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Penelope is a minor character in The Loud House, who first appeared in "Making the Case".


Penelope first appeared in "Making the Case", but for a while she only appeared as a background character, and never spoke.

In "The Green House", she and the rest of class boo Lincoln for not going green. By the end of the episode, she applauded him for stepping up his green game and is shown staring at him worried, cleaning himself up outside their classroom.

In "Along Came a Sister", she raises her hand, wanting to take their class pet Frank for the weekend.

It wasn't until "Shell Shock" that her name was revealed, and spoke.

In "Out of the Picture", she is seen as part of the Chess Club.

In "Teachers' Union", she is seen in gym class.

In "Pasture Bedtime", she is seen petting Girl Jordan's dog.

In "Absent Minded", she is seen in the hallways.

In "Be Stella My Heart", she is seen watching Lincoln, Clyde, Zach, Liam, and Rusty fight in the gym.

In "Racing Hearts", she is at the dance studio with her partner, Flat Tire, while participating in the Royal Woods Astonishing Quest.


She has poofy reddish and brownish hair, glasses, buck teeth, pale skin, and freckles around her face. She wears a pink sweater with a light green alien on it, dark teal skirt, lavender socks, and brown shoes.


  • According to Clyde, Penelope takes banjo lessons.
  • Even though she wears glasses, she has visible eyelashes. While most often, female characters who wear glasses have no eyelashes to speak of. She, along with Monica from "Cheater by the Dozen", are an exception.
  • The alien logo on her sweater is identical to the one on Tad's shirt.
  • She appears to be missing her canines, as when she smiles in "Shell Shock", there are holes where her canines would normally be.
  • According to "Out of the Picture", she is a member of the chess club, since she is seen in the group photo for the chess club.
  • Her appearance is similar to that of Laird.

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