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"Pop Punk" is an original track by Doug Rockwell. It has been recognized to be the standard theme for the title cards, as a majority of episodes use this track to play over the title card. It is also quite used in endings.


Full Track

Short Version - Most commonly heard on the title card


As title card

Other uses


  • Most of the time, a bass riff can be heard just after the writer credit bubble pops up, but just before the storyboard credit bubble pops up. However, at times, (such as on the title card of "Home of the Fave"), the track would not include this riff.
  • "Making the Case" and "Undie Pressure" are the only episodes to use a separate part of this track in the title card.
  • "Driving Miss Hazy", "A Tale of Two Tables", and "In Tents Debate" use a version without cymbals and other instruments in their title cards. "Overnight Success" is the first episode to use the current version with cymbals and other instruments in the title card.
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