.
  • As Leni walks out of her room to hear what the cymbal noise is out in the hallway, she has a sewing pin in her mouth, but in the next shot, it's gone.

Pop-Pop has no sideburns.

  • As everyone says "Surprise!", Albert's sideburns are missing.
  • When Flip arrives at the party, he leaves the expired milk by the door and walks to the sofa, but a few moments later, after eating the submarine sandwich with too much hot sauce on it, the milk teleports to nearby the coffee table so he can douse the heat with the milk.
  • When Luan gives everyone a joke about Mom turning old, her ponytail is down, even though it's usually up.
  • When Leni goes to the Hazeltucky Party Outlet, she exits the house through the dining room, but there isn't a door to exit the house in that room.
  • Every time Lincoln smiles when he is with Leni, his chipped tooth is missing.
  • If Lana is blowing up balloons by mouth, they wouldn't float up to the ceiling as it would need to be inflated with helium to float.
  • When everyone facepalms at the end of the episode, Lori's eyelashes are disconnected while Lynn and Lana's are missing.



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