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Par is a minor character in The Casagrandes. He makes his first appearance in The Loud House episode "Roll Model with the Casagrandes".


Par is the Casagrandes' fun loving delivery man who delivers produce to the Bodega, and is also Bobby's best friend. When he isn't delivering produce to the stores in Great Lakes City, he's doing dangerous things such as having a picnic in the cheetahs' den at the zoo. He also teaches a karate class that Carl (who looks up to him as a hero) and Adelaide attend, and enjoys rock music.


Par is a tall and slim young adult with dark skin, shaggy brunette hair and eyebags. He wears a yellow hat, red polo, white robe, blue jeans and blue shoes.


He seems to be a regular and normal young man, but he's actually a thrill-seeker trying deadly, dangerous, and crazy activities like picnicking in cheetah territory or having a Jacuzzi with baby sharks. In addition, he is shown to be into rock music as seen when he played that at the time when Hector asked him to perform for Lupe at the time when Hector's band couldn't make it.


  • "Spin-Off" reveals that Par used to be a sign spinner.
  • Not counting Bobby's family and pets, Par is the only one of Bobby's friends to live in Great Lakes City instead of Royal Woods.


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