The following is a transcript for the episode "Overnight Success".


[The episode begins with Lincoln in his room marking a date on his calendar on his bedroom door.]
Lincoln: [To the viewers] "Tonight is a historic night for me. I GET TO HAVE A SLEEPOVER!!" [His loud voice alerts an owl and makes it fly away.] "Now, I know what you're thinking. Lincoln, what's the big deal? Let me explain. See, sleepovers in the Loud house have not always gone so well."
[A flashback shows when Lynn had a sleepover with her friends. They were in the Living room, where Lynn was dribbling a soccer ball and her friends were cheering for her. But at the moment, the ball flies out the window and breaks it.]
Lynn Sr.: "AAHHHH! Lynn Jr.!"
[A different flashback shows Leni and her friends having a sleepover in the living room where they were using hairdryers to blow dry their hair.]
Leni: "Okay, we're done with the blow dry bar, time to curl!" [She says, as she holds up a curling iron, and looks at the power supply filled with wires and cables, and plugs in her curling iron, causing a neighborhood-wide blackout.]
Lynn Sr.: "Leni Loud!!"
[Another flashback shows Luna in the living room where she was smashing things with her electric guitar with her friends surrounding her.]
Luna: [in a British accent] "GOODNIGHT, LIVING ROOM!" [smashes her guitar on the coffee table.]
Lynn Sr.: "What the darn heck?!"
Chunk: "Hey buddy! I don't see you on the list!"
[Lynn Sr. is seen kicked out of the house.]
Lynn Sr.: "Luna Loud!!!"
[The montage of flashbacks ends]
Lincoln: [To the viewers] "Thanks to my sisters, sleepovers were banned in the loud house. So when I wanted to have one, it took some hard selling."
[Another flashback is shown where Lincoln is wearing his professional suit in front of the television facing his parents.]
Lincoln: "Sleepovers. Why should I be able to have one? Because Lincoln Loud is all about the four R's." [turns on a video]

[Lincoln is trying to get Cliff out of a tree, but the cat hisses and attacks Lincoln, making him fall off the ladder.]
[Lincoln is helping an old lady across the street, but her cat in her basket attacks Lincoln.]
[Lincoln is throwing out Lily's dirty diaper, but Cliff is in the trash bin and attacks Lincoln again which Lily giggles at.]
Lincoln: [begging his parents] "And, really, you guys, it would be so awesome if you let me do this!" [Cliff hisses at him but refrains his assault.] Please?"
[Ends flashback]
Lincoln: "Luckily, Dad is a real sucker for cat videos. Now that they've said yes, I'm gonna make sure this is the best sleepover ever." [shows off an entire mountain of sleepover supplies.] "I've got the juice boxes chilling, the couch pillows ready to be turned into a fort, the snacks stacked, and the itinerary totally mapped out." [rolls out a list of events to occur.] "Every second of the night is planned for maximum sleepover enjoyment. All that's missing now? My guest." [busts out his radio and calls Clyde] "Come in, Little Bo Sleep. This is Slumberjack. What's your location?"
[Clyde is approaching the Loud House.]
Clyde: "This is Little Bo Sleep. My parents are walking me over now. Prepare for contact in three, two, one..."
[The doorbell rings]
Lincoln: "This is it! Time to make history!" [answers the door to Clyde and two men who are Clyde's fathers.] "Hey, Clyde. Hi, Mr. McBride. Hi, Mr. McBride."
Harold: "Hi, Lincoln. Ready for your big night?"
Lincoln: "You bet."
Howard: "Great. Just a couple things Clyde will need. Sleeping bag, feetsie pajamas, white noise machine, humidifier, dehumidifier, earplugs, inhaler, and allergy medications." [hands each of them to Lincoln as he lists them.]
Harold: "Here are all the numbers where you can reach us if our cell phones fail." [hands Lincoln the numbers] "Restaurant, movie theater, coffee shop, gas case we have to pee."
Howard: "Hm. Good idea." [giving something to Clyde] "And here's a photo of us since we can't tuck you in tonight." [holds Clyde closely]
Harold: "Remember, Clyde. No nuts, no gluten, no sugar, and be careful with orange juice. You know how you get with pulp."
Howard: [holds Harold] "He's growing up so fast."
Harold: "Come on, Howie. Remember what Dr. Lopez said about letting go. Now let go."
[Clyde's fathers leave]
Howard: [sobbing] "I LOVE HIM SO MUCH!"
Harold: "Have fun, Clyde!"
Clyde: "Oh, we will!" [closes door] "This place is like New York City; it never sleeps."
Lincoln: "And neither will we. I've got a whole itinerary for us. First up is the five hour director's cut of our favorite sci-fi fantasy flick, "King of the Rings"."
[Clyde is not responding.]
Lincoln: "Clyde? Clyde? Clyde? Clyde?" [He hears some sniffing in the bathroom and finds Clyde sniffing a bottle of shampoo.] "Uh...what are you doing?"
Clyde: "Inhaling Lori's glorious coconut and guava shampoo." [sniffs some more] "Mmm...~"
Lincoln: "We all use that shampoo."
Clyde: [sniffs Lincoln's hair and looks disappointed.] "So you do..."
Lincoln: "Come on. Let's get outta here before Lori comes in and you pass out again."
Clyde: "Please. I'm always cool around Lori."
[At that moment, Lori steps out of her room. Clyde notices her and goes into his robot mode.]
Clyde: "ABORT. ABORT. SYSTEMS OVERHEATING." [pulls the shower curtain off and shuts down.]
Lincoln: [sighs] "We need to start King of the Rings in the next 25 seconds or we'll be passing into precious armpit farting time."

[The boys are on their way to Lincoln's room. Some laughter can be heard.]
Lincoln: [looking over the itinerary] "Okay, we may have to do armpit farts during King of the Rings. Also soda burps. It's okay. I can make this work." [notices Clyde is gone] "Clyde?"
[Clyde is listening to some of Luan's material.]
Luan: (through microphone) "The lettuce was a head, and the tomato was trying to ketchup." [laughs to rimshot and laugh track.]
Clyde: [laughs and applauds] "Luan, I love your brand of offbeat observational humor."
Luan: "Well, thank you, my good man. Give it up for the house band!"
[Luna performs a killer solo and turns on some colored lights.]
Clyde: "Luna, your rock stylings moves both my heart and my feet."
Luna: [in a British accent] "Cheers, mate!"
[Lincoln comes in and takes Clyde back.]
Lincoln: "Uh, I'll thank you to stop bugging Clyde. We have a long night ahead of us." [leaves the room and checks the itinerary.] "We're now a full minute behind schedule. But we can make that up if we don't waste time buttering the popcorn."
Clyde: "That's fine. My dads say my cholesterol level could use a break."[A hackysack ball comes out of Lynn and Lucy's room and pegs Clyde.]
Lynn: "HEADS!"
Clyde: [catches it with his foot] "I got it!" [does some tricks]
Lynn: "All right, Clyde! Keep it going!" [joins in with him]
[Enter Leni with a jar of face cream.]
Leni: "I think my new face cream might cause hives. Can someone else try it first?" [splashes it on Clyde] "Ooh! Claude! Perfect!"
Clyde: "Actually, it's Clyde. This doesn't have peanuts in it, does it?"
[Enter Lisa with a helmet she created]
Lisa: "Time for my Friday night brainwave study!" [notices Clyde] "Oh! A new subject!" [puts it on Clyde, turns it on, and starts to take control of him.] "DANCE! DANCE, YOU FOOL!"
Clyde: [under the helmet's surging pulses.] "THIS IS AWESOME!"
[A snake breaks out of the twins' room.]
Lana: "WE'VE GOT A RUNNER!" [sees her snake wrap itself around Clyde.] "Aw...El Diablo likes you."
Leni, Lynn, Lana, and Lisa: "Aw..."
Lincoln: "Guys, enough! Leave Clyde alone! We have an itinerary!"
Clyde: "It's okay, Lincoln. We can just hang here with your sisters."
Lincoln: "What? No! I see my sisters enough as it is. This sleepover is supposed to be our night."
[Lola appears with a mirror and a toy wand.]
Lola: "It's princess makeover time! I need a toad to turn into a beautiful princess." [sees Clyde and gasps] "Oh, you'll be a challenge."
Lincoln: "Clyde, come on! We gotta get started!" [grabs Clyde's arm]
Lola: "Hey, that's my toad!" [grabs Clyde's other arm]
Clyde: "I hate to let the kid down, Lincoln. Start the movie and I'll be right in."
Lincoln: "Are you kidding me? I can't believe you would rather spend your time with my dumb sisters..."
Leni, Lynn, Lana, Lola, and Lisa: "HEY!!!"
Lincoln: "...than do all the things I planned for us! You are ruining the sleepover, Clyde! Fart time is out the window, and I seriously doubt we'll get to booger flicking!"
Clyde: "But, Lincoln, we can still have fun doing this other stuff."
Lincoln: "You know what? Let's just forget the whole thing. The sleepover is officially canceled!" [slams his door]
Clyde: "I should go make up with him. Dr. Lopez taught me a lot about conflict resolution."
[Lori appears]
Lori: "Clyde, good. I need a man's opinion. What do you think Bobby means by "Hey"?"
Clyde: [enters robot mode upon seeing her] "ABORT. ABORT. SYSTEMS SHUTTING..." [lowering in pitch] "...DOWN..." [goes into a lovesick reboot]
Leni: [checks her face cream] "Maybe there are peanuts in here."

[Lincoln's room. Lincoln is pacing around in frustration.]
Lincoln: "I did not get mauled by three cats just to have this sleepover go to waste." [gets an idea] "Maybe it doesn't have to."
[Another boy comes over.]
Lincoln: "Liam! Welcome to the best sleepover ever! Come on in!"[As Liam steps in, there's a commotion going on upstairs.]
Liam: "Sounds pretty loud up there."
Lincoln: "Keep it to yourself, Liam. They can smell fear."
[They go into Lincoln's room.]
Lincoln: "Behold, Liam! The King of the Rings five hour director's cut!" [puts the blu-ray in]
[Lola barges in with her makeup kit]
Lola: "PRINCESS MAKEOVER TIIIIIIIIIIIME!" [sees Liam] "Ooh! A new toad!" [gives him a full makeover against his will.]
[Liam sees what Lola did to his face and runs out the door.]
Lola: "Some people just don't appreciate beauty. I MADE YOUR EYES POP, KID!"
Extended European Director's Edition

[Lincoln has a new boy over.]
Lincoln: "Chad, my new sleepover pal. Get ready for the best five hours ever spent watching a dramatic search for a lost piece of jewelry!"
[Lisa pops out and notices Chad.]
Lisa: "Ho, ho, ho! Fresh brains!"
Chad: "Say what?"
[Lisa pulls out some jumper cables and starts laughing like crazy. Chad runs out of the house screaming in panic.]
Lisa: "Eh, I doubt there was much brain worth examining in that specimen anyway."
[Lincoln has brought over yet another boy.]
Lincoln: "Thanks for coming, Artie. I want you to know you were my..." [looks at a list and has crossed off Liam and Chad from it.] "...first' choice for a sleepover."
[They bump into Lucy]
Lucy: "Hey. I'm conducting a practice funeral and I need a corpse." [looks at Artie] "How do you feel about enclosed spaces?"
[Artie bolts for the door and runs back home. Lincoln looks at Lucy sternly and Lucy just smiles. The next boy Lincoln invites over is having a nice time until he smells Lily having just made a mess in her diaper, causing him to gag and run. The next boy Lincoln invites over gets a surprise from Lynn.]
Lynn: [playing Football] "Hut, hut, hut, hut, hut!" [tackles Lincoln's guest]
[The next boy is chased out by El Diablo.]
Lincoln: "Okay, so maybe not everyone can handle the Loud House. But I think I finally found the perfect candidate. He lives in between a freeway and a circus."
[The doorbell rings and Lincoln answers it meeting a very short boy with glasses, buckteeth, and a crazy red hairdo.]
Lincoln: "Zach, my man! Ready for a great night?"
[The sisters' commotion blows the roof off the house.]
Zach: "Aw, heck no!" [leaves]
Lincoln: "Huh. Now that surprises me. [He closes the door] Isn't there anyone who can handle this house?" [hears the white noise machine and turns it off as he notices all of Clyde's stuff on the floor.] "Clyde! Of course! He doesn't just handle it, he likes it!" [busts out his walkie talkie.] "Little Bo Sleep, this is Slumberjack. Do you read?" [only picks up static] "Wow. He must be really mad. Was I that big of a jerk?" [hears the white noise machine again] "Oh, who asked you?" [Turns it off in annoyance]

[The McBride residence. Lincoln climbs in through the window into Clyde's room. It looks like Clyde is under the covers.]
Lincoln: "Hey, buddy. Listen. I'm really sorry for blowing up at you. I didn't realize how lucky I was to have you as a friend." [No response] "The silent treatment, huh? I deserve it. I just hope you'll forgive me someday." [hears another noise machine] "Man! How many noise machines do you own?"

[Back at the Loud House, Lincoln hears some laughter going on in Luna and Luan's room and finds out Clyde is hanging with all his sisters except Lori.]
Lincoln: "Clyde? You're still here?"
Clyde: "Sorry, Lincoln. I know you wanted me to leave, but I passed out. And every time Lori came to check on me, I passed out again."
Lincoln: "No, Clyde. I want you to stay. I was just at your house apologizing to...someone."
Clyde: "Oh, that must have been my stuffed animals. They kind of keep me company at night."
Lincoln: "Right. Because you're an only child. No wonder you like hanging out with all of my sisters."
Clyde: "Yeah. Sometimes, it's pretty lonely at my house."
[Luna is setting the mood by playing her violin.]
Luna: [emotional] "Dude...your story moves both my heart...and my fingers..."
Lincoln: "How about we start this sleepover again?"
Clyde: "You mean it?"
Lincoln: "Definitely. Only this time..." [tears up the itinerary causing his sisters to gasp in shock.] "...we're gonna do what you wanna do."
[Clyde smiles]

[Lincoln and Clyde are now having the sleepover with all of Lincoln's sisters.]
Leni: [applying shampoo to Clyde] "Now, Clark, this shampoo may cause baldness, so let me know what happens."
[Lily garbles to Clyde and Clyde garbles back.]
Lola: "Ooh! I see two toads that need makeovers!" [gives Lincoln and Clyde makeovers]
Lynn: [with her hackysack] "Heads up, yo!"
[She and Clyde play a little and take their seats as soon as King of the Rings starts.]
Clyde: "King of the Rings! Sweet!"
Lincoln and Clyde: "To the best sleepover ever!"
[Lori returns with some snacks.]
Lori: "Okay, who wants pizza bites?"
Clyde: [enters robot mode upon seeing her once again.] "ABORT! ABORT! SYSTEMS SHUTTING..." [lowering in pitch] "...DOWN!" [shuts down]
Leni: [examines her shampoo] "Sheesh. Are there peanuts in everything?"

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