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Plumbing Pro is a board game owned by Lana, and is her favorite board game.


The object of the game is to remove as many pieces from a prop toilet without touching the sides. If you touch the sides twice, you lose. The player who removes the most objects from the toilet wins.


The game first appeared in "Lynner Takes All". Tired of Lynn winning every board game, and showing off after celebrating 300 consecutive wins (and shooting confetti made out of her siblings' homework), the others decided to play a game that Lynn had never played before, and they could easily beat her at. After Lola failed to beat her at her own game, Pretty, Pretty Pageant Queen, Lana suggested this game. Lynn touched the sides once, and would lose if she touched it again. She went outside to do some push-ups, and regain her confidence. When she came back, she easily removed every single object that was in the toilet, and won. After that, the toilet prop broke, so it's likely the game was unplayable at that point.


  • The game is similar in style to Operation.
  • Its design is based on Toilet Trouble.

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