S1E02B Lincoln observes his empty trophy case I've tried everything to get into this trophy case.
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The following is a transcript for the episode "On Thin Ice".


[House during winter. The Loud family, minus Rita and Lynn, are in the living room doing various hobbies. Suddenly, Lynn pops up from the door.]
Lynn: "Ha! My hockey tickets are here!"
[The spotlight appears at Lynn, with four angels appearing to accompany her. The angels disappear, while Rita enters the house exhausted, and gives off a sign.]
Lisa: "Ah! The international sign for scatter!"
[The rest of the Loud family panics and attempts to escape...]
Lynn Sr.: "Gotta get out of here! I gotta get out of here!"
[..but Lynn stops them from doing so.]
Lynn: "Hold it! Guys, I got four tickets for the biggest game of the year, and you know the rule: three of you have to come with me. It's good-"
Rest of the Loud Family: "Good luck."
Lynn: "Exactly! Our very own Royal Woods Jellyfish are playing the New Jersey Gaba-Ghouls." [spits on the floor]
Lucy: "Mmm... ghouls."
Lynn: "No "Mmm" Luce. This is a Jellyfish house. And a win tonight puts them in the playoffs for the first time in my life! Rowdy McQuads needs this!"
Lola: "Who's that, some hockey guy?"
Lynn: "A hockey legend. He's the GOAT!" [the rest of the Loud family blinks their eyes instead] "Uh, greatest of all time?"
Rest of the Loud Family: "Oh."
Lynn: "If Rowdy and the squad are gonna pull out a win, they need my good luck, and you guys know I can't do my superstitions alone. Now, who's coming to help?"
Rest of the Loud Family: "Uhh..."
[Flashback of Vanzilla passing a butterfly that withers, revealed to be filled with jellyfish smell. Rita holds her breath while Lisa has her mask]
Lisa: "It reeks of hot jellyfish in here!"
Lynn: "It's good luck for the team."
[Second part starts: Lynn does the team dance]
Lynn: "Bring the sting! Bring the sting! Bring the sting!" [Lynn pokes her fingers at Lola, disinterested along with Lana on her right] "It's good luck for the team."
[Third part starts: Lori is texting on a cellphone]
Lynn: "Lori, get up with our mascot and do the Wiggle!"
Lori: "Please don't make me do this."
[Lori shrieks, but is forced by Lynn to dance. She proceeds to dance the Wiggle, only to be humiliated in front of the audience, causing her to cover her face out of embarrassment]
Lynn: "It's good luck for the team."
[Flashback ends]
Lori: "Sorry Lynn, but your game day superstitions are way too intense."
Lynn: "Yeah, that's why they work!"
Lisa: "Disagree. Superstitions derive from the assumption that a connection exists between co-occurring, non-related events. Ergo, superstitions are hooey."
Lynn: [Despondant] "So, you're all bailing on me?" [The family all look at each other] "Fine, well there's no point in going solo, so I guess I'll just miss the most important game of my life."
[Lynn sadly trudges upstairs, and Lynn Sr. can't just watch this]
Lynn Sr.: "Wait, I'll go with you, LJ." [Grabs two bodies, who try to escape] "So will Lincoln and Luan."
Lincoln: "Oh, man."
Luan: "Why us? I like hokey, not hockey."
Lynn Sr.: "Cause you're good siblings, and you were the closest." [The two are annoyed] "I'll buy you funnel cake."
[Luan and Lincoln are intrigued]
Lincoln: "We each get our own funnel cake."
Luan: "And one of those big foam fingers, my prop game needs some refreshing."
Lynn Sr.: "Deal."
Lynn: "Whoo!" [Jumps on them] "Yeah!" [Hugs them] Sweet!" [Drops them] "But you can't go looking like that." [Later, all three are wearing brown beards] "Okay, lucky playoff beards are locked and loaded."

Fern: [eyes red with anger] "Get her!"

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