The following is a transcript for the episode "Out of the Picture".


[The school bell rings]
Coach Pacowski: "Gentlemen, here are copies of your school portraits for the yearbook. Group photos start in five. Here's the schedule. If you're late, tough toenails!" [leaves]
Lincoln: "Do you get the feeling that Coach Pacowski doesn't like doing the yearbook?"
Clyde: "Why do you say that?"
[They notice the coach grumbling and stomping his hat on the ground.]
Clyde: "Ah."
[They look at the schedule]
Lincoln: "Wait. Clyde, why isn't our ghost hunting club on here? I thought you registered it to the school."
Clyde: "I thought you did."
Lincoln: "Now we aren't gonna get to be in any group photos."
Liam: "I guess you're gonna end up like Marty Malach."
LIncoln, Clyde, Zach and Rusty: "Who?"
Liam: "Exactly. He wasn't in any group photos neither. All he had was his itty bitty portrait. And you know no one looks at them. That's why he's the forgotten man of Royal Woods Elementary."
Lincoln and Clyde: "AAAHH!!!"
Clyde: "Lincoln, we can't be forgotten!"
Lincoln: [suspiciously to Liam] "Wait. If he's so forgotten, how do you know who he is?"
Liam: "He lives behind my barn."
Lincoln and Clyde: "NOOOOOOOOO!!!"

Lincoln: "Clyde, we can't end up like Marty Malach!"
Clyde: "Yeah. I don't wanna live behind Liam's barn. His chickens are mean!"
[Just then, Lola starts screaming in frustration.]
Lincoln: [concerned] "Uh, everything okay there?"
Lola: "Coach Pacowski ruined my life! He took the worst photo of me ever!" [shows a photo of her wincing and cringing]
[Lincoln and Clyde flinch at it.]
Lola: "If this disaster gets in the yearbook, everyone will see it. If everyone sees it, my rivals will destroy me! If my rivals destroy me, MY PAGEANT CAREER IS OVER! Oh, believe you me, I will be fixing this." [screams and flips her table over and walks away.]
Lincoln: "Did you see that, Clyde? We need to be more like Lola."
Clyde: [puts the table back up and flips it over.] "Rah!"
Lincoln: "No, Clyde. I mean we also need to fix our problem."
Clyde: "Ah."

[The hallway. Lincoln and Clyde are looking at the schedule.]
Clyde: "Okay, so seems to me, we just need to sneak into as many group photos as possible. Then, we'll never be forgotten."
Lincoln: "What's first?"
Clyde: "First photo is student council."
Lincoln: "Let's do this!"
[They come out of a storage closet and enter the Student Council room disguised with powdered wigs and black muumuus.]
Lincoln and Clyde: "Operation Sneak Into A Yearbook Group Photo So We're Not Forgotten Like Marty What's-His-Face is a go!"
Coach Pacowski: [operating the camera] "Okay, everyone, get ready."
[The boys get into the frame with the council members.]
Clyde: "Psst. Your powdered wig is crooked. Here, let me fix it." [tries to fix it but gets powder everywhere]
[The camera goes off and reveals only the kids' eyes in a fog of powder' the boys are then kicked out of the room.]
Lincoln: "No biggie. There's more than one group photo in the yearbook."
Clyde: "What's next?"
[They come out of the storage closet and arrive at the next photo as chess pieces.]
Lincoln and Clyde: "Chess Club!"
Coach Pacowski: [operating the camera] "Okay, everyone, get ready."
[The boys hop over to the frame given the way their costumes are fitted.]
Clyde: "Don't mind us. Just two Chess guys coming through. Why is no one else dressed for Chess?"
Lincoln: "Not everyone has our commitment"
[They hop right into a chess board and knock it over.]
Lincoln and Clyde: "Oops."
[The Chess Club members beat them up and the camera shoots the fight cloud.]
Lincoln and Clyde: [kicked out] "Aah!" [bouncing] "Oof." [stop]
Lincoln: "Well, shoot."
Clyde: "What else we got?"
[Cut to the storage closet's door.]
Lincoln: [behind the door] "Okay, not my first choice, but we're desperate."
[They come out dressed as undertakers.]
Lincoln and Clyde: "Morticians Club!"
[get into position] "We're in!"
Lucy: [off-camera] "No you're not." [appears on-screen as Lincoln and Clyde yelp at her sudden appearance.] "You guys are not part of this club."
Haiku: [off-screen] "Hold on, Lucy." [appears on-screen as Lincoln and Clyde yelp at her sudden appearance.] "We can always use some more bodies."
[The boys gulp nervously and are put in prop caskets for the photo.]
Coach Pacowski: [working the camera] "Okay, smile or whatever."
[Lincoln and Clyde smile, but two members close their caskets on them and leave them out of the shot.]
Lincoln and Clyde: "Oh, come on!"
[The club members strike a gloomy pose and the photo is taken.]

[The Loud House. Leni is reading a magazine and Lily is playing on her tablet. Lola pops up from behind Leni.]
Lola: "Leni, I need a new yearbook picture. Can you help me?"
Leni: "At your service. Duck lips!" [takes a selfie with the aforementioned lip form.]
Lola: "Oh, no, I mean for me."
Leni: "Oh, okay." [hands her her phone] "Here. You take it."
Lola: "No. I want you to take a photo of me."
Leni: "I don't think my phone does that." [leaves]
Lola: "Ugh."
[Now she's getting Luan to take her picture.]
Luan: "Well, this is an interesting development." [laughs] "Get it?"
Lola: "Please, just take the picture."
Luan: "You're the boss! 1, 2, 3." [presses the button which fires a pie at Lola's face] "Oops, sorry! Wrong camera."
Lola: [disappointed] "Okay, we're done."
[Now, Lisa is taking the photo]
Lola: "Finally, someone sensible."
Lisa: "Mm-hmm. Very good. Hold still, please."
[sets up the camera] "Try not to move."
Lola: [confused] "What?"
Lisa: "Hold still, please." [walks to her position] "1, 2, 3." [sets the camera off which causes the whole room to suddenly darken.]
Lola: "How's my smile?"
Lisa: "I can't tell, but..." [shows Lola's x-ray] "...your anterior fontanel is abnormally wide."
[Lola is grunting in frustration in the hall.]
Lola: "Ahh! My future is at stake here! Can no one in this family take a proper photo?"
[Lily appears, giggles, and shows Lola her tablet. Lola looks through it and sees Lily took some photos of her during her emergency. She skims past a photo of her giving a gorgeous smile and skims back to it and looks at it in awe.]
Lola: "It'!" [hugs Lily] "Oh, Lily, it's perfect! I am back, baby!" [runs off with the tablet while Lily giggles.]

[Back at school, Lincoln and Clyde are just stepping out.]
Lincoln: "Well, Clyde, group photos are over, and we're in exactly zero of them."
Clyde: "We might as well go join Matty Malach behind Liam's barn."
Lincoln: "I thought it was Manny Malach."
Lola: [off-screen] "THANKS FOR NOTHING!!!" [to Lincoln and Clyde] "Coach Pacowski wouldn't switch out my photo. He says he's too "overworked". THEN HIRE MORE STAFF, DODO BRAIN!!!" [storms off]
Lincoln: [inspired] "Hire more staff! Clyde, that's our in!"
[They go to the Yearbook Office.]
Clyde: "Operation Get Coach To Hire Us So We Can Edit Ourselves Into Yearbook Photos is a go!"
Lincoln: "Now, remember. We gotta stay strong."
Clyde: "Right. We're not taking "no" for an answer."
Coach Pacowski: [opens the door] "You two! I need yearbook staff now. And I'm not taking 'no' for an answer!"
Clyde: "Oh yeah? We're not taking 'no' for an answer either!"
Lincoln: "Clyde, he just hired us for the yearbook."
Clyde: "Ah."
[The coach pulls them into the office and closes the door while showing them the works.]
Coach Pacowski: "Eh, the yearbook needs to go to the printer by the end of the week. You two work on captions. I have to go check if the school hamster's name is Skippy with a "y" or an "ie"." [leaves]
[The boys highfive]
Clyde: "Mission accomplished."
Lincoln: "Wait. That was only Operation Get Coach To Hire Us So We Can Edit Ourselves Into The Yearbook Photos. Now we actually have to work ourselves into the photos."
Clyde: "How do we do that?"
Lincoln: "Computer magic, Clyde. Grab the yearbook file."
[Enter Lola with a basket of muffins]
Lola: [sweetly bribing] "Oh, Coach Pacowski, I brought you some muffins!" [notices the boys in the office] "Linky? What are you doing here?"
Lincoln: "Uh, Clyde and I joined the yearbook staff."
Lola: [gasps] "This is great." [tosses muffin basket aside] "I don't even need that dodo brain anymore." [holds out a pink flash drive with a heart on it.] "You guys can switch out my photo! It's right here, on this cute little flash drive."
Lincoln: [takes the flash drive] "We'll take care of it."
Lola: "Thanks, Linky!" [drops something on her way out] "Oops."
Lincoln: [picks up what Lola dropped] "Coach Pacowski: A Man With Many Secrets. What's this?"
Lola: "That was in case the muffins didn't work." [takes it back] "I'll just save this for the next time I wanna get out of Dodgeball." [leaves the office and the boys speech]

[Back home, Lincoln and Clyde are getting ready to insert themselves into the photos.]
Lincoln: "Now look. All we gotta do is copy these handsome dudes, grab a photo from the yearbook file and paste them here." [does a step-by-step procedure on a photo while he explains.]
Clyde: "Mission accomplished!"
Lincoln: "Is it, though? I mean, how many people really look at the Math Club photo?"
Clyde: "Only these eggheads, probably. Maybe their parents."
Lincoln: "Maybe we should put ourselves in a few more pictures. Just to be safe."
[Much time passes and it's now night as they finish up.]
Lincoln: "There. That should ensure that we're remembered by animal lovers, jocks, band kids, theater geeks, techies, and the lunch ladies." [shows off aforementioned photos]
Clyde: "Now it's mission accomplished."
Lincoln: [taking out the flash drive] "Our immortality rests softly on this little flash drive."
Clyde: "Clincoln McCloud forever!"
[Enter Lola]
Lola: [cheerful] "There they are! My heroes!" [runs up and hugs them] "Thank you so much for switch my photo. Can you imagine if that horrid shot made it in there? My pageant career would have been over! And with it, all my dreams...and reason to live!" [goes upstairs after such a dramatic performance.]
Lincoln: "Let's get to the school and upload these pictures!"

[The school's yearbook office. The boys enter and find their other staff member there.]
Lincoln: "Coach? Uh, what are you doing here so late?"
Coach Pacowski: "Last minute change. Yearbook has to be done tonight. Like I had nothing better to do."
Lincoln and Clyde: [shocked] "Tonight?! But we have a-"
Coach Pacowski: "Tough toenails! I already hit send! Just waiting for it to upload." [shows the slow upload progress from 40% to 45%]
Lincoln: "Clyde, we have to get him away from that computer."
Coach Pacowski: [disgruntled] "if you're gonna stick me with the dang yearbook job, how about giving me some equipment from this century?" [smacks the computer with his hat]
Clyde: "I think I got this." [walks up to the coach] "Coach, you seem to be dealing with some anger issues. I have nine years of therapy under my belt. Do you want someone to talk to?"
Coach Pacowski: [breaking down] "Yes!"
Clyde: "Let's go somewhere quieter." [pushes him into his office]
Lincoln: [dashes to the computer] "Okay, gotta work fast." [cancels the initial upload] "And now, time to upload." [holds up both flash drives] "Oh. Plenty of time." [puts his into the USB slot] "Open, select all, grab and re-upload our pics." [does so only to endure the slow upload speed] "Uh! This thing is slow! Now I see why Coach wears a hat." [grabs a hat and smacks the computer with it]
Coach Pacowski: [in his office with Clyde] "You think I wanted to be a gym teacher? My real passion was Irish step dance. But my father told me with my fallen arches, I was kidding myself." [sobs] "Oh, sorry."
Clyde: [writing that down] "Interesting. And how did that make you feel?"
Lincoln: [impatient] "Uh, come on, come on! We need more time!"
Coach Pacowski: "So I said, "It's my life, Dad. I'll do what I want!" But Mom was like "Listen to your father." But did I listen to him? Well, I'm here, aren't I? Trying to get a yearbook out at 10:00 PM. All these years, I could have been Irish step dancing! But here I am. My dancing career is over! And with it, my hopes, my dreams, and my reason to live!"
[Lincoln overhears it and starts to feel a little guilty.]
Coach Pacowski: "Anywho, I'd better check on that progress bar."
Clyde: [stops him] "Wait, Coach! I think we're really close to a breakthrough!"
[Lincoln starts working at breakneck speed to finish his task.]
Coach Pacowski: "Quit tailgating me, McBride. I got a yearbook to get out." [steps out of the office and takes Lincoln's place] "Now, where did I leave off?"
Clyde: "Did you do it?"
Lincoln: "Well, I did..."
Coach Pacowski: "IT'S STILL LOADING?!" [sees it's only halfway finished] "Huh. Normally, I'd be very angry about this. Oh. Thanks, McBride."
[Clyde smiles to the coach while Lincoln turns away with a despondent look on his face.]

[Coach Pacowski is handing out the yearbooks.]
Clyde "I can't wait to see all of our thousands of photos. Clincoln McCloud forever!"
Lincoln: [guiltily] "Well, Clyde, I've had something that I've needed to tell you. It's been eating at me for three weeks. There just wasn't enough time to-"
[Enter Lola]
Lola: [sweetly grateful] "Linky, you're the best brother ever! Oh, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you!" [normally] "You too, Clyde." [opens the book] "My pageant career is saved. And I owe it all to you!" [shows them the replacement photo in her spot]
Clyde: "Yep." [takes the book and looks through it] "We're all immortalized in...wait. Where are all of our pictures?"
Lincoln: "Well, that's what I wanted to tell you."
[Flashback to last night]
Lincoln: [narrating] "When you were distracting Coach P, I remembered how much Lola's pageant career means to her. And, well, I had to make a choice." [Flashback Lincoln switches out his drive for Lola's.] "At the last minute, I stopped copying our files and made the switch for Lola instead."
Flashback Pacowski: "Now, where'd I leave off?"
[End flashback]
Lincoln: "Sorry, pal."
Clyde: "But we'll be forgotten."
Lola: [takes her book back] "Guys, what you did means everything to me. I know I may act like a little crazy-pants sometimes, but...I'll never forget you for this." [hugs them and they hug back] "Never ever." [walks away]
Clyde: "Well, that's one way to keep from being forgotten. Even if we'll be living with the chickens like Mindy Malach."
Lincoln: "I thought it was Marshall."
Rusty: "Hey, you guys made it into the yearbook."
Lincoln and Clyde: [surprised] "Whaaaaat?"
Zach: "Coach blew it, though. Check it out" [shows a mash-up photo, one half Lincoln and one half Clyde for the yearbook staff.] "You're in the crease."
Clyde: "Yearbook staff photo? I...can't believe it!"
Lincoln: "It''s..."
Lincoln and Clyde: "Clincoln McCloud forever!" [start Irish step dancing]
Lincoln: "We're famous!"
Clyde: "Sweet immortality!"
Coach Pacowski: "Make way, boys!" [pushes Rusty, Zach, and Liam aside and joins Lincoln and Clyde in their dance.] See? It's never too late to follow your passion!"
[An iris is about to close on them until Coach Pacowski sprains his leg.]
Coach Pacowski: [in pain] "Ooh! My arches."
[The iris closes completely]

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