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This article is about the episode of The Casagrandes. For the episode of The Loud House, see Pranks for the Memories.
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"Prankaversary" is the twenty-fifth episode of the second season, and the sixty-third episode of The Casagrandes.


Ronnie Anne and Lincoln are set for a big day of pranks, and newbie Sid wants to join in on the fun too.


Lincoln is ready for the prank war.

Today is Lincoln and Ronnie Anne's prankaversary. Every year on this day, Lincoln and Ronnie Anne would pull pranks on each other to see who would earn the title of prank master. As Ronnie Anne sets up her pranks in the living room, Sid arrives and upon hearing about this tradition, decides she wants to join in. However, Ronnie Anne, worried that Sid might not be experienced enough to participate, suggests that she could be her assistant, and Sid agrees. The second she leaves, Lincoln arrives, and Sergio announces as the referee that the prank war has officially begun.

As Lincoln sets up booby traps in the mercado, Ronnie Anne and Sid, spying on him with a drone, decide to prank him but putting smelly stinking fish in his backpack. However, when Sid opens the window, the smell ends up attracting the attention of the alley cats, where they proceed to attack Ronnie Anne, causing Sergio to deduct a point for a backfired prank. Later, Ronnie Anne and Sid booby trap the bathroom by spilling toothpaste all over the floor and replacing the toilet paper with sandpaper. When Sid turns on the faucet to wash her hands, she accidentally sets off a prank where purple goo comes spewing out, causing Sergio to deduct another point. Later, as Ronnie Anne sets up an array of pranks in the living room, Sid arrives with Breakfast Bot. However, Ronnie Anne, thinking she's pranking Lincoln, scares them both, prompting Breakfast Bot to attack her with waffles, causing Sergio to once again deduct another point. As Sid sets off more pranks (causing Ronnie Anne to lose more points), Rosa begins to arrive, having been alerted by the noise. Unfortunately, Rosa ends up setting off a tripwire that causes a basket of laundry to fall on her. Enraged, at having been pranked, Rosa orders the two to leave, saying she wants no more pranks in the building. After exiting the building, Ronnie Anne suggests to Sid to spy on Lincoln, but she ends up falling for Lincoln's array of pranks, causing Sergio to deduct 10 points from Lincoln for pranking the wrong person. Moments later, on the entrance of the apartment building, Ronnie Anne and Lincoln tells Sid she's just not experienced enough to participate in the prank war, and Sid, seemingly taking it well, decides to leave and go hang out at the zoo. With Sid gone, Lincoln and Ronnie Anne resume their prank way, where Ronnie Anne successfully gets a point by having a sky dancer launch into Lincoln when he opens the door.

At the zoo, Sid, hanging out in the monkey habitat, is revealed to have been offended by what Ronnie Anne said to her about not having enough pranking experience. She attempts to prove that she can be a great prankster by pulling the springy snakes in a can trick on the monkeys, where she succeeds, but also earns the ire of the monkeys, where they proceed to chase her. Meanwhile, at the park, as Lincoln and Ronnie Anne anticipate for their next trick, Adelaide arrives (where she falls for Ronnie Anne's prank, costing her a point) and tells the two that Sid is in trouble.

Sid is the winner of the prankaversary.

Arriving to the zoo, the three discover Sid's box of pranks and follow them to the reptile enclosure, where they hear Sid's voice. As they search, they're attacked by the monkeys, who hurl mud at them, but they quickly run away when a giant snake arrives. Suddenly, they notice a giant lump in the snake's stomach, and realize that Sid has just been eaten by the snake. As Ronnie Anne and Lincoln struggle to wring Sid out of the reptile's body, Ronnie Anne apologizes for kicking Sid out of the prank war. Suddenly, Sid is revealed to be completely fine, where she explains that the giant bulge in the snake's stomach was actually a turkey she gave to the snake, and elaborates that she created this one grand prank to get back at them. This causes Lincoln and Ronnie Anne to be impressed with Sid, and Sergio announces that because Sid pranked two people at the same time, she gets double the points and is declared the winner of this prankaversary.



  • This is the fifth Casagrandes episode where Lincoln appears, following "The Horror-Scope", "Cursed!", "A Very Casagrandes Christmas", and "An Udder Mess".
  • Plot of the episode is very similar to the Loud House episode "Pranks for the Memories", in both cases Ronnie Anne is on a prank war and most of her pranks get turned against her.
  • The rules of the prank war:
    • One point added for every successful prank
    • One point removed for every failed prank
    • Pranks inside the apartment building are considered fair game
    • No pranking Rosa or the referee (Sergio)
  • The final scores of the prank war:
    • Ronnie Anne: -8
      • Her fish prank made the cats attack her (-1)
      • Her bathroom pranks were set off by Sid (-1)
      • She scared Sid and Breakfast Bot in the living room instead of Lincoln (-1)
      • Her drum prank hit the referee (-5)
      • A sky dancer launched into Lincoln as he opened the apartment entrance (+1)
      • Her spring loaded rock pranks Adelaide (-1)
    • Lincoln: -10
      • His pranks attacked the wrong target (Sid) (-10)
    • Sid: 2 - winner
      • Pranked both Ronnie Anne and Lincoln (+2)
  • CJ and Carl don't appear in this episode, but can be heard screaming after Ronnie Anne pulls the wasabi toothpaste prank on them.
  • In this episode, Sid's socks have changed in appearance. Having previously been all red in "Face the Music", they are white in this episode, with the only red parts being the cuffs, heels, and toes.
    • However, it is also possible that these are two different pairs.
  • This episode reveals that Rosa hates being pranked, but the rest of the Casagrandes don't mind it so much.
  • This is the last Casagrandes episode in which Asher Bishop voices Lincoln.
  • This is the last Casagrandes episode where Lincoln is 11 years old.


  • Prankaversary - The title of this episode is a portmanteau of "prank" and "anniversary".


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