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Polly Pain is a minor character in The Loud House.


She first appears in "Dance, Dance Resolution", as one of Lincoln's four dates. She is a teammate on Lynn's roller derby team.

When she's at the Sadie Hawkins Dance with Lincoln, she greets him by vigorously bumping into him with her Booty Block. She also has a technique called the Helicopter, where she spins around her opponent, until they get so dizzy, they throw up. Lincoln is the first person she used that move on who didn't throw up from spinning like that. She ends up spending the rest of her time at the dance with Rusty, who ends up taking all the hits for Lincoln, and falls in love with Polly.

Despite being one of Lynn's teammates, Polly does not appear in any of the later episodes featuring the Royal Woods Roller Queens.


Like her friend Lynn, Polly is an energetic sport enthusiast. Her favorite sport is roller derby, and she speaks with boyish slang. She also likes practicing her roller derby tricks on others, and respects those who endure this. She's a tomboy, but not fully since she wears pink clothes. She was angry at Lincoln for his dishonesty, but didn't feel bad, because she found Rusty as a better companion.


Polly is a tall and fit girl, who wears her roller derby uniform, which has a yellow tank top with a purple "P" on it, purple shorts, pink roller blades, wrist bands, and a pink helmet with stars on the sides. Her hair is brown with pigtails, and she has a rather large chin.


Polly or Not?

  • In "Spell It Out", a girl looking similar to Polly Pain appears in Lynn's boat, but it's unknown if that's her. It may have been her character model slightly modified to represent a nameless background character, which is a common practice used by animation studios to save money.
  • Her voice actress, Georgie Kidder, also voices Haiku.

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