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"Perro Malo" is the fourteenth episode of the third season, and the eighty-ninth episode of The Casagrandes.


Our sweet Lalo gets switched with mischievous perrito Malo for the day and the Casagrandes need to get their pup back.


In the Casagrande apartment, the family is watching the latest episode of Adios, Ana, Adios. As the family anticipates the revelation of the villain's identity, Lalo wants to go out for a walk. Not wanting to miss the reveal, the family plays "dibs not", and Ronnie Anne loses. After Ronnie Anne leaves, the villain's identity is revealed to be an evil twin, much to the frustration of the Casagrandes, as it's yet another instance of the show doing an evil twin twist.

At the park, Ronnie Anne walks Lalo while also watching the show on her phone. When her phone loses connection, she ties Lalo to a tree while she tries to find a better signal. However, while doing so, Lalo spots a squirrel, and proceeds to chase after it, where his leash becomes untied. Further ahead in the park, Becky is with her own pet dog, Malo, who bears a strong resemblance to Lalo. While Becky is distracted looking at her phone, Malo spots the squirrel Lalo is chasing after and proceeds to go after it. Suddenly, the two dogs hit each other, and after sniffing each other's butts for a bit, proceed to head back to their owners. However, they leave in the wrong directions: Ronnie Anne ends up with Malo, and Becky ends up with Lalo.

Ronnie Anne arrives back home and Malo, who the family mistakes as Lalo, begins to give the family trouble, like biting on their possessions and creating a mess. The kids assume that Malo just wants to play and try to get him to play fetch with their collection of balls or with his favorite stuffed toy, but Malo remains ever so aggressive. After Malo steals Hector's sandwich, Hector threatens to throw him out, but the kids promise to make him behave and decide to consult the other dog owners they know for some advice.

First, the kids visit Mr. Nakamura, where they ask him how he got Nelson to behave. Mr. Nakamura says that got Nelson to behave through the methods of tai chi with tranquil music, and when he encourages Malo to join in, Malo proceeds to change the music to hard rock and begins to headbang. Second, the kids visit Vito, where he tells them that every time Big Tony and Little Sal do something good, they're rewarded with a meatball. However, Malo sits on Little Sal, flings the three away with the blanket they're sitting on, steals all the meatballs for himself, and hurls them at the kids.

Later, Arturo is at the apartment, saying that during his time in South America, he had to deal with some ferocious alpacas and managed to get them to behave. He explains that he has a protective suit that can sustain the most vicious animals and can use it get Malo to behave. After putting on the suit, he lets Malo come to him, but Malo's viciousness is too much for the suit, as he singlehandedly rips it to shreds, along with the rest of Arturo's clothes. Afterwards, Malo runs out of the apartment and into the mercado, where he proceeds to make a mess of the entire store. This proves to the be the last straw for Hector and tells the kids that, for their safety, they have to give Malo away.

At the park, the kids and Hector wait for the animal wrangler to arrive and take Malo away. As they cry over the thought of losing their pet dog, Becky, who had spent her entire day bugged by Lalo's playful antics, bemoans that her dog isn't this nice. Malo, having heard Becky's voice, runs up to her, where the two dogs begin to sniff each other again. The Casagrandes, having caught up, realize that the two dogs are virtually identical in appearance and two dogs are finally reunited with their respective owners. This causes Hector to tell the story of how he came to adopt Lalo. Many years ago, Hector wanted to buy a puppy for his family. Walking up to a woman in the park giving away dogs, he spotted a little ferocious dog take his sandwich away, where the woman explains that she had named that dog Malo, the Spanish word for "Bad", because it described him perfectly. While trying to get his sandwich back, a similarly identical dog walked up and embraced Hector, and Hector, realizing he's perfect, decided to adopt him and named him Lalo. After telling the story, Ronnie Anne realizes that the mix-up occurred during her walk earlier and apologizes to Lalo for the mistake. Because of this, along with the fact that everything they went through today was just a big misunderstanding, Hector tells the kids that Lalo can stay.

Later, the family is watching Adios, Ana, Adios again, and as they watch, Lalo wants to go for a walk. Ronnie Anne offers to walk him, but the other kids insist that they want to do it. Eventually, Bobby makes the suggestion that they all walk him, to which the kids agree.


Carlos, Frida and Carlitos have no lines in the episode.


  • The title of this episode is Spanish for “bad dog”.
  • This episode reveals that Becky owns a Bullmastiff who looks virtually identical to Lalo named Malo; the obvious difference between the two being their personalities, as Lalo is kind and good-natured, while Malo is aggressive and rude.
    • In terms of physical differences, Malo has a beetle-brow, a lower back, a broader chest, and a massive underbite.
    • This episode also reveals that it was Hector who adopted Lalo in the first place.
  • Just like with "A Very Casagrandes Christmas", the kids once again pull dibs by touching their nose, where the last person to respond loses. Ronnie Anne lost this time.
  • When Lalo licks Ronnie Anne after she apologizes to him for leaving him behind, her hair is stylized the exact same way as it did when Lalo licked her in "The Loudest Mission: Relative Chaos".
  • Irony:
    • Hector expresses disdain for Adios, Ana, Adios doing yet another "evil twin" twist by saying that it happens every week. This episode just so happens to be about that, a story about Lalo being swapped with an evil twin.
    • Ronnie Anne was the only one in the family who liked the "evil twin" twist that occurred in Adios, Ana, Adios.
    • After Malo rips off Hector's pants, revealing his heart print underwear, Carl laughs at his expense, only for Malo to rip off Carl's pants as well (revealing his El Falcon print underwear), making Hector laugh at his expense in return.


How come you have 2 earrings on your right ear, Carlota?

  • When Carlota turns her head to see Maybelle, in one frame, she has 2 earrings on her right ear.
  • When Carlota cries over having to let Lalo (really Malo) go, her bracelets are missing, but when the rest of the kids and Hector cry, her bracelets are back on.


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