The following is a transcript for the episode "Power Play with the Casagrandes".


[In the living room, except for Frida, everyone else is doing something: Ronnie Anne is on the laptop, Carlos is reading a book, Rosa is making food, and Hector is drinking coffee. Sergio appears with a letter.]
Sergio: [Squawks] "Special delivery!"
Carlos: "Ooh, is it from my pen pal in Kyoto? It's been a while since he's said konnichiwa. No, it's the water and power bill."
[Carlos gives the letter to Hector, who gasps, and falls out of his chair. Ronnie Anne notices this.]
Hector: "This isn't a bill! This is highway robbery!"
Rosa: "Well, it is the bill for both apartments and the mercado. Things can add up." [Looks at the bill and gasps too] "Ah! My! That is high!"
Hector: "It was already high last month. Now it's practically doubled, like my heart rate!" [Hector puts his hand over his chest, and Rosa moved it over to where his heart actually is, they give each other blank looks. Frida and Carlos look at the bill and gasp too.] "If the bill continues to be this high, I'm afraid we're gonna have to make some cut-backs. Maybe we should consider cancelling our anniversary trip, Rosita."
Rosa: "Maybe so, Amor. We can go again next year."
[She subtly hugs him, Ronnie Anne starts to look concerned.]
Hector: "It's a shame, though. We've never missed our trip in forty years."
Ronnie Anne: "Wait, what trip?"
Hector: "It's a tradition we started, when we first moved to Great Lakes City."
[Hector takes out a photo of himself and Rosa out of his wallet from their first trip and shows it to Ronnie Anne.]
Rosa: "We wanted our first night out to be special, and Abuelo knew how much I loved dancing, so he found us the perfect place."
[Flashback to that night]
Hector: "We were the king and queen of the dance floor, Ronnie Anne. Ah, you should have seen us."
Rosa: "And every year since, we've gone dancing at the same ballroom, and stayed at a fancy hotel."
[End flashback]
Ronnie Anne: "That is the mushiest, but sweetest thing I've ever heard. You can't give up on your tradition."
Hector: "But mija, with this bill..."
Ronnie Anne: "Don't worry, I'm sure I can find a way to bring it down."

[Later, Ronnie Anne is in her brother's room along with him and their mom.]
Ronnie Anne: "Okay, so the reason I called you here-"
[She starts to close the door, but Sergio barges in.]
Sergio: [Squawks] "Hi, roomie!"
Bobby: [shoves Sergio out of his face] "Ah! Stop! Why is this parrot so obsessed with me?" [sends Sergio out] "He won't leave me alone!" [whispers] "It's even worse at night."
Sergio: [Squawks] "Smell ya later, roomie!"
Ronnie Anne: "Forget about Sergio. We've got a bigger problem. Abuela and Abuelo might have to cancel their anniversary trip."
Bobby & Maria: [Shocked] "What?"
Ronnie Anne: [Pulls out the bill] "The water and power bill is too high and it started going up when we moved in."
Bobby: "Do we really use that much?"
Ronnie Anne: "Well, Bobby," [Flashback to Bobby video chatting with Lori on multiple devices.] "you do love your marathon video chats with Lori." [Later, during their chat, Bobby flexes for Lori, and even later, they both have avocado masks on. Flashback changes to Maria, looking groggy, and using a giant espresso machine.] "And Mom, you use a giant espresso machine five times a day."
[Flashback ends]
Maria: "But I need energy to get through my night shifts."
Ronnie Anne: "I'm just as guilty." [Flashback to her in her room using a cooling fan, her video game console, a popcorn machine, and taking a juice box out of her mini-fridge.] "I've been using way too many gadgets in my room."
[Flashback ends]
Maria: "I didn't realize it was that bad."
Ronnie Anne: "We have to cut back, and I've got some ideas how we can do it."

[Maria comes home from work, tired, slumps down on the couch and sighs, she pulls a foot massager out from under the couch and kicks off her shoes.]
Maria: [Seeing Ronnie Anne with a box.] "Hey, sweetie, whatcha up to?"
Ronnie Anne: "Putting my stuff in storage. Everything that uses electricity has to go."
Sergio: [Squawks] "Fight the power!"
Ronnie Anne: [Stealing the foot massager] "Sorry, Mom, but that should go too."
Maria: "But my feet are killing me."
Ronnie Anne: [Pulls a tennis ball out of the box] "I read that tennis balls are great for massages." [Tosses it to her mom, which Lalo takes interest in, Maria catches the ball, places it under her foot and rolls it back and forth, but Lalo snatches the ball right out from underneath her and she falls onto the couch.] "Lalo! Drop it!" [Ronnie Anne tries to grab Lalo, but he escapes and Ronnie Anne falls flat on her face. she gets up and gets another idea.] "I've got a better idea." [runs off and returns with a towel and some lotion.] "I'll give you a foot massage." [Starts the massage, and Maria enjoys it.]
Maria: "Ooh, that's nice! Maybe cutting back won't be so bad."

[Down in the bodega, Bobby is video chatting with Lori.]
Lori: "Boo-Boo Bear, go grab a blender and some fruit. We can make my new protein smoothie together."
Bobby: "I'm sorry, Babe, I can't. We're trying to save electricity."
Lori: "Oof, been there. Well, you can just hang out with me while I make mine."
Bobby: "Actually, Babe, I gotta run. I'm only supposed to talk for five minutes, and the timer's about to go off."
Lori: [Unhappy] "Wait, you literally have me on a time--"
[The image on the laptop freezes.]
Bobby: [Panicky] "Oh! Oh no, no, no, no, no, oh no, oh no!"
[Ronnie Anne appears.]
Ronnie Anne: "I'm sure Lori will get over it. Remember, it's for Abuela and Abuelo's trip."
Bobby: [Looking at the image of Lori's angry face, and strokes it.] "So beautiful."

[Upstairs, Maria is washing the dishes, trying to use as little water as possible, and sees Ronnie Anne putting her leftovers in the big fridge.]
Maria: [Impressed] "Wow, you're getting rid of your mini-fridge too?"
Bobby: "That's dedication! Aren't you worried your food will get swiped?"
Ronnie Anne: "Nah, I put my name on everything, so I should be fine." [Just then, her mom yawns, and is about to use her espresso machine.] "Wait, wait! You don't need coffee. I got you this energy gum from the Mercado instead."
Maria: "Ooh, papaya. Guess I could try it." [Gives it a try]
Ronnie Anne: "And Bobby, I figured out how you could make Lori's protein smoothie without a blender," [takes him to the table] "Abuela's molcajete."
Bobby: "Old school! I love it! I'll start with some bananas." [Puts some bananas in the bowl and tries to mash them, but ends up splatting them all over his sister.]
Ronnie Anne: [Wipes the banana mash off her face.] "Maybe try peeling them first.

[Later, Ronnie Anne puts toothpaste on her toothbrush and gets a timer ready on her phone.]
Ronnie Anne: "Okay, two-minute combination, shower, tooth brushing, and clothes washing; go!" [Starts the timer and jumps in the shower. Two minutes later, she opens the curtain, with toothpaste in her hair, and a red-eye.] "Dang it."

[A week later, the three are in Ronnie Anne's room, Ronnie Anne takes out her laptop, she still has toothpaste in her hair and mouth, Bobby is covered in fruit splatters, and their mom's eyes are bloodshot and she is all jittery.]
Ronnie Anne: "Alright guys, ready to see how we did?"
Bobby: "I bet we cut the bill in half."
[They check the bill, but are not pleased by what they see.]
Ronnie Anne: "This can't be right! It just keeps going up!"
Maria: "Are you kidding me? I've been chewing this gum all week and it's starting to make me crazy!" [Starts cackling, and chewing more gum.]
Bobby: [Pulls out his phone] "And Lori is furious with me. Look at the emojis she texted me; poop, poop, poop, and fire!"
Maria: [Throws a handful of gum into her mouth; angrily.] "So if it's not us using all the energy, then who is it?! Huh?! You wanna tell me that?! Huh?!"
Ronnie Anne: "That's what we need to find out." [Takes the gum packet.] "No more gum."

[In Carlota's room, Carlota is blowdrying her hair, Behind her, a plant walks into her room, Maria and Ronnie Anne's faces pop out of it and they whisper to each other.]
Maria: "Wow, that's a lot of hair tools."
Ronnie Anne: "How can someone need both a curling iron and a straightener?"
[They leave. In the bathroom, CJ is playing pirates in the bathtub.]
CJ: "Walk the plank, naughty pirates."
[The plant enters and Bobby & Ronnie Anne's faces pop out.]
Bobby: "Aw, man! I can't believe my dude CJ has been wasteful too."
CJ: "Wait, wait!" [Turns the warm water on] "More hot water. Don't want the sharks to get cold."
[Bobby and Ronnie Anne leave. Later in another room, Maria and Ronnie Anne's faces pop out of the plant again, Ronnie Anne holds out another plant and Bobby's face pops out of it.]
Maria: "I know Frida takes her photoshoots very seriously, but does she really need all that equipment?"
[Frida has dressed Lalo up like a firefighter, with lots of studio lights.]
Frida: "Hmm, something's not right, Lalo." [Thinks] "I know! More light and wind!"
[Frida rolls in another light, and a giant fan, which blows saliva out of Lalo's mouth, which lands on the Santiagos, much to their disgust.]
Ronnie Anne: "I think we found our energy hogs."

[Later, Ronnie Anne is holding another meeting with the rest of the family, minus Abuela and Abuelo.]
Ronnie Anne: "As you can see, the water and power bill has gotten way out of control. Abuela and Abuelo need our help."
Carl: "Well, it must be you guys. The bill was fine before you moved in."
Frida: [Angry] "Carl!"
Ronnie Anne: "It's okay. We thought it was us too, but we cut back and it didn't make a dent."
Sergio: [Squawks] "Hey, roomie! Party time!" [Puts a party hat on Bobby.]
Bobby: [Annoyed] "Oh, Sergio! Stop!" [Takes the hat off] "Where did you even get this?"
Ronnie Anne: "Hey, Sergio, check it out!" [Shines a laser pointer on the wall.]
Sergio: [Squawks] "Pretty light!"
[Sergio follows it into the bathroom, and Ronnie Anne shuts him in.]
CJ: "Pretty good trick."
Ronnie Anne: "Thanks, CJ. Now if we wanna save Abuela and Abuelo's anniversary trip, we all have to pitch in." [The Casagrandes all ramble in agreement.] "Great! I have some ideas."

[In Carlota's room, Ronnie Anne is packing up all her hair tools.]
Ronnie Anne: "Instead of using all these tools for your hair, why not try a natural look?"
Carlota: "Ugh, fine." [Takes the towel off her hair and lets it drop.] "I just wish it weren't the most humid day of the year."
[Suddenly, her hair frizzes.]
Ronnie Anne: "Whoa."
Carlota: [Looks in the mirror] "Whoa is right. I totally rock this look!"
[Carlota takes a selfie, then grabs Ronnie Anne, pulls her in and takes another selfie. Later she is in the bathroom with CJ, playing pirates in the sink instead of the tub.]
Ronnie Anne: "See? You can still make your pirates walk the plank in the sink."
CJ: "Yeah! Look, it's low tide!"
[Later, Ronnie Anne is with Frida, holding a paint pallet and brush.]
Ronnie Anne: "Photography is great, but why not try painting?"
Frida: "You're right. I'm sure I can still be true to my vision in this medium."
[Frida Takes the supplies and paints Lalo holding a cane and wearing a bowtie, top hat and monocle. Later, Ronnie Anne is in Carl's room with him and his toy train.]
Ronnie Anne: "It's actually even more fun to run the train yourself." [Demonstrating] "Choo-choo!"
Carl: "Okay, I'll run it myself, but I'm not making the train noises." [crosses his arms and turns away.] "That's for babies."
Ronnie Anne: "Suit yourself." [Walks away]
Carl: [Once she's gone] "Choo-choo! Chugga-chugga-chugga-chugga."
[Outside, Carlos is unplugging his car, Ronnie Anne comes up to him.]
Ronnie Anne: "Instead of your plug-in car, you can take the Mercado bike to work."
Carlos: [Unsure about this] "Okay, guess I can use the exercise."
[Awkwardly laughs, he takes the bike, but is very wobbly.]
Ronnie Anne: "Remember you have to pedal backward to brake!"
Carlos: "Thank you, Ronnie Anne! But I'm perfectly capable of operating a biiiiiikkkkke!" [Crashes into some garbage cans.]
Ronnie Anne: [Catching up to him] "Tio Carlos! Are you okay?!"
Carlos: "Anything for Abuela and Abuelo's trip, right? [chuckles]
Ronnie Anne: "Right."

[The next week, they are all gathered around Ronnie Anne's laptop.]
Ronnie Anne: "You all did an awesome job this week. I think we're gonna see a big difference in the bill."
[They all see the results and gasp in shock.]
Frida: "It's even higher than before!"
Carl: [Flabbergasted] "You mean I made choo-choo noises for nothing?!"
Bobby: [Sad] "I guess Abuela and Abuelo won't be able to go on their trip."
Frida: [Bursts into tears] "It's such a tragedy!" [Continues sobbing as her husband and youngest try to comfort her.]
Ronnie Anne: "I don't get it. How can the bill not have gone down?"

[That night, Ronnie Anne is trying to come up with more ideas of reducing power while getting some sleep.]
Ronnie Anne's Thoughts: Maybe if we switch to candles, take monthly showers, give up clean laundry.
Ronnie Anne: [Opens her eyes and sits up.] "I have to think of something! Abuela and Abuelo are counting on me." [Gets off her bed and walks into the kitchen with a yawn. She opens the fridge to find her leftovers have been swiped.] "Oh, come on! I was saving those taquitos!" [Just then, she hears some music playing.] "Huh?" [She opens the window and sees some colorful strobe lights from the mercado.] "What the heck?" [Goes down and opens the Mercado's door.] "Freeze!" [She is then shocked to find that the mercado is filled with pigeons, along with the popcorn machine, a disco ball, Frida's studio lights, and a boombox. One pigeon is stuffing its face with popcorn, a few are in a kiddie pool and in the freezer, one has a party hat over its head, one is bopping its head, one is sitting on the register looking at a twenty-dollar bill, the deformed pigeon is sitting on the boombox, with a chain around its neck with a padded lock, and lets out a burp, while the rest of the pigeons are dancing.] "Sergio!"
[Sergio, who has his wings wrapped around two pigeons, realizes the jig is up as the music comes to a stop.]
Sergio: [Squawks] "We're busted! Scatter!"
[All the pigeons leave.]
Ronnie Anne: "You're the one who's been using all the extra power?"
Sergio: [Squawks] "Living my best life."
Ronnie Anne: [Points to her arm] You, here, now."
Sergio: [Flies to her arm and squawks.] "Party pooper." [Ronnie Anne heads out of the mercado. In Bobby's room, Bobby is sound asleep.]
Bobby: "Forgive me, Lori. I'll get a generator..."
Ronnie Anne: [Shakes his arm] "Bobby, wake up!"
Bobby: [He wakes up and sees his sister and roomie.] "Aah! Aah! Parrot! The parrot!"
Ronnie Anne: "Why was Sergio in the mercado? He's supposed to bunk in your room."
Bobby: "He wouldn't let me sleep! He just wants to stay up all night talking and playing, so I started taking him down to the mercado right before bed."
Ronnie Anne: "Sergio's been having a giant party down there. [Angrily looks at the bird.] He's the one using up all the water and electricity!"
Bobby: [Shocked] "What?!"
Sergio: [Squawks] "Sorry not sorry."
Bobby: "I just wanted some sleep. I didn't know he'd be having a rager every night."
Ronnie Anne: "It's okay, and actually, I might have a solution for everyone's problems."

[The night of her grandparents' anniversary, Ronnie Anne looks at the bill and is pleased to see that it has finally gone down. Rosa and Hector enter her room.]
Rosa: "Mijita, we just wanted to thank you again."
Hector: "Because of your detective work, I get to take this beautiful flor for a night on the town."
[Rosa blushes and laughs.]
Ronnie Anne: "You guys look great, and speaking of flowers," [picks up a boutonniere and corsage] "my Mom helped me order these for you." [Places them on her grandparents.] "We tried to get a good match."
[Looks at the photo from their first night out, when they were wearing the same flowers.]
Rosa: "Te adoro, Mijita."
[Kisses her, followed by Hector, and they head off.]
Sergio: [Squawks] "Go cut a rug!"
Bobby: [Pops in] "Hey, Ronnie Anne. You sure you're okay rooming with him? I don't want you to be kept up all night."
Ronnie Anne: "Oh, it's cool. I've worked out a system."
[Points out a toy airplane hung from the ceiling, with the laser pointer attached to it, she turns them on.]
Sergio: "Follow the dot! Follow the dot!" [Flies in circles following the dot.] "Follow the dot!" [Continues squawking]
Ronnie Anne: "Twenty minutes of this, and he'll be exhausted."
Sergio: [Squawks] "Phew! I'm out of shape." [Drops]

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