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"One of the Boys" is the forty-fifth episode of the first season of The Loud House.


When Lincoln wishes he had ten brothers instead of ten sisters, Lisa gives him a glimpse into that reality.


Lincoln and Clyde are looking through the fridge for something to eat. After finding a jar of peanut butter, Lincoln sticks his finger in the peanut butter, and eats it. He then attempts to stick the same finger back into the jar, but Lola notices this, and scolds Lincoln, telling him to have some class. Luan arrives with Mr. Coconuts to deliver a joke when suddenly, Lincoln burps in front of Luan, causing her to tell a joke to call him disgusting. When Lincoln complains that life in the Loud house is a pain because of his sisters (like the long bathroom line, crowding him whenever he goes to hang out with Ronnie Anne, rejecting his ideas on where to spend their day by opting to go to the mall, and going overboard to heal him over minor injuries), he wishes that he had ten brothers instead.

That night, Lisa, who took what Lincoln said into consideration, has made a watch that can make a portal that will transport Lincoln into the world of his dreams. Lincoln takes the watch, and Lisa warns him that he needs to return to his original world within 24 hours, or else he'll be stuck in the new dimension forever. With that in mind, Lincoln jumps in.

In a world with ten brothers.

Lincoln lands in the hallway, but doesn't see any noticeable changes. Suddenly, the sisters (who are now boys) exit their rooms. Lincoln is ecstatic at this and to his surprise, they all want to go to Dairyland (with the brothers saying that it was Lincoln's idea). After their trip, they go over to Gus' Games and Grub to enjoy pizza. They arrive back home where they greet their parents (who are wearing inverted clothes) and quickly dog-pile on Dad. Lincoln discovers that what used to be his bedroom is a closet and his bed is in Lynn and Lars' (Lynn and Lucy's) bedroom. Loving this new dimension, Lincoln decides to stay in it forever, and proceeds to toss the watch away.

The next day, Lincoln is woken up from Lars' bat colony and receives two horrible punches: one from Lynn (for waking him up) and one from Lars (for scratching his coffin). Lincoln attempts to use the bathroom, but it's revealed to be a pigsty to his horror. Luke (Luna), having been woken up from Lincoln's complaining, agrees that the bathroom is messy and says that they should clean it. However, Luke's method of "cleaning" involves him using Lincoln's head to scrub the toilet. Lincoln walks out and is mocked by his brothers because of this. He trips and hurts his thumb, and instead of consoling him, Loni (Leni) tells him to shake it off instead. Lincoln tries to convince Leon (Lily) to kiss his "boo-boo" to make it better, but instead responds by biting it, making the brothers laugh even harder.

Later, while getting ready for a date with Ronnie Anne, Lincoln sees Leif and Lexx (Lana and Lola) wearing his shirts. They then inform him that because they didn't have any clean shirts at the moment, they decided to wear his shirts instead, much to his annoyance. The brothers then proceed to make fun of him for his relationship with Ronnie Anne. Lane (Luan) pulls Lincoln's pants up to his chest, and messes with his hair, annoying him even more. The brothers then dog-pile onto him before giving him a "Loud House-style Dutch oven." Having second thoughts living in this world, Lincoln decides to head back to his own world. With five minutes left on the clock, Lincoln looks through the garbage can where he threw the watch away, but Lexx has found it and decides to play "Keep Away" with the watch, to which the nine other brothers join in. Lincoln tricks his brothers into dog-piling on Dad again and uses that distraction to take the watch back. With a few seconds left on the clock, Lincoln opens a portal and jumps in (but not before Lynn pulls down his pants him one last time).

Lincoln falls through the portal and into a dimension that he believes is his original world. Suddenly, the ten brothers burst into his room, making Lincoln think that he didn't escape the brothers' dimension. However, the brothers mysteriously have looks of concern on their faces and are asking him if he's okay. When Lincoln expresses confusion on why they're being nice to him, Loni asks, "Want us to stay until you fall asleep, Linka?" Realizing he has been called a girl's name, "Lincoln" discovers that his room is all girly, and upon seeing his reflection on the mirror, "Lincoln" soon realizes that he's now in a dimension where he's now the only sister, named Linka, in a family with ten brothers. This revelation causes Linka to scream loudly.

Lincoln is happy with his ten kind sisters, instead of ten rough brothers.

Suddenly, Lincoln wakes up, realizing that the entire ordeal was just a nightmare. The sisters, having been alarmed by their brother's screaming, barge into his room, and ask if he's okay. Lincoln assures them that he's fine and expresses his thankfulness on having sisters instead of brothers (confusing his sisters until he claims that he was talking about nuns). When Leni finds a watch on the floor and asks Lincoln if he knows who it belongs to, Lincoln, mistaking it for the portal watch from his dream, quickly destroys it. However, it turns out the watch actually belonged to Lori who, naturally, is mad that her brother for destroying it, and tells he's going to pay (by which she means he'll buy her a new one with his own money). After his sisters leave, Lincoln tells the viewers that he loves his sisters for who they are, and is glad that they are nothing like his brothers. However, Lynn comes back, and pulls down Lincoln's pants, causing him to annoyingly declare her the exception.


Luna, Lucy, and Clyde's female counterpart have no lines in this episode. Although being casted in the credits, Leon has no lines in this episode, either, but he was listed in the credits because he was heard crying off-screen.


 ) Associated production music
 ) Original music
 ) The Loud House/The Casagrandes music

  Indie Rock Grrrl - Blues Saraceno [Title card.]
  ? ["Lori's on another health food kick!"]
  Beautiful Isles Of Hawaii - George Elliot [Clyde thinking of Lori on the beach.]
  Gypsy Flame - Douglas Kinloch [Montage of the sisters annoying Lincoln.]
  ? [Transition to Lincoln in bed.]
  ? [Lisa spooks Lincoln awake.]
  Building Suspense - Richard Myhill [Lisa describes the watch.]
  ? ["Holy moly!"]
  ? [Lincoln prepares to go to the alternate dimension.]
  ? [The brothers appear.]
  Never Trust A Monkey - Steve Ouimette [Arriving back from Dairyland./Arriving home.]
  ? ["Pile on dad!"]
  Building Suspense - Richard Myhill ["Twelve more hours."]
  ? [Lincoln goes to bed.]
  Bad Guys (a) - Dick De Benedictis [Lincoln gets swarmed by bats.]
  ? [Lincoln gets spooked awake by the bats.]
  ? ["No line for the bathroom!?"]
  ? [The bathroom is filthy.]
  ? [The brothers make fun of Lincoln.]
  ? ["Pile on Romeo!"]
  Building Suspense - Richard Myhill [Lincoln plans on going back to his own dimension.]
  Never Trust A Monkey - Steve Ouimette [The brothers playing keep away with the watch.]
  ? ["Ahhh! It didn't work!"]
  ? [The brothers being nice to Linka.]
  ? [Linka looks in the mirror.]
  Emergency Force - Richard Birdsall ["I'm in the wrong dimension!"]
  Andantino (a) - Dick Walter [Lincoln realizes it was just a dream.]
  Pop Punk - Doug Rockwell [Ending.]

Physical distribution

This episode is available on the "It Gets Louder" and "The Complete First Season" DVDs.


  • The tune heard on the title card is "Crazy Rock 'n' Roll Dream" (later heard in "Roadie to Nowhere").
  • It is shown in this episode that Lori has a habit of having "health food-kicks".
  • When Lincoln asked Clyde if he was imagining Lori on the beach again, there was a jar in the fridge that was labeled "DO NOT OPEN - LISA".
  • This is the first episode where Collin Dean voices Lincoln.
    • As Linka, Lincoln does not get an alternate girl voice.
    • Lincoln's voice remains the same in other international dubs.
  • This is also the first episode in which someone calls Lincoln "Stinkin'".
  • The four eldest Loud brothers are voiced by the same men who voice the main characters of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Seth Green (Leonardo) as Loki, Sean Astin (Raphael) as Loni, Greg Cipes (Michelangelo) as Luke, and Rob Paulsen (Donatello) as Lane.
    • The rest of the genderbent Loud siblings are voiced by the same people who voice their respective counterparts.
  • Luna's voice actresses did not work in this episode (although the Polish and Italian voice actors did), but Lucy's voice actresses did already work there (although not for the Brazilian Portuguese dub).
  • In the dimension where Lincoln has ten brothers instead of ten sisters, all ten of the brothers have the same interests as the sisters do, but in terms of personality, they all seem to be abrasive and have no individual traits.
    • Unlike his sisters, who while they can be harsh to Lincoln at times, but still care deeply about him, his brothers are all even worse and do not seem to show any sort of love or concern towards Lincoln and are only nice when they're having fun.
    • However, the dimension with Linka Loud seems to be more or less exactly the same as Lincoln's original dimension, as the brothers are shown to be just as caring and protective of their sister as the sisters are of Lincoln.
  • Leon is the only Loud brother who does not participate in dog-piling Lynn Sr. and Lincoln. He also does not take part in the "Loud House-styled" Dutch oven directed towards Lincoln either.
  • Lynn is Lincoln's only sister whose male counterpart shares the same name as her, mostly because Lynn is technically a unisex name (although it is more common as a girl's name).
    • In fact, Lynn's male counterpart is pretty much the same as herself, only harsher.
  • The music that plays after the brothers' visit to Dairyland is heard as the title card music for "Cereal Offender".
  • In the Latin American Spanish dub, when Lars says "Luke flushed him", he says it in an innuendo form ("Duerme con los peces", which means "He sleeps with the fishes").
  • Innuendo: Lincoln looks in the toilet without having the camera show, but judging by his reaction, it was not pretty.
  • Irony:
    • As soon as Lincoln declares that he's staying with the Loud brothers, the dimension immediately stops being nice to him.
    • Lori's male counterpart, Loki does not come up with an excuse for his farts, whereas Lori herself denies her farts.


See the poster?


  • Plot hole: During Lincoln's flashback where his sisters rejected Lincoln's ideas of where to go, they all rejected the idea of Dairyland, even the ones who were voting for it in "In Tents Debate". Also, when the Loud brothers announce they're going to Dairyland, Lincoln states that his sisters would never want to go to Dairyland, despite Lana having been shown to love it in both the aforementioned episode and "Toads and Tiaras".
  • When Luan is mocking Lincoln, her braces are missing.
  • Lincoln only had 24 hours to leave the dimension, which began and ends at 10:30. When he only had five minutes left, instead of being 10:25, it was 10:30 on the clocks on the second floor.
    • Also, when they were playing "Keep Away" the clock marks there's only 1:20 minutes left, and the living room clock marks 10:30.
    • Also before, when Lincoln ask to Leif and Lexx (Lana and Lola) why they were using his shirts the clock in the living room was in 10:30, just in the limit time.
  • Leif's line, "Bye, Mom!" is spoken in Lana's season one voice.
  • When Lincoln came out of the portal after leaving the brother dimension, his silhouette shows that he has his normal hairstyle instead of his Linka hairstyle.
    • Also, when she comes out of the bathroom barefoot, she has two left feet.
  • When the brothers came to aid Linka, Luke's line "You want some water?" and Loni's "Aww" are said in Lane and Luke's voices respectively.
  • When the sisters are hugging Lincoln at the end of the episode, Lola doesn't have her tiara. Then when the sisters leave the room, she has her tiara on.
  • In the Latin American dub of the episode, three lines are silent: "Clear!" (Lisa), "Will you be joining us, Lincoln?" (Levi) and "Say uncle!" (Luke).
  • In the Italian dub, two lines are silent: "62! Hut!" (Boy Lynn), and "Will you be joining us, Lincoln?" (Levi).
  • In the credits, Linka is missing.


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