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This article is about the Season 2 episode. For the short, see Operation: After School Snack. For the Season 1 episode, see Operation Dad.
Episode Information

"Operation Popstar" is the thirty-fifth episode of the second season, the seventy-third episode, and the fifth full-length episode of The Casagrandes.


Ronnie Anne and Sid try to get Yoon Kwan's autograph and Carlota helps Alisa prepare for the Great Lakes City Music Festival.


Act I

Tomorrow is the Great Lakes City Music Festival. As Maria teaches Ronnie Anne and Sid how to crowd surf so that they can get to Twelve is Midnight, and as Carl and Sergio announce their plans during the festival, Carlota suddenly enters and tells her family that Alisa Barela just called her and wants her to do her makeup again. Carl is shocked to learn that Alisa has Carlota's number, and tells her that it's a big deal, as he believes that if a celebrity has her number, she's just as famous, to which Carlota takes a liking to.

At the hotel where Alisa is staying at, Carlota arrives and Alisa greets her, saying that she was impressed with the work she did at her previous concert, and wants to catch up. However, Blaze, Alisa's agent, tells them that there's no time for catching up due to Alisa's busy schedule. When Carlota realizes just how busy Alisa's singer life is like, Alisa admits that she misses her family life. Remembering what Carl told her earlier regarding her friendship status with her, Carlota offers Alisa to come to her place for lunch, and Alisa accepts. When it comes to sneaking out without Blaze seeing them, Carlota decides to hide her in a food cart, and they exit the hotel unnoticed.

At the Casagrande apartment, as Ronnie Anne and Sid try to figure out how to get close to Yoon Kwan so that they can get his signature, Rosa tells her family that lunch is ready. After everyone sits down, Carlota arrives and tells her family that she brought Alisa with her. As Alisa eats Rosa's food, Carl attempts to impress her with his DJ skills, and it results in her getting a laugh that makes her tear up. Seeing her makeup becoming runny, Carlota offers to fix it up, but she accidentally left her makeup kit at the hotel. Carlota wants to head back and get it, but Alisa tells her that Twelve is Midnight is at the hotel as well (they're on the same floor as Alisa's room), and their fans are too crazy to approach. Upon hearing that Twelve is Midnight is at the hotel, Ronnie Anne and Sid eagerly ask if they can get it, and Alisa offers them her key card. Upon their departure, Carlota gets a call from Blaze, but Alisa hangs it up for her.

At the hotel, Ronnie Anne and Sid arrive and discover Twelve is Midnight present, where they enter an elevator to go to their room. Realizing they're one step closer to meeting their idols, Ronnie Anne and Sid show off their key card, which allows the security men to let them through. Back at the Casagrandes apartment, as Alisa finishes lunch, Blaze calls Carlota again, and tells her he knows that she snuck Alisa out and demands she be brought back, but Carlota hangs up on him. Before long, Alisa begins to have fun around the apartment, such as playing loteria, putting price tags on items in the mercado, and cooking alongside Rosa and Hector. Back at the hotel, after Ronnie Anne gets Carlota's makeup kit, she and Sid attempt to figure out how to find Twelve is Midnight. Hearing Yoon's voice in the vent, they realize that the band is next door. Sneaking in the air vent, Ronnie Anne and Sid spot Twelve is Midnight rehearsing, and Yoon tells his bandmates that he needs some quality time so that he can make a new song. After the other members leave, Yoon beings to stretch his body, when suddenly, the grate Ronnie Anne and Sid are peeking through opens, causing them to fall on top of Yoon. Sitting himself up, Yoon gets startled by the cardboard cutout Sid brought with her, and accidentally slams into the door, knocking him out.

At the Casagrande apartment, Alisa tells Carlota that today has been the best day of her life, and expresses her gratitude through a song. When Carlota says that they should head back before Blaze loses his mind, Alisa reveals that she ended up having so much fun, she's quitting the music business. This causes Carlota to faint, as it would mean that her popularity would be gone (since Alisa would no longer be famous).

Act II

Upon regaining consciousness, Carlota tells Alisa that she just had a nightmare where she told her that she was quitting the music business. However, Alisa reveals that it wasn't a nightmare, and that she's really quitting, saying that her visit to the Casagrande apartment has reminded her of all the things she's missing out in a normal life. After exiting the room (with a new "normal life" outfit), Carl realizes that because Alisa quit, Carlota is longer a celebrity friend. When Carlota questions what to do, Carl tells her that she needs to convince her that a normal life sucks, and reveals that he knows what to do. At the same time, back at the motel, Yoon Kwan regains consciousness after his incident with Ronnie Anne and Sid, but to the two girls' horror, it has resulted in Yoon to lose his memory.

Carlota takes Alisa to her room, which is revealed to be run down, and the view out the window reveals a back alley that reeks of used diapers. Back at the hotel, Ronnie Anne and Sid attempt to help Yoon regain his memory. Realizing the task is harder than they thought, Sid suggests that they take him to the apartment, as Sid can use her extensive knowledge of the band to help him out. First, the two girls have to get Yoon out of the building without being seen by his rabid fans. They decide to use Sid's carboard cutout of Yoon to distract the crowd so that they can carry Yoon out with a food cart.

At the apartment, Carlota and Carl attempt to make Alisa's normal life experience as awful as possible. This ranges from having a spider Carl owns attacking her, her furniture breaking apart on her, or having the alley cats attack her. Meanwhile, in Sid's room, Sid attempts to lecture Yoon on who he is and who his bandmates are. However, the amount of information he has to understand, along with the fact that he has thousands of fans, causes Yoon to states that he feels pressured and attempts to leave, prompting Ronnie Anne and Sid to chase after him.

As Alisa complains to Carlota on how hard her normal life is, she spots Carl tampering with her vacuum cleaner. Despite Carl's attempt to lie that he was doing maintenance on it, it suddenly malfunctions on him, causing Carl to drop his array of items he used on Alisa, along with the paper documenting the plan. This causes Carlota to admit that she and Carl deliberately made her normal life hard so that she can go back to her music star life. Alisa is upset over this news, as she knows that the reason why Carlota did this was that so she can be famous alongside her, and leaves in disgust.

On the rooftop of the apartment building, Yoon attempts to get away from Ronnie Anne and Sid. Suddenly, a helicopter arrives, containing the other members of Twelve is Midnight. Seeing Yoon on top of the apartment building, they quickly swoop in, and Ronnie Anne and Sid tell them that Yoon lost his memory. After they apologize, the band states that they know how to get him back to normal. Back in the apartment, there's a frantic knock at the door, and when Carlota answers it, it's revealed to be Blaze, who is looking for Alisa after she sent a text to him saying that she quit the music business. Carlota attempts to tell him that Alisa is being serious, but Blaze thinks it's all a trick, and demands Carlota to give him Alisa so that they can get back to work on all the tie-ins she's involved with. Realizing that Blaze sees Alisa as nothing more than a marketing tool, Carlota tells him off by saying that he's being a bad friend and tosses him out of the apartment, saying that she just wants to make things up to her. After throwing Blaze out, Carlota discovers that Alisa had heard in on the entire conversation, and is grateful that Carlota stood by her side, and forgives her. At that moment, Twelve is Midnight sing a short verse of a song, and it results in Yoon reverting back to his normal self. With his memory back, Yoon tells his bandmates that this experience gave him the inspiration for their new song. As the band sings it, all of the Casagrandes and Alisa overhear them and quickly rush over to the roof. Inspired by their performance, Alisa joins in on the song (and also reveals a stage outfit), while the Casagrandes and Sid dance along.

Once the song ends, Alisa realizes that she has much more fun as a singer, decides to not give up on music, and decides to make her own choices. Blaze, having overheard this, attempts to capitalize on Alisa's collaboration with Twelve is Midnight, but Alisa, not wanting Blaze to control her career, has the spider that scared her earlier attack him. Realizing that the Great Lakes City Music Festival is tomorrow, Alisa offers to invite the Casagrandes to the after party. At the same time, Yoon gives his signature to Ronnie Anne and Sid, thanks them for giving him his inspirational concussion, and leaves alongside his bandmates on their helicopter, where the two girls proclaim "Best day ever!"


Carlos and Frida have no lines in the episode.



  • During this episode's initial airing, the full/extended theme song was played, likely in tune to this episode premiering during Nickelodeon's Mega Music Fest event.
  • The events of "V.I.P.eeved" are mentioned when Carlota and Alisa bring up how the latter asked the former to do her makeup for her first Great Lakes City concert.
  • According to the members of Twelve is Midnight, something goes wrong with Yoon on a frequent basis, and its through their singing that he returns back to normal. Apparently, last year, Yoon got possessed by a ghost.
  • This episode reveals the names of the members of Twelve is Midnight.
  • After this episode premiered, two Casagrandes themed shorts premiered. The first was "I'm Back", which is an extended music video of the song played at the end of this episode, and the second was "Do the Fruit Shake", which is also an extended music video of the titular song of the episode of the same name.
  • One of bouncers in the hotel is the same bouncer from Sameer's costume party in episode "New Haunts".



  • When Carlota slams the door on Blaze, Alisa's sweater sleeves appear in a frame before she becomes visible.


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