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Nurse Patti is the school nurse at Royal Woods Elementary School, who first appeared in the episode "Teachers' Union".


Nurse Patti first appeared in "Teachers' Union", where she patches up Coach Pacowski's injuries that he gained while he was chasing Lincoln and Clyde through the dangerous obstacle course. Coach Pacowski soon falls for her when it turns out that they both enjoy mini-golf. She was also seen sunbathing on Coach Pacowski's houseboat in "Absent Minded".


She enjoys mini-golf, and seems to have a nice personality. She also seems to have a passionate side for Coach Pacowski.


Nurse Patti has a slim figure, long brunette hair, almond eyes, and red lipstick. She wears a teal nurse's uniform with long white sleeves, golden triangular earrings, and white shoes.

In "Racing Hearts", she wore a light blue and white striped shirt, a blue skirt and light blue slip-on shoes.

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