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"On Thin Ice" is the thirty-ninth episode of the fourth season, and the one-hundred-eighty-eighth episode of The Loud House.


Lynn's extreme sports superstitions cause chaos at a professional hockey match.


On a snowy day, Lynn enters the house and discovers that her four tickets for a hockey match has arrived in the mail. Upon hearing this, the family attempts to escape, but Lynn stops them, saying because of her superstitions, she needs three of them to tag along, saying that her team, the Royal Woods Jellyfish, needs to win the game against the New Jersey Gaba-Ghouls so that they can go the championships. When the family denies tagging along because of how intense she acts, Lynn decides to forfeit going to the match. However, Lynn Sr., having been guilt-tripped by Lynn, reluctantly tags along and forces Lincoln and Luan into joining him. This cheers up Lynn, and Lincoln and Luan state that they'll tag along on the condition that they get funnel cakes and foam fingers in exchange.

At Da Barn, Lynn, Lincoln, Luan and Lynn Sr. take their seats. However, Lynn's extreme superstitions start to become an annoyance, such as sitting with their legs crossed, having powdered sugar on hot dogs and mustard on funnel cakes instead of the other way around, forcing them into sharing the same jersey when the second period starts, and making them wear jellyfish hats. When Rowdy McQuads, the star player of the Jellyfish, scores another goal, she says that he pulled off a hat trick, which requires the fans to toss their hats onto the rink. However, she discovers that Fern, the extremely stern usher of the rink, refuses to toss her hat. When Lynn does it for her, an angry Fern throws her out, but not before Lynn tells her family that she has a list of rituals under the seat.

After being booted out, Lynn discovers Mr. Grouse watching the game on his phone, saying he was kicked out for using a counterfeit ticket. When the two see that the Jellyfish are losing, Lynn schemes to get back in the arena. Upon seeing a garbage man rolling a bin of garbage, she decides to jump in to get back in the arena. Upon getting out, Fern spots her and proceeds to chase her down. Lynn takes cover in a Zamboni, which is then operated by a staff member. As the family continues to do Lynn's rituals, they spot Lynn hiding in the Zamboni, which is then surrounded by other ushers. Lynn manages to escape them (while also giving the Jellyfish high-fives and being called a penguin by the announcer), but is caught by Fern, who proceeds to throw her into the arena's jail cell, where she sees Flip inside as well, as he was selling counterfeit tickets. To make matters worse, Fern reveals that she supports the Gaba-Ghouls and gloats that her team is one point ahead and there's only one minute left on the clock, making the Jellyfish's lose inevitable. Lynn eventually gets out by using counterfeit get out of jail card from Flip.

As Lynn, Lincoln, Luan and Lynn Sr. exit, Lynn tells her family that she doesn't want to talk about the game, as she wants to spend her time cooling down. Suddenly, Rowdy McQuads arrives and tells Lynn that the Jellyfish won the game, saying that he too has superstitions that he likes to follow. He also explains that the fun of hockey comes from the unpredictability of the outcome. He also decides to take a photo with Lynn, saying that her antics have made her an interesting topic of discussion (as they all nicknamed her "Penguin"). As the four drive back home, Lynn promises to stop being superstitious... to some extent.


Leni, Luna, Lana, and Lily have no lines in this episode. Despite being listed in the credits, Rita also has no lines, but can be heard panting and making grunting sounds.

Physical distribution

This episode is available on the "Saison 4 : Partie 2" DVD.


  • This episode is a continuation of "Good Sports", as Lynn and Mr. Grouse are shown to getting along with their support for the Jellyfish.
    • A returning element from “Good Sports” is Lincoln appearing on the title card as the logo on Lynn’s jersey. However, while the logo is orange on the title card for “Good Sports”, it is red on the title card for this episode.

Flip's fake tickets.

  • Flip's counterfeit tickets read "Flip's Tickets, Royal Forest Woods vs Smthn Ghouls."
  • Three of the Jellyfish fans are seen holding the same scorecards the pageant judges from "Community Disservice" used, complete with the one where the "0" is crossed out to make the "10" an "11".
  • Among the audience of the hockey match are Karla Sakas Shropshire (caricature) and Carnival Worker from "A Fair to Remember".
  • NHL player Kyle Clifford, who voices Rowdy McQuads in the episode, was a member of the Los Angeles Kings when the team won the Stanley Cup in 2012 and 2014.


  • On Thin Ice - The title of this episode is an expression used to describe a precarious situation.
  • Capocollo - The team from New Jersey, the Gaba-Ghouls, is a reference to this Italian meat, which got its nickname "gabagool" from The Sopranos.
  • Kamen Rider W - Lana and Lola having their bodies be one half red and the other half yellow is similar to how the protagonist of this anime, whose body is colored differently on both halves.
  • Detroit Red Wings - The episode contains a number of references to the NHL team:
    • Legend of the Octopus - The bags of dead jellyfish Lynn brings to the game to throw is likely a reference to the tradition of Detroit Red Wings fans throwing octopus onto the ice during games.
    • Gordie Howe and Steve Yzerman - The respective numbers (9, 19) and years active on Detroit ('46-1971, '83-2006) for the two Red Wings legends are visible on two banners hanging in the arena, seen as the security guards try to grab Lynn on the ice.
      • Howe also appears to lend his name to a pizza chain ("Gordie's Pizza"), for which an ad is placed on the boards in front of the Jellyfish players' bench.
  • Slap Shot - The three Jellyfish fans with the scorecards bear a resemblance to the Hanson Brothers from the 1977 film.


  • After Lynn asks Vikki for hot dogs and funnel cakes, as Vikki turns, the hot dogs and funnel cakes switched sides. Then when she adds the mustard and powdered sugar, they're back in their original positions.
  • At the hockey game, Luan has a right handed foam finger. But at the end of the episode, the foam finger is left handed.
  • When Lincoln and Luan are holding up Lynn Sr., Luan doesn't have eyelashes.
  • When Flip shows the fake ticket he made, his hand has the same skin tone as Mr. Grouse's.
  • Despite it being winter time in the episode, none of the characters are seen with winter clothes.


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