Loud House Pizza Making Guide! 🍕 TryThis-0

Loud House Pizza Making Guide! 🍕 TryThis-0

Pizza Making Guide is a promotional video created by Nickelodeon's YouTube channel. It was released on June 11, 2019.


Can you smell it? The Loud family is making pizza! Watch and help us figure out the perfect toppings for each Loud’s pizza pie!

First up is Lori, she loves pizza. But she loves Bobby more, so her pizza is made into the shape of a heart. And to add even more amore, we write out I ♡ U in pepperoni slices. So cute

Next order is Luna, it's first wondered if chicken nuggets could go on, but she prefers bangers and mash, (which is British for sausage and mashed potatoes). This Pizza's bangin'.

Next up is Luan, she's very familiar with pies. But we won't be throwing these pies, beef stroganoff is Luan's favorite, so that goes on. And she also wants one mac 'n' cheese bite, so one gets added, and another two, as long as she says cheese and thank you.

Lincoln's pizza is next. Lincoln loves sauerkraut and peanut butter, so that has to go on his pizza, which is a lot of flavor. Lincoln also wants donuts, which is an interesting choice. He'll need something to wash this down, so we add a Flip's flippee. We are cooking literally.

The next pizza to produce is Lucy's, for this we'll need something black, it's her favourite color. Let's add olives, more olives, just cover the whole thing. And to add a little tang, we'll add some blood; blood oranges that is. Can't wait to sink our fangs into this.

Lola's up, she loves sweets, so we're gonna make a dessert pizza with cookies, pies, brownies, candy, cake and cupcakes. The host asks Lola if that's sweet enough, but it still needs something. Like glitter, edible of course."

Next pizza is Leni's, she's gotta eat in style so maybe instead of special toppings, we make her pizza plaid. That pizza's lookin' good

Lynn's pizza's up next, wild an idea as it is, she loves meatball subs, we throw them right on the pizza. But that's really bad for the digestive system, so probably not a good idea. But, she also loves spicy food, so we'll put hot sauce, jalapeños, and anything else that's spicy. Lynn needs her energy, so we throw on some protein bars for good measure. Speaking of protein, we also add all the meats. Now she should have energy for all her sports.

Next up, Lisa, she's really been into chocolate lately. It's wondered if we should add chocolate bars, but Lisa suggests something more sophisticated, like vichyssoise, though we don't actually know what that is, we'll find out and put it on the pizza. We can also cut the pizza slices into right triangles.

We're almost done...

Lana's up, and regular pizza isn't quite exotic enough for her. We're gonna need to add some of her favourite toppings; we add worms, bugs, garbage, and... mud. Might not be delicious, but it's definitely organic.

Last and littlest, Lily, the host asks what Lily wants, but all she can say is poo-poo. So it's decided to just give her a regular, plain pie and cut it into baby sized pieces.

That's it, each loud has the perfect pizza pie. It's wondered what would happen if we put all the pizzas together; the results... FRANKEN-PIZZA.

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