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"Pet Adoption Day with Lana Loud" is the seventeenth episode of Listen Out Loud.


Lana struggles to find the perfect adopters for her pet friends at the animal shelter.


Lana introduces the listeners to the Royal Woods Animal Shelter and a few of the animals she's befriended while there: a German pinscher named Rocket, a cat named Feline Dion, and a cockatoo named Captain Ron. She also reveals that Sam, Luna's girlfriend, is the shelter's head volunteer. Sam happens to be setting up balloons for adoption day, much to Lana's horror as that means she could potentially lose her animal friends. However, Sam says that these animals need to have good homes, and gets ready for adopters to arrive.

  • The shelter's first visitor is Flip, whom Sam believes is there to adopt and suggests a slew of dogs as potential pets. Getting an idea, Sam brings in a dog named Slob Marley, who licks Flip's face all over, much to Flip's disgust. Flip clarifies that he is only there to clean his mustache of nacho cheese, which Lana does using a hose, and he leaves while taking a dog biscuit for the road. Sam leaves the shelter to grab some snacks, but not before pleading with Lana to make an effort in ensuring the animals get good homes.
  • Immediately after Sam leaves, Mayor Davis arrives, looking for a dog to accompany her for mayoral elections and to help rally voters. When they enter the dog kennels, Mayor Davis falls in love with Rocket. Lana explains that Rocket, as a German pinscher, needs plenty of exercise, and "tests" Mayor Davis by making her jog in place. However, Mayor Davis is unable to keep up with Lana's standards, and leaves.
  • Soon afterwards, Cheryl arrives, having been enticed by a café sign to get a kitten, and is attracted to Feline Dion. Lana is disappointed that Feline will not be sleeping with her in bed, and has Cheryl sing because it helps Feline go to the bathroom. However, Cheryl proves to be a dreadful singer, and Lana declares her to be a bad fit for Feline.
  • Dante, heralded by organ music, is next in line, looking for a winged companion who is mysterious and forboding. Though Lana states that the shelter is out of pigeons, Captain Ron pipes up, declaring that he has a dark side despite his bright plumage. Dante states that he would style Ron's plumage, which Ron agrees with, but Lana insists that he likes his mohawk. She also claims that Ron needs to be mouth-fed, which Dante is not comfortable with and immediately leaves.

Sam comes back with probiotic sandwiches and finds none of the animals adopted. Lana tries to lie that none of the people who came were good fits, but Ron rats her out as picky. Sam realizes that Lana is simply afraid to let her animal friends go, explaining her impossibly high standards. Realizing Sam was right, Lana pauses the podcast to make some apology calls.

At the Loud House, Lana explains that Flip has adopted Slob Marley, Mayor Davis Rocket, Cheryl Feline, and Dante Captain Ron, and all four have allowed her to visit her animal friends any time she wants. However, the only one that hasn't been adopted is Greg, a goat whom Lana had placed with the dogs at the shelter. Just then, Lola complains that Greg has snuck into the twins' room and is eating her lipstick, and Lana signs off, asking any listeners who want to adopt Greg to call her.



  • Several things are revealed about some characters:
    • Sam is the head volunteer at the animal shelter.
    • Mayor Davis is an expert at capoeira.
    • Cheryl likes cats, sings in the bathroom, and her legs twitch in her sleep.
    • Dante likes birds and sometimes looks after Fangs for Lucy.
  • Captain Ron is similar to Sergio.
  • This episode was teased in "Lucy and the Mortician's Club".
  • This episode's plot would be continued in the Season 5 episode "Animal House", which also includes Sam as a supporting character.
  • At 13 minutes and 55 seconds, this is the longest podcast episode.


  • Some of the animal names reference real-life people:
    • Feline Dion - The cat is named after real-life singer Celine Dion.
    • Slob Marley - The dog is named after real-life artist Bob Marley.
  • Hush Little Baby - When put on the spot, Cheryl sings a dreadful rendition of this classic lullaby.


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