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"No Such Luck" is the fourteenth episode of the second season and the sixty-sixth episode of The Loud House.


The family think Lincoln is bad luck so they ban him from attending their activities.


While eating breakfast, Lincoln learns from his sisters that they have planned activities later in the day. Because of this, Lincoln sneaks his way out of the kitchen, and next to the staircase. Lincoln then explains to the viewers that with ten sisters, his schedule is always filled up, and never gets a day to himself. After heading upstairs, he runs into Lynn, who informs him that her softball game is coming up, and she needs the whole family to support her. Although Lincoln tries to evade out of this, he's forced into coming by Lynn. At the game, the whole family cheers for Lynn, while Lincoln looks on with boredom. Lynn's team, the Squirrels, is leading 3–0, unfortunately, the next four pitches causes the rival team to score four runs, causing the Squirrels to lose 3–4. As the family heads home, Lynn overreacts and chastises Lincoln because her team was on a winning streak, but ever since he came, the streak broke. Because of this, Lynn declares Lincoln as "bad luck", and bans him from coming to her activities.

After an unfortunate loss, Lynn bans Lincoln from her softball games.

The next day, Leni wants to invite Lincoln to her activity, but Lynn interferes, and tells Leni not to bring Lincoln since he's just "bad luck". This causes Lincoln to get an idea. He convinces Leni that his presence might cause something to go wrong, and Leni immediately believes him. Pretty soon, Lincoln's little white lie spreads to the rest of the Louds, and they proceed to ban him from their activities. As a result, Lincoln now has all the time to himself. Lincoln spends his days playing video games, reading comics, and drinking milk straight out of the jug.

Eventually, Lincoln's lie goes a little too far. Lincoln is forced into eating his breakfast in the living room, he isn't allowed to join his family going to the movies, his bedroom gets boarded up, forcing him to sleep outside, and he's not allowed to come to the beach to celebrate an achievement Rita and Lynn Sr. received. Lincoln tries to reason with his family, but their superstitious attitudes don't convince them. Realizing his family doesn't believe him, Lincoln resorts to one last tactic.

The family finally believes Lincoln is not bad luck.

At Lynn's softball game, Lincoln disguises himself as the mascot of the Squirrels so he can prove that he is not bad luck. However, the Squirrels are struggling to win the game. After Lynn gets two strikes, Lincoln begins to wonder if he really is bad luck. Suddenly, Lynn manages to hit the ball, and the Squirrels end up winning the game. When Lincoln reveals himself to his family, he states since Lynn won the game while he was present this means he isn't bad luck. Seeing his point, Lynn apologizes to Lincoln for hurting his feelings for her false belief, and the rest of the family follow suit.

In the end, Lincoln is happy that his family no longer sees him as bad luck, but only when he's wearing the squirrel costume, much to his annoyance.


Bobby and Margo have no lines in this episode.

Physical distribution

This episode is available on the "Relative Chaos", "The Complete Second Season", "Chaos familial", and "Intégrale de la Saison 2" DVDs.


  • This is the first episode to be made in 2017 according to the credits.
  • This episode aired in March 2017, and by coincidence in this episode, there is a calendar which has 31 days, and starts on a Wednesday. March is the only month in 2017 which matches with that calendar.
  • Lisa's underground bunker from "April Fools Rules" is mentioned in this episode.
  • The "FIVE MINUTES LATER" time card is similar to the one from "Attention Deficit".

Only brainiacs would buy that mug.

  • Lisa's coffee cup reads "01101100", which is "L" in binary code.
  • In keeping with the comic theme of the show, there's a "THWACK" onomatopoeia, when the batter during the first game hits the ball.
  • Irony: One of the baseball commentators is named Pep, but has a very negative personality and doesn't get very excited in the action. The term "pep" means having a lot of energy and being excited.
  • Events that Lincoln rejected attending:
    • Lynn - Her baseball games
    • Leni - Her charity fashion show
    • Lana - Her alligator-wrestling competition
    • Lola - Her beauty pageant
    • Luan - Her clown performance
    • Lily - Her playdate
    • Lori - Her golf tournament
    • Lisa - Her lecture
    • Lucy - Her grave-digging competition
    • Lynn Sr. - His performance at work
    • Rita - Her root canals
    • It is not known what event Luna had that Lincoln rejected, however she is known to have one since her face was shown on Lincoln's calendar.


  • No Such Luck - The title of this episode means "to express disappointment that something has not happened or is unlikely to happen".

In Royal Woods, everything's upside down at McDonald's!

  • McDonald's - In Lynn's first game, there is an advertisement that has a picture of a burger, and has an upside down McDonald's logo.
  • Dick's Sporting Goods - One of the banners at the baseball field reads "Bob's Sporting Goods", which could be a possible reference to this sports store.
  • Risky Business - The scene where Lincoln slides onto the screen in his underwear while sporting shades is a reference to the iconic scene in this 1983 film.
  • Peanuts - In Lynn's second game, she throws the ball, and gets hit by the same ball, and loses her clothes, is a reference to "Peanuts", since that same thing happens to Charlie Brown. The team also stinks in that game referencing Charlie Brown's baseball team.


  • In the description from Zap2it, it says Lincoln's sisters banned him from their activities, when it was also Lynn Sr. and Rita who banned him too.[citation needed]
  • During the scene where Lynn informs Leni to not take Lincoln to her event due to Lincoln's "bad luck", Lynn's eyelashes are missing.

Lincoln might need to get more improved stickers.

  • On Lincoln's calendar, Luan's scrunchie is the color of her hair, instead of yellow, and the hole on Lana's cap is missing.
  • Possible: The episode contradicts the events of "Ties That Bind" to an extent, because in that episode, the parents said they would never kick any of their children out the house, but in this episode, they kick Lincoln out of the house out of superstition. However, in this episode, Lincoln was still allowed in the yard, whereas in "Ties That Bind", Lincoln feared being kicked off the entire property.
    • Also, in the aforementioned episode, Lincoln experienced what he was afraid of. Interestingly, both episodes were written by the same writer.
  • When Lily says Lincoln's name, there are many notes on the fridge, but when Lincoln sends Lily on the skateboard, there are fewer notes.
  • Before Lynn's second game, when Lincoln was outside, he was in his PJ's, but when he's in the squirrel suit, he has his clothes on.
  • It should have been impossible for Lynn to turn her cap around while doing her good luck ritual, since her ponytail is in the way.
  • During the scene when Lisa and Lori agree that Lincoln isn't bad luck, Lincoln falls backwards into the bathroom while it was open. Somehow, the door closes after he falls in with his hands full.
  • When Lincoln is telling Lola about his supposed "bad luck", Lola's gown is a different shade of pink, appearing as it looked in the pilot short and the series premiere.
  • In the Latin American Spanish dub, Luna's line "Don't worry about it, sis!" is muted.


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