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Phoebe Powers is a minor character in The Casagrandes.


Phoebe Powers is an actress who has been in different action movies that involved her using a disguise to get close to the bad guy like a baby, a skate rental worker, and a pizza deliverer. Then she sheds the disguise to defeat the bad guy.

In "Guess Who's Shopping for Dinner?," Phoebe's latest movie Bark Night was coming out as Ronnie Anne and Sid plan to see it as Phoebe will be meeting the viewers afterwards. Feeling guilty about getting the ingredients for Rosa from Hi 'n' Buy when she hears from Rosa that a food critic will be visiting her, Ronnie Anne boycotts the movie in order to get them the right way. With Rosa's help, Ronnie Anne gets the remaining ingredients. Later that night, the food critic tries the food and gives a positive response. When Rosa states to Ronnie Anne that she apologizes that she never got to meet Phoebe Powers, it turns out that the food critic is Phoebe Powers in disguise as she works as a secret food critic when she visits a town. When Phoebe asks how they get the ingredients for the food that they make, Ronnie Anne and Rosa take her on a trip the next day. As Rosa' vehicle jumps a raised bridge, Phoebe makes a comment about it by stating that she doesn't do her own stunts.

In "Battle of the Grandpas", Ronnie Anne, Bobby, and their cousins were watching the latest Phoebe Powers project on TV. It was also revealed that Danny Puga worked as a stuntman on that project.

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