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This article is about the Season 2 midseason premiere. For the Season 1 episode, see Picture Perfect. For the episode in the first half of Season 2, see The Whole Picture.
Episode Information

"Out of the Picture" is the twenty-fifth episode of the second season and the seventy-seventh episode of The Loud House.


Afraid they will be forgotten, Lincoln and Clyde want to make a splash in the yearbook and crash group photos.


Coach Pacowski is giving the students at school their yearbook photos. As Lincoln and Clyde examine their photos, Liam tells them the story that a boy he knows wasn't in many of the yearbook photos; he only had one little photo (which nobody looks at), and his name is Marty Malach. Because he wasn't in many photos, nobody knows him anymore, and now lives behind the barn on Liam's farm. This leaves Lincoln and Clyde scared, since they're not in many of the other photos, and believe that they'll be forgotten as well. At that moment, they see Lola, looking furious. It turns out that Coach Pacowski took a really bad photo of her, and she fears that if the photo were to be featured in the yearbook, her pageant career will be ruined.

The duo decides to be in the yearbook for they won't be forgotten.

Lincoln and Clyde proceed to crash in many of the club's group photos (Student Council, Chess Club, Morticians Club), but in the process, do something that ends up with them being obscured from the photo. Meanwhile, Lola tries asking her sisters to take her photo. She asks Leni to take the photo, but Leni claims that her phone can only take selfies. She tries to ask Luan to take her picture, but the camera she uses to take her photo was a gag prop. She asks Lisa to take her picture, but instead of taking a picture, Lisa took Lola's x-ray instead. As Lola begins to feel more distressed, she discovers that Lily took several photos of Lola. As she scrolls through the poorly shot photos, she discovers that one of them makes her look magnificent. Believing that this is the perfect photo, Lola lauds Lily in happiness.

For Lola's case, she's struggling to find a good photo of her.

As Lincoln and Clyde begin to feel worried at the possibilities of being forgotten, Lola appears, complaining that Coach Pacowski can't take her new photo, because he's overworked. Lincoln and Clyde realize that if they can join the yearbook staff, they can edit themselves into the photos. They approach the yearbook staff room, and as luck would have it, Coach Pacowski immediately hires them. As Lincoln and Clyde begin to decide on which photos to put themselves in, Lola appears. Seeing Lincoln and Clyde as members of the yearbook staff, she gives them a USB drive that contains her photo, and puts her trust in them in uploading it.

At the Loud House, as Lincoln and Clyde admire the photos they inserted themselves into (which are stored in a USB drive), Lola arrives, and hugs the two boys for helping her, while saying that if anything were to go wrong, her life's passion will be gone in an instant.

When Lincoln and Clyde arrive to the yearbook staff office to upload their altered photos, they discover that Coach Pacowski is already downloading the photos, since the yearbooks are supposed to be ready by tomorrow. Seeing how stressed Coach Pacowski looks, Clyde decides to give him a therapy session. Lincoln uses that time as a distraction to upload the altered photos. As Lincoln impatiently waits for the computer to upload all of the photos, Lincoln overhears Coach Pacowski explaining that he wanted to be an Irish line dancer instead of a coach, but due to some poor choices, Coach Pacowski never realized his dream. As Coach Pacowski quotes Lola's words, Lincoln realizes that saving Lola's pageant career and life's passion is more important than being noticed, so Lincoln decides to cancel the download and make some last minute altercations.

Lola thanks her brother and Clyde for helping with her school photo.

Three weeks later, the yearbooks are being released, and as Clyde asks Lincoln if they'll be noticed, Lincoln tries to explain, but before he can do so, Lola arrives and gleefully shows them the photo of her in the yearbook. As Clyde looks through the yearbook, he is shocked to discover that none of the altered photos are in the yearbook. Lincoln explains that as the photos were being downloaded, he overheard the conversation with Coach Pacowski, and he feared that if he didn't upload Lola's photo, she would go down the same path Coach Pacowski did and made his choice to upload Lola's picture instead of their altered photos. Clyde fears that they'll be forgotten, but Lola (touched by her brother's actions) claims that she will never forget about them. As Lola embraces them both and walks away, Lincoln and Clyde's friends inform them that they're in the yearbook after all, in the Yearbook Staff page, where they're referred to as their nickname, Clincoln McCloud. Because of this, Lincoln and Clyde begin Irish line dancing in celebration, with Coach Pacowski joining in as well, but not before he suffers from a foot cramp.


Penelope, Andrew, Chad, Joy, Artie, Lance, Morpheus, Persephone, Dante, Bertrand, Boris, and members of various school clubs have no lines.

Physical distribution

This episode is available on the "Absolute Madness", "The Complete Second Season", "Photo de groupe", and "Intégrale de la Saison 2" DVDs.


  • This marks Lola's first appearance without Lana.
  • This episode reveals that Lily has her own tablet and knows how to use it.
  • Lincoln and Clyde tried to join the group photos of the Student Council, Chess Club, and Morticians Club. Only the last club was helpful, but unintentionally failed to help.
  • It is revealed that Coach Pacowski wanted to be an Irish line dancer, instead of being a coach.
  • It is revealed that Artie, Liam, Andrew, and Penelope are Chess Club members.
  • There is also an episode from fellow Nicktoon SpongeBob SquarePants with the exact same name.
    • In addition, this episode is season 2 episode 14a and SpongeBob's "Out of the Picture" is production number is 214b.
    • Also, both episodes aired in 2017, with the SpongeBob episode airing one month after this episode.
  • The name of Lincoln's school is revealed to be Royal Woods Elementary.
  • It's revealed that Clyde has been going to therapy for nine years, possibly from Dr. Lopez.
  • This episode confirms that Liam lives on a farm, although it was mentioned before in "Ace Savvy on the Case" that he lives on one.
  • Apparently, at least to Clyde, the chickens on Liam's farm are very mean-spirited.


  • Out of the Picture - The title of this episode is a phrase that means no longer involved; irrelevant.
  • All of the members of the Drama Club are seen dressed up as various characters from various musicals and plays:
    • The Phantom of the Opera - One of the kids is seen dressed up as the titular character.
    • Grease - One of the kids is seen dressed up as Betty Rizzo.
    • Cats - One of the kids is seen dressed up as a cat.
    • Hairspray - One of the kids is seen dressed up as Tracy Turnblad.
    • On the Town - The kid dressed up like a sailor might be a reference to this 1944 musical.
    • Hamlet - One of the kids is holding a skull, like the titular protagonist.


Lily's tablet: Perfect; remains stationary.

Yearbook: Moves forward.

  • When Lola first sees her replacement photo on Lily's tablet, it looks perfectly fine, but when it appears in the yearbook, Lola seems to move forward in the yearbook photo, as opposed to her being stationary in Lily's photo.
    • Another error of Lola's photo, is that the photo from both the tablet and the yearbook, shows that her arms are dislocated.
  • When Liam is explaining the fate of Marty Malach, his eyebrows are missing.
  • Plot hole: In "Changing the Baby", Lincoln is shown to be an expert at chess, especially when he tries to get Lily interested in it. It is unknown why he did not join the Chess Club.
  • When Coach Pacowski comes out of Clyde's therapy, he pushes Lincoln aside, but when Lincoln explains the story to Clyde, he doesn't push Lincoln.
  • There were ten kids present in the Student Council (including Lincoln and Clyde), but when the photo is taken, there are only eight pairs of eyes present.
  • In the Swedish dub, Lincoln sounded like Clyde when he screamed "No!" in the beginning.
  • Liam was seen in the Chess club beating up Lincoln and Clyde with the others because they dropped the chess game.
  • In the Latin American Spanish dub, when Lisa says "One, two, three", she was not voiced by Alondra Hidalgo, but by a different actress.
  • Lincoln and Clyde's pawn costumes do not have armholes. After they are kicked out of the room where the Chess Club members are having their photo taken, they can be seen lifting their arms out as if their costumes had armholes.



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