Papa Wheelie is a minor character in The Loud House. He is one of Lincoln's schoolmates.


Papa Wheelie is the leader of the local bicycle gang. He was temporarily replaced by Lincoln when he and Clyde joined the gang in "Hand-Me-Downer", and again by Lynn when she joined the gang and replaced Lincoln and Clyde.

He makes a cameo in "Out on a Limo" buying a smoothie at Flip's Food & Fuel where Flip charged him for using a second straw for his drink.

He reappears again in "Lincoln Loud: Girl Guru" seeking Lincoln's advice to impress Joy. Lincoln tells him give her a frog, seeing how Lana likes them. When he does this, it only grosses Joy out, causing her and her friends to chase Papa Wheelie down to beat him up.

He can be seen during the slow dance at the end of "Dance, Dance Resolution", dancing with a girl.

He makes another non-speaking cameo with Flat Tire and Rusty Spokes going to see The Harvester in "The Price of Admission".

He can be seen in "Making the Grade", as part of Mrs. Johnson's class.

In "Frog Wild", he can be seen looking at the frog habitat.

In "Out of the Picture", he is seen in the title card.

In "Mall of Duty", he is seen at the mall.

In "Teachers' Union", he is seen in Mrs. Johnson's classroom when Coach Pacowski comes in to ask Mrs. Johnson out on a date.

In "What Wood Lincoln Do?", he is in Mrs. Johnson's classroom.

In "Absent Minded", he can be seen in Mrs. Johnson's while is giving a speech over the intercom.


Papa Wheelie is an short overweight boy, with light fair skin, and brown hair. He normally wears a red and orange bicycle helmet, blue jeans, brown belt with a gray buckle, red and white striped shirt, and white shoes with red stripes on the side.


  • His nickname is a reference to the phrase "pop a wheelie" (which refers to a type of cycling stunt).

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