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This article is about the short. For the Season 1 episode, see Operation Dad. For the Season 2 episode, see Operation Popstar.
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"Operation: After School Snack" is the third short based on The Casagrandes.


Carl, Sergio, & Lalo team up as a trio of secret agents to steal back a bag of snacks from Super Villain Carlitos, all the while avoiding getting caught by Frida.


Carl arrives home after his day of school, and decides to munch on a bag of Cheesy Chips. He opens his safe housing the chips, but discovers the bag gone. Realizing he has been robbed, Carl decides to use his secret agent skills to determine the culprit.

Arriving to his secret hideout (the secret room behind the laundry room), Carl, Sergio and Lalo begin Operation: After School Snack by trying to determine who was responsible for taking away the bag of Cheesy Chips. During the search, Lalo spots a trail of chips leading into apartment 2B. Carl warns his fellow agents to look out for Frida. As they sneak by her, the floor suddenly creaks, catching Frida's attention. Using a black light, Carl discovers that the entire floor is rigged with creaks, and when the floor creaks again, Frida becomes suspicious and starts to approach Carl, Sergio and Lalo. The three attempt to hide by disguising themselves as a table by draping a cloth over themselves, and Frida, knowing who's under the cloth, attempts to put a vase on the new "table", but the three escape just before she has the chance.

Entering Carlitos' room, Carl, Sergio and Lalo discover the trail of chips leading to Carlitos' crib, but when they look in the crib, a dummy has been put in his place, leading Carl to suspect he's hiding in his secret lair. Entering the bathroom, the three agents spot Carlitos with the bag of Cheesy Chips. When Carl demands them back, Carlitos taunts him by tossing a chip into the toilet, prompting the three agents to attack. Carlitos manages to subdue the three by tossing a fart cloud into Sergio, evading Carl's dive and bribing Lalo with a chip, and at that moment, Frida enters and picks up Carlitos, causing him to drop the bag of Cheesy Chips, to which Carl quickly jumps to save them. Just when Carl declares the mission accomplished, Frida confiscates the bag, as she doesn't want Carl to ruin his appetite before dinner. Carl is initially sad, but when Frida reveals that Rosa made enchiladas, Carl, along with Sergio and Lalo have their spirits lifted and prepare for their next mission: Operation: Dinner Time!



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"Operation: Afternoon Snack"
AUGUST 1, 2021[1]
  • This short premiered as part of Nick's Shorts Showcase, a mini-series that consists of shorts of Nickelodeon shows such as It's Pony and Middlemost Post.
  • This short reveals that Frida forbids Carl (and presumably his siblings) from eating snacks before dinner because they ruin his appetite.
  • This is the first short where Ronnie Anne is absent.
  • On August 1, 2021, the short was released for free on The Casagrandes' Instagram account.




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